Sunday, March 25

Clives Stag Do - ammended itinerary

Due to difficulties encountered in finding accomodation in York, and also in an attempt to reduce the overall cost of the day, it has now been decided that the coach will be returning from York at midnight with arrival back in Totty / Bury around 2am.

For those wanting more information on the cost of the day, I can now confirm that dependent upon the number travelling (max 24) the cost of the coach is likely to be between £15 and £20 per head, with entry into the Club stand at Thirsk races at £17 per head.

Please note that collar and tie are required for entry into the Club stand.

Add to the above the cost of the breakfast, and I would estimate that the day will cost approx £40 per head all in (plus of course betting and drinking money on top).

There is nothing to stop anyone who may wish to stop over in York from making a private booking, however both myself and Kieran have spent considerable time over the past week trying to locate suitable accomodation to no avail.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you with me to reserve you a place - the coach is booked as a 24 seater, and places will be granted on a first come first served basis (I already have 14 names on the list).