Saturday, February 23

to clarify

I assume Danny means 'Why post the Old Trafford details on the site', as opposed to 'Why not post.....' as anything posted on the site is of no use to players without web access.

That's why the dates are also printed in the newsletter, along with the AGM (or AMG for Rowdy) agenda, last year's minutes, accounts and both 1st and 2nd team fixtures - all for players and non-players who have no internet access.

A Welsh language version is available by request, as is an enlarged print version for persons with visual impairment while we are also looking at newsletters printed on red paper for the forthcoming season for dyslexics. For anyone who will be unable to view this message because they have no internet access, it too will be reproduced in full in the next newsletter along with an apostrophe update.

And thanks Dan for giving us a pre-season opportunity to indulge in some English language banter! ;)