Wednesday, May 2

Physician heal thyself!

Danny - I like the content of your blogs (the tone leaves a little to be desired - a little less challenging and a bit more constructive, please). I think the idea of coaching is a good one - Clive has information about courses you can attend to gain coaching status (at various levels) - I will ask him to forward these to you. I am experienced in playing cricket - but have no qualifications to pass on any techniques or good practice to any less experienced player (just like I drive 30,000 miles a year, but would be an awful driving instuctor!).
I have attempted to help a couple of young players in the indoor nets - regarding run-up and delivery - but they would be quite within their rights to turn round and ask what the F##K do I know about it?
We do have qualified coaches among our membership and I will bring it up at the next committee meeting (you have said you will not be present?).
You must also take into account that last night was our first real outdoor net and numbers are - at best - a lottery; so booking coaching must come with committment from the players also.