Monday, November 26

Boxing Day Programmes

**edit December 5th **

We will be going out around Tottington and surrounding areas on Sat/Sun December 22/23 as a final push to sell any remaining programmes. Please make it known to any of the committee if you can make it out on either of those days - even for an hour!

** end of edit **

Programmes will be ready for sale 2nd week in December – please can you talk about the event with friends/family/work – and pre-sell – you (all players from the 1st / 2nd team from 2004-2007) will be given 20 programmes to sell – the purchaser gains entry to the game and raffle – and the programme has a quiz, local advertising, messages from both cricket teams and a souvenir value (do not take out of original packaging!).

YOU ARE GIVEN THE PROGRAMMES – LIKE LAST YEAR – WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT YOU DO NOT GIVE ANY BACK AND GIVE US 20 X £1.50 EACH = £30. We do not care if you do not sell 20 – you give us £30 whatever – if you do not know 20 people to sell to you need to get out more.

Some suggestions:

Danny – sell programmes to RAC / AA / Insurance co / Police officers / Borstal…..

Rowdy – sell a programme like it is for the Rowdy health charity – sell one for each ailment you have…..

Russ / Clive – how many Fusiliers are there in Bury??????

Nick H – I will give you 120 programmes for family – how many do you require for friends (careful – print run only 1200!)

Paul – the most obscure programme sale goes to you last year – can you do same again?