Wednesday, August 9

Thieving Bar Stewards

Unfortunately boys, we are playing away this weekend and will have to meet somewhere. Incase you don't know what Nick is on about (we all rarely do!), you now have to pay to park behind the Robin. A full parking refund is given if you spend over a fiver at the bar. Good job Rowdy doesn't drive anymore! Not a good idea for those drink drivers amongst us - we will now have to buy at least 2 pints.

Anyway meet at the Robin at 12.30pm unless we come up with somewhere better. We can always leave our cars at Crompton Meadows.

M Ainscoe (C)
M Jones
A Singh
P Yates
M Hunt
N Fletcher
R Peacock
C Parkinson
D Morriarty
S Pilkington
R Holt
12th Man - Possibly Scorer A (can't get back in the side) Smith