Thursday, August 17

Should be a cracking read

Now I imagine that cricketing autobiographies won't come much better (or indeed bigger) than this:

Weighing in at a whopping 832 pages, this is a monster! I've read several of Waugh's books before and unlike the majority who have ghostwriters to tell their tales, Waugh actually writes everything himself; he's honest, brutally so at times, and very opinionated. Can't wait to get this.

Have had a good few weeks on the reading front, recently read ex-Glamorgan man Steve James' "Third Man to Fatty's Leg" which is another non-ghosted book, Graham Thorpe's "Rising from the Ashes", which focused more on his (disturbing) marital issues than cricket at times, and the latest Andy McNab - "Aggressor", another cracking read. Have also uncovered a top new author in Stel Pavlou - just finished "Gene" and am currently about halfway through his debut offering "Decipher", which has pretty much everything you can ask for in an action book - the US military, Antarctica, impending destruction of Earth by solar-flare induced natural disasters, the pyramids, ancient warriors, the discovery of Atlantis, sex, drugs, (not much rock'n'roll) and, alas, no cricket whatsoever.

Tune over to the Catholics' blog where they'll be doing their own book reviews shortly; it's an Enid Blyton special!