Wednesday, May 30

right ...

what do you mean where's rowdy? he's sandwiched between Phil Mc and Asif, like a little ginger sandwich filling.

The team order is OBVIOUS. Here's my thought process.

"Ok right seconds then, start with the skipper, opening batsman, right who was at nets tonight? Right, Dan, Jebby and Phil .. ooh better not forget Rowdy, Asif, yeah he's playing for the 2s as he can't leave work early ... Dickie P - needs some runs, good opportunity for him here, ok that's 8, who's missing? Hmmm. Hunty is normally at nets, that's why I forgot him, put him in there ... Dr Doom of course, another seamer (4! the first team only have 2!), and that leaves us with ... er, hang on, they normally have some floppy haired fella, that's it ... Smiffffffffffffy."

Is that clear enough?