Sunday, November 18

Race Night Reflections

A pretty decent turnout at the race night - many thanks to all the organisers, Scoop for providing the worst selection of racing jokes imaginable (which I secretly loved, and I've told the 25 to 1 one about 10 times today), those who brought new/extra folks along, the people who dug deep to buy horses and help club funds, Cliff for his generous donation of the champagne, the race comperes who were all excellent in my unbiased view (!), David Crompton for presenting the prizes, Clive, Kath and Nev for manning the tote all night, Kieran for absolutely everything he does (;-)), Nicholas Garvey Hudson for wearing that green shirt, etc etc etc.

A very good night all round! And the mushy peas are STILL repeating on me (Monday edit - not any more)!