Sunday, July 10


What a wonderful day for TSJCC. IN 17 years of representing this marvellous, friendly little club, I've rarely enjoyed a day as much. Huge crowds, great games of cricket, our "tinpot" club hammering seven bells out of Radcliffe and their spoilt whining boys, a great final with Greenmount, the organisation on and off the field.

It's a day WE as a club can ALL be truly proud of. Get those chests puffed out boys (and girls!) because this was OUR day and we played a blinder.

Too many great moments to mention from our own games, but a few immediately stick out.

Big Bird hitting the winning blow against Radcliffe and landing the ball on the marquee.

Getting John Ashy out THREE times effectively for 22.

Clive's great catch off Scunners.

Smithy's all action fielding.

Nelly Butt's square cut (the second one).

Kieran walking around with pride radiating from him.

Digger's emotional speech at the end.

The cheers when we beat Radcliffe.

and many, many more.

A good day. A Bloody Good Day.