Wednesday, May 2


First thing! Can we have some bowlers down at Nets on Tuesdays please??? 2 reasons, Us young bowlers need someone there to coach us and help us improve, 2nd reason its no good to bat when all your getting is beamers and bouncers and naff all on the stumps.

Second thing! Groundwork before and after games, Some people arent pulling their weight before and after games its the same people week in week out getting the rope, marking the pitch etc, Bring in something that say 5 people help before the game 5 after and one doing teas! It really isnt that hard! the same people are turning up after everything is done and going before any work after the game is done.

Third thing! Mark (Phil McManus brother) at nets tonight was batting awfully! Why the hell did no one think they would go over and try and coach him??? It ended up with me!! yes me!!! (Probably one of the worst batters in the league!!!) trying to teach him to defend the ball! Someone better should be helping him rather than just running up and knocking his stumps over everyball!

NETS are about team practice! Both 1st Team and 2nd team! there should be more than 8 or 9 people turning up! NO ONE at the club is too good to come to nets.

I for one want to improve my batting, how can i do this if i havent got one single half decent bowler bowling at me???