Monday, March 31

Now then, what about all this great weather? Took a stroll up to the Meadows yesterday afternoon - and what a marvellous site it was, white clad athletes exhibiting their sporting prowess, scoring runs for fun and wowing the assembled masses. Let's hope that the mighty TSJ can emulate the feats of the ladies rounders team!!! Pitch is looking FAN-tastic btw.

Thursday, March 27

Just like to welcome Nick F to the team - he'll be posting under the unlikely nickname of Knights that say Ni(ck) ;-). I think we ought to welcome him royally by showing him a picture of the world's most unusual bowling action. Fantastic! Interestingly, if you look at the picture gallery, the picture of Mitchy which is on the top row, 5th from the left, is extremely camp!!!
Good to see that Bolton Road's junior members are enjoying their guestbook. Educational and inspiring stuff. Now if only we can find out who Anna is ...

Meanwhile, one of the world's funniest websites has been updated and it's well worth your valuable time! Framley Examiner
Agree re working party, though can we not just have a party instead, before watching the Ablett-Fletcher axis of domination demolish Greenfield? Found a very amusing story of someone who lost their wallet for many years before it turned up down the back of the sofa. Can you imagine if Cyril lost his wallet? About a million one pound coins ...

Further to Clive's post, Kieran proposes that we also use the May day (and possibly the corresponding weekend in July) for extra training as well as the painting, decorating, constructing of toilets, watching Richard get his shoes wet etc - dunno how well this will go down with some, but it sounds good to me.
Anyone know why BAe have left the league? Which divisions did they play in? (Obviously Div 1) but what about the 2nd's? Think Kierans' idea re working party is sound.

Wednesday, March 26

Kieran is suggesting that on 3rd May we have a full working party at the ground. Also watch 2nd XI play against Greenfield at the Meadows.
So BAe have pulled out of the league. That's a big blow. They were a nice set of lads and of course the pitch and ground were first rate. Probably the best batting wicket in the league (Kieran's ton!), and good to bowl on too, pace and bounce. Not that Birdy will mind, his memories of that place are probably of John Holland carting him into the middle of the next field ;-)

Monday, March 24

Just a happy coincidence. I've decided on some new inspirational tactics for the coming season - slapping people with dead pigeons
Just testing.

PS Paul, what is the relevance of the 'cottaging' adverts at the top of the site? I know we have a couple of Yorkies on side, but this takes the biscuit.

Sunday, March 23

So we've appointed Kieran as the new Club Development Officer for the season ahead. Poor sod! He's going to bring some fresh ideas and an innovative approach off the field - let's hope results on the field are similarly improved!