Wednesday, June 13

Saturday team

TSJ 1st XI v Springhead, Saturday, meet ground 1pm

Ash "control your kids" Parky (c)
Gargoyle Clifford (w/k)
Russ, the world's tallest (and most injury prone) spinner
Kieran the Pseudo-Yorkhireman
"Beetroot" Doc P
"YouTube" Scunners
Dasher, simply an Icon
Nelly "I love big" Butt
Craig "It's gonna be a bit" Parky
Professor Boris Karloff and his rubber legs
Nicholas St John Aloysius Garvey Hudson Esq.

12th man: Dickie "Dickie" P (9.50 change from a tenner)

It's going to pee down, so we might as well have some fun now!