Monday, May 7


Well well, what an entertaining weekend of cricket!!

Where to start?

On saturday a great game in the 2nds. Set over 200 and we were so close to chasing it down. A very entertaining game right from the start, shunts and mick's spat with their lad who walked without even knowing it, Rowdy doing an excellent fielding job for them blocking a certain four while square leg umpiring, the umpire occasionally getting hit on the back of head with the ball and shunts looking ever so dejected as he raised his finger to end the valiant run-chase at the death!

Great to have the first team there to cheer us on too, all in all, disappointing to lose but a great game to be a part of!

So, on to Sunday where all the fun of the fair continued, KC's great one handed effort on the boundary that was made to look very easy only to find he was pipped to the fielding point by Nelly (oh how he laughed), Nelly's textbook warm-up workout in the changing room before the bowlout and the square leg umpire claiming Paul's delivery hadnt pitched...hmmm!!

As a player from the 2nds on Saturday was a nice bit of sweet revenge to ELPM after just missing out the previous day!

All in all a very entertaining weekend of cricket!! Long may it continue throughout the summer!!