Thursday, May 3

Flog thyself!

Cilice? Blimey, we've moved from the wacky world of 1970s British wrestling to the altogether more sinister world of the da Vinci Code! Nice. Can't see you as an albino monk, Mr A, but then again, I never thought I'd see that leopardskin jockstrap thing of Mr J!

What I'm particularly looking forward to on a weekend which promises temperatures in the mid 20s is two days stuck in ELPM's changing room with Big Bird and his unending tube of deep heat ...

Oh yes, and the strangest word I've had to type was "stickers". Not weird, but for a random letter generator, that was quite unusual. It says "dfbyauwg" at the moment, which if I'm not mistaken is a Welsh mining village close to Llanberis.