Wednesday, July 19

Team 2 selection

For the game at ELPM
Meet at the Robin 12.45 or go staright there
Danny may also post this on the 2's pages

Mike Ainscoe (captain in Smifffffy's absence, opening bat AND temporary wicket keeper)
Mick (Damaged rib, playing as a batsman only) Jones
Phil (I'll wicket keep!) Yates - Phil unfortaunately had a dizzy spell 3 minutes after putting on the gloves to practice (or should it be practise?)
Ben (quiet and unassuming) Hope
Danny (reverse sweep) Moriarty
Nick (spin or pace??) Flectcher
Phil (lend us your mallet) McManus
Matt (good arm!!) Hunt
Chris (Tif) Payton
and last but not least, back by unprecidented demand for one match only...
Steve (I'm retiring after this game) Moriarty
Graham (plunger) Fletcher other words THE DREAM TEAM
(bet it rains)