Tuesday, May 8

Weekend entertainment

This is turning into a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining season, really having fun.

Some more weekend highlights

- Big Bird's quality sledging of Andy Berry

- the farting competition between Kieran, Russ and Nelly in the dressing room. Terrible

- Danny Mozzer having an even more ridiculous bowling warm up than Nelly

- Ashley's hugely motivational "we don't give a f*** if we win this" pre-bowl out rallying speech

- Kieran's flicks over square leg

- Ash constantly asking Ben where Dan was. Or Dan where Ben was. Or anyone else where his kids were ...

- Dasher's wonderful "senior moment" when we were all admiring a certain female carrying her tea across the ground and he said "look at that ... I could really fancy a pie and chips"

- Me asking ELPM's opener how he was feeling when he walked out to bat and him replying "I'll tell you in a minute"

- Kieran's catch

- Ashley's catch (arf)

- Dr Doom's "you can pinch more than an inch there, son" comment

- Leaving Russell stranded at the pub

- Asking Robbo if I was in his fantasy team when I took my 5th wicket, haha.

- Nelly getting 2 fielding points despite having a "Channel tunnel" moment

- Young Jebby's performance generally. Class. Not to mention Danny and Matt.

- Discovering that babyfaced Matt H is 23. 23!!!! No, really!

- Kieran sledging the loud ELPM 2s fielder

- Senior Jebby talking to me and saying "no-one's hit the stumps today" just as Nelly bowled the last man on Sunday

- the whole bowl out. Absolutely hysterical.