Wednesday, October 10

New 100 Club Winners

Hi all,

The draws for the first two months of the new 100 club have been made and here are the winners:

SEPT: 16 - Richard Peacock, £50; 12 - Clive Brooks, £30; 9 - Martin Deegan, £20
OCT: 5 - Paul Meehan, £50; 13 - Rachel Brooks, £30; 11 - Stefan Phillips, £20

Please can we urge those playing members who have not signed up to do so immediately, and also remind you that friends, family, work colleagues etc are most welcome. At the moment, your chances of winning the top prize on the lottery are approx 1 in 14 million. Your chances of winning top prize in our monthly draw are currently about 32 to 1!

Duncan's going to get an electronic version of the standing order and blurb so I can add it to the site, then any of you can download copies for your friends and family. Please please help support us - every 10 extra people we get makes the club £600, and we're going to need every penny to help the club develop over the next couple of years.