Tuesday, March 4


On the eve of the AGM, Paul and myself are delighted to inform you that TSJCC’s brand new website is now up and running!! Go and take a look!!


We have been working hard on creating a website that is not only user friendly, informative and entertaining, but that will also give us greater communication to the local and wider community as a whole so as to give greater encouragement for prospective new TSJers and give our events such as 20/20’s, Car Boots sales etc some extra advertisement!

Within the new website you will find:

Latest News
Message Board*
Events Calendar
Player Profiles**
100 Clubs Applications
Maps & Directions

* To be able to post on the message board you will be required to setup an account and login. Whomever we have email addresses for, Paul and myself have registered your accounts and sent you an email with your usernames and passwords on so you can log on straight away and begin posting. For those of you who have not received an email from us then simply go onto the message board, click ‘Register’ and follow the instructions.

Once accounts have been activated you may like you go onto the ‘Profile’ section in your account and personalise your account.

The message board accounts also feature ‘Private Messaging’ (PM’s) which is a useful internal messaging system which is viewable only between yourself and the specified reciprocate(s).

Please be aware guys that although the PM’s are internal and hidden, the general message board is a public domain and is viewable by any tom, dick or harry. Remember, potential young TSJers may be browsing so let’s make sure we give across the correct and accurate image of our club!!

** We have set up a ‘Player Profile’ section which we need your help in completing. Over the first few weeks we will be getting some photos to go on there but would appreciate if players could email us with a little lowdown of yourselves and any memorable moments during your cricketing days.

We would welcome any feedback with regards to the site, anything you like, don’t like or any features that could be added!! Remember, it’s your site!!

If you have any problems or would like any help to familiarise yourself with the Message Board then do not hesitate to contact Paul or myself!!

We hope you like it, enjoy!!