Wednesday, August 15

Many thanks, from the selection committee, for all those who played two or even three games last weekend as well as the all the sons and friends who helped make up the numbers and reduce the level of fines the club will receive. It was a big ask to get five sides out at the peak of the holiday season. We only have to put out two teams this weekend!!

1sts for sat home to Robinsons (meet at ground at 1pm)

A. Parkinson, P. Meehan, P. Allen, C. Brooks, N. Butterworth, K. Coe, M. Deegan, N. Hudson, A. Iqbal, C. Parkinson, D. Phillips.

2nds for sat away at Robinsons (meet at Robin Hood at 12.45)

M. Jones, M. Ainscoe, G. Fletcher, N. Fletcher, M. Hunt, G. Jebb (Jnr), G. Jebb (Snr), P. McManus, D. Moriarty, A. Smith, P.Yates.

Please let me know if you are going straight there and Smithy can you give me a ring?