Wednesday, February 14


Hi Everyone

Sunny Indianapolis calling. ( okay I lie snowy indianapolis nearly 2ft of the stuff never going to complain about the British weather again ) Hope you all are doing well !! I've been real busy over the past few months moved into a new house so most of you know what thats like, watching alot of American football Indianapolis colts SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS, sorry I guess Frankie will be the only one who knows what I'm going on about, so as you can imagine being manager of a sports bar it's been crazy, I carn't lie I don't half miss my Cricket. Maybe I might get to come over and have a game if not this season then next ( if you guys will still have me ) I know most of you won't belive this I'm prety much a T - Total now adays ( married life can do that to you) or is it th other way round. One game I've always wanted to play in is the boxing day game at brox's you had to wait till I'm the other side of the pond, sounds like you guys had fun. I'm not to sure you guy know or not and if you don't, don't drop dead Duckys a Dad. Clarissa Rose Duckworth was born on January 31st weighing in at 7lb 3oz. Jennifer and Clarissa are both doing great. Carn't wait to see how you guys do this season I'll be checking every week so go kick some ass!!!!

Speak to you all soon


P.S. Danny I find it hard to belive you took any wickets last year I need to see the scorebook. ha ha