Monday, April 30

New Game

I would like to suggest the introduction of Rowdy Bingo into the club. This idea is courtesy of Mrs Hunter and i think its great.

How to play.

Whilst waiting to bat or during tea note down any story, anicdote or slighty stretched tale that relates to tottington st johns past which Rowdy tells.

Continue this for all matches, home and away.

At the end of the season, whoever has the most repeats of the same story wins.

Rowdy will buy the winner a pint at the end of the season.

This game is genius. Hopefully it will keep Rowdy quiet, but if not, then it will at least give those around him some joy and reason to listen to him.

Obviously the 2nd team have more chance of winning this game, although tactical selection may come in to play towards the end of the season.

The 1st classic, to get everyone started is the tale of Barry kinsey appealing for LBW from under the tree near the houses. Nobody else went up but the batsmen was triggered anyway. I estimate that this tale will be tol a further three times this season.

Good luck everybody