Monday, July 16

what's up boys and girls

Hi all

Hope everyone doing good!! Is Clive a married man yet?? if so congrats, if not you can still change your mind buddy. looks like you have had some good wins when it's not raining. it's been 90 degrees here for the past three weeks and not seen any rain. Still not found anywhere to play cricket over here so I started a softball team with some guys at work. So I'm still keeping my eye in it's pretty cool to hit a home run but still nothing compared to hitting the leather with the good old willow over the boundary ( unless your rowdy and cannot get it off the square ) Are things that I'm reading true G Jebb Snr making a come back, has he got 2 new knees and the trained worm working. The picture is Clarissa ( if you couldn't tell ) shes doing great speak to you all soon from across the pond and enjoy the cricket. Ducky