Tuesday, February 5

Extra Pre-Season Nets at Old Trafford

Hi folks,

On behalf of the committee, Clive has arranged 4 sessions of nets to be held at Old Trafford on the following four Tuesdays in April - 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. At each session we will have the use of 2 nets for an hour. One will be a standard "batter and bowler" and the other will have the presence of a bowling machine and a professional coach.

We will be having 6 slots of 10 minutes with the batting coach, and those 6 players will also get 10 minutes in the bowler net. We would like anyone who is interested in attending 1 or more of these sessions to let Clive know and the places will be allocated FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. We are also open to people coming along to have a bowl for the hour - in first class facilities - but obviously we're limited to 6 batters a week.

The cost will be approx 13 pounds per session for those batting and 5 pounds for those who want to come along and bowl.

Please note that this is NOT a replacement for club nets which will be running on the Thursdays of those weeks. If you are interested, please email Clive at tsjcc@aol.com as soon as possible, or call him directly.