Friday, January 5


This relates to the numbers sold by TSJCC - ie 0001 to 0500 - 1st Prize is a meal for two at the Bulls Head (after it re-opens on February 8th!) the rest are bottles of wine. We obviously only have the names of the representatives who sold the programmes - it is up to the representative to know who they sold the winning tickets to.
1st No 86 Sold by Russell Brooks
4th No 66 Sold by Mike Ainscoe
6th No 100 Sold by Russell Brooks
8th No 278 Sold by Scott Parkinson
9th No 150 Sold by Paul Meehan
10th No 169 Sold by Duncan Phillips
13th No 277 Sold by Scott Parkinson
15th No 417 Sold to 7 Beryl Avenue
16th No 276 Sold to Scott Parkinson

If the above people attend the committee meeting next Wednesday I can distribute prizes then. If not - please contact me (Mike I can drop off; 7 Beryl Avenue will be dropped off also)