Thursday, July 26

Good luck Clive and Rachel!

I trust you all will join me in wishing Clive and Rachel all the best for their wedding on Saturday - may the sun shine and Clive smile!

I've known Clive for almost 31 years, since he and I were 4, and in all that time ... he's not changed a bit. Speaking from a club perspective, Clive IS TSJCC, and has been almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping the ground and club in order for many years - it's safe to say that without Clive, and his ilk, our club would probably no longer be around; so on that score we owe him a huge debt of thanks. Until you realise just how much work goes into getting the ground ready week in and week out, and see the volumes of correspondence Clive deals with on a weekly basis, it's hard to fathom just how much effort, time and love he's put into our club.

So, hats off to you Clive. I hope Saturday is a wonderful day for you, old friend!