Friday, February 4

OK now I'm baffled - I thought it was a tackle on Richard that sparked it all off - Richard being Ashley's size!? Didn't realise Mike had been involved in something. No wonder you think I'm confused! Interesting that some people seem to think people can't stand up for themselves without feeling the need to assault someone - and yes I would consider grabbing someone by the throat as assault.

I hardly think it was the whites that started anything last night, some of us have been kicked around for weeks by Nick and not complained, or indeed retaliated. I guess when someone gets a leg broken a week before nets start, that's when the fun will begin. I was absolutely disgusted to hear "you had a chance to do me then, why didn't you". What the hell's that all about? It is my - clearly wrong - belief that playing a friendly game of footy with your mates doesn't require anyone to "get done" or treat it as world war 3.

I'm sure those who play Sunday or other level football regularly think last night was nothing remotely to be bothered about, but it just seems that in the last month in particular the game is being treated less as a friendly workout and more like an opportunity to put the boot into people fr a bit of a laugh. Indeed I have been told that as a result of a tackle a week or two back, someone has to go to hospital for treatment. Nice that, isn't it. I can't say I'm looking forward much to next week at this stage, I'm sure I will be as it gets closer, but for now I am more worried that someone's going to suffer a serious injury before too long - and where will we stand then?