Monday, April 30

Rowdy Bingo

Can we add a few others?

1. Glen Greenidge getting shot during a game

2. Glen or Jack Seegobin stopping the train at Metal Box and jumping off with his kit in tow

3. Norman Barnes falling over the boundary board and down the hill at Crompton Meadows

4. The infamous Kinsey boys barracking of NMCL legend Stapleton at Robinsons

5. "Black pumps! This boy's wearing black pumps" - another Kinsey classic

6. Plus if he gets onto talking about the Shakers, the infamous Wayne Entwistle "get off Enty, you're crap" ... Enty scores wonder goal ... "ENTYYYYYYY" story

I have some wonderful memories of playing with Phil - he was a great opening partner in his heyday and in the mid 90s we had some great days. One which wasn't so great was against Fothergills at home. Phil hit a ball to deep square leg and I called him through for a very easy single. About 2.3 of the way down the pitch I looked up aghast to see he wasn't running and I was run out. Stormed off and having thrown things about the changing room I emerged and announced quite loudly something quite similar to "clucking banker". Looked round in horror to notice my Mum, Kathleen and several old-timers sat there! Rowdy to his credit then batted for about 30 overs, by which time it was all quite amusing ...

The other story which the Brooks boys in particular will appreciate was one game where we were playing High View and they had this absolute brute of a lad playing who looked like a cross between Mike Tyson and some nutter from a maximum security prison. He was out and seemed reluctant to go so Phil told him where to go in no uncertain terms from the boundary edge! Imagine our horror a few minutes later when the guy emerged from the dressing room and went hammering round the boundary to where Phil was fielding. Frankie Brock had to move him sharpish amidst a combination of mounting horror and complete hysterics from the rest of us ...

On a more positive note, we had one memorable day at Springhead where we put on about 120 for the first wicket in no time and I couldn't keep up - he absolutely murdered them. Classic stuff.

Marvellous! Come on Phil, you've got a login, get posting!