Wednesday, May 2



What you have to remember is that not everyone can get there at 6.30, and you invariably bat first. If you'd batted later on you'd have had me, Russ and Nelly bowling - and could probably have persuaded Ash too. You may also have had Kieran if he wasn't busy cutting the *2nd team* wicket for the weekend. You also need to remember that people work - at least 4 of last week's firsts were working, one's away and one is injured, and we knew that 2-3 of the 2nds couldn't make it. Of the people who bowled for the club last Saturday, me, Ashley, Nelly, you, Matt H were there, plus we had Russell most of the night too. Without doubt there are people who could use a net but circumstances don't always permit it.

We note your "comments" about players on the 2nd team selection again. It's most unfair to single people out, whatever your own views. There's a time and a place for moans - we have a committee meeting next week for a start.