Friday, April 28

Good Lcuk

Good Lcuk for the weekned taem 1


Boys selected for Saturday 29th April - 1.30pm start so get there for 12.30pm - or sooner!
M. Deegan (C)
K. Coe (VC)
C. Brooks (W)
R. Brooks
P. Meehan
D. Phillips
C. Parkinson
P. Skundric
S. Smith
R. Peacock
C. Payton
Cannot stress enough that the season starts tomorrow in earnest - this is one of the teams to beat - and we don't half owe them one from last year!

Tuesday, April 25


Sorry I'm not available on Saturday, My lovely wife bought me tickets to see City (in the Commenwealth Suite) So ii'll be boozing all day. Wish I could be playing as it seems my place is a risk, though 4 wickets proves I can still cut it!!


Are you available Saturday?
Also - everyone - nets same time same place Thursday - not many people got time at the crease on Saturday and second team need practise as no game saturday/sunday (?)


The thing is KC you look as if your enjoying yourself too much!

dirty old b#ggers

Check out the hand positions on the two geezers either side of me!

TSJ v Ashton

Winning start to the season for the firsts!

Scores on the doors:
TSJ 212-3, Ashton 111 a/o (5 points to TSJ)

A cracking start to the season; pretty difficult conditions for batting and bowling, but we got off to a good start with the returning Kieran playing a tremendous knock to stabilise the top order. Indeed the opening partnership realised something like 120 ... useful knocks from Bird (does he ever play himself in?!) and Nelly Butt ensured we posted a decent total, though it could have been much bigger.

Paul 85, CDO 46, Bird 39, Nelly 30 no, Scunners about 10 no?

Ashton got off to a slow start with Paul and Scunners bowling tidily on a dead pitch. A couple of early wickets ensued to put us in the driving seat. There was a mini recovery with a few loose overs seeing Ashton hammer about 50 in a short space of time, but the introduction of new man "Boris" Phillips and the return of Scunners saw Ashton plummet from 100-3 to 111 a/o. Plenty of lethargy in the field - we'll need to tighten up for next week. Some tremendous catching too, with Kieran bagging 3 including 2 beauties, and Paul and Nelly each taking 2.

Don't mention catching to Cliff though! ;-) yellow gloves are excellent for washing up and working in the garden but not for wicket keeping!!


Smiffffy - probably best to do selection at nets again - do you have all availability details for 2's?

Monday, April 24

2nd team v Broadway

Report online now

Second Timer

waht deos taht maen??

Friday, April 21

second teamer

Cotters - you are using the wrong website - as a second teamer you need to create a new site all for yourself and spell really badly.......

Good Luck

Good luck to team 1 for saturday, gutted to have missed the first game but I'll try and pop down before I go out. Lets hope the weather holds out!
It looks like Prof P should always have clean Whites!


Really good to get to nets last night and turn the arms over, albeit at limited functionality ;-). It was tremendous to see a few new faces, particularly that of Duncan Phillips, ex-Brox and our new highest ranking academic!

Professor Phillips

Chopming at the bit for tomorrow, let's hope Mother Nature is kind enough to allow us to take the field and get a game in.

Thursday, April 20


Teams for this weekend. We are meeting down at ground at 12 noon on both days as it is a 1.30pm start and there is still alot of work required to get things ready.

1st XI v Ashton Ladysmith at Home
Martin Deegan (c), Kieran Coe (vc), Neil Butterworth, Clive Brooks, Russell Brooks, Paul Meehan, Craig Parkinson, Richard Peacock, Duncan Phillips, Paul Skundric & Steve Smith. Res: Mike Ainscoe

2nd XI v Broadway at Home
Andy Smith (c), Matt Ablett (vc), Mike Ainscoe, Frank Brockway, Matt Cotton, Nick Fletcher, Rob Holt, Matt Hunt, Stuart Hunter, Mike Jones, Danny Moriary. Res: Chris Payton

Captain & V-C's - Can we please make sure that everyone knows they are picked and know what time they need to be at ground.


thanks to everyone who turned up last week - 15 was good - should be even better tonight - if we get too many will try and do some fielding. We are doing selection tonight so if anyone is not going and has not told me/clive/dasher/smifffy re availability - can you blog/ contact us - 1st games this weekend! Both at Home 1sts Saturday, 2nds Sunday.
Also - Saturday morning - still some work to do - can you make an effort to turn up early to sort ground.
Cheers - see you tonight.

Sunday, April 16

Groundwork - Final push

Less than a week now before stumps. Looking to ensure everything is ready before next Saturday so will be going to Ground on Tuesday night between 6pm and 7.30pm or later if anyone wants to stop any longer (still plenty to do). Don't just expect to turn up on Sat or Sun wanting to play.

Thursday, April 13


I'll be happy just to land the ball first off nevermind direction!

Nets, countdown to the season

Well Paul can't wait.
lets just hope i can land the ball in the right net. the arm hasnt been turned over since last year and it didnt see that much action then!

Ready to go ... again!

So ... is everyone looking forward to nets tonight?


Tuesday, April 11

Ready to go!

So ... is everyone looking forward to nets tonight?


Monday, April 10

Delayed start?

Wonder if there's any chance of the league seeing sense and repeating what they did a few years back and postponing the first round of fixtures? Forecast for this week is not good ...

Danny M, think you've been had ;-)


Firstly - thanks to those who turned up on Saturday (and Sunday!) - great effort - Secondly - thanks very much whoever is responsible for this weather!!! Not only was the ground saturated on Sunday - but also the hail had covered the whole field so that it could not dry out even if it wanted to!
Next date for diary = Thursday Night at Nets - please make the effort as season only 2 weeks away.
If any one enjoyed it on Saturday and can spare another half day - we do have other groundwork to do - sight screen, rolling wicket, internal painting, etc.
Mike Ainscoe - the masonry paint is in the pavillion - if you can spare time to start the 4th Bridge again!

Friday, April 7


Paul - this new virtual old folks home web site is unbelievable - you really feel like you are there! - the alzheimers, the smell of urine, the staff abusing the decrepit interns, etc - or is this the real world and TSJCC players are really this thick?


In-door nets start next THURSDAY (13th April) 8pm -10pm
So which school is it at again?


Thursday 8-10

So hang on, is that Thursday the 8th October or Thursday 10th August?



Thursday8-10 Thursday 8-10 Thursday 8-10
Same night as football - thats why Scoop was on today with his resume of the season (ie it has ended to make way for Cricket which starts....wait for it....Thursday 8-10)
So, to recap, nets will run for 4 weeks and will be at the same venue as the football (same as last years nets) and will be Thursdays 8-10.

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

Just spoke to Clive, it's THURSDAY. So i not alown in a state of confusion. It looks like a number of phone calls for me to make and to see if i can make it myself to the nets. Bugger. been lookin forward to tuesday's (and made sure i was available) now i might be able to make only 1 in 4 of the nets.


Dan Mozzer blogged to say nets were on a tuesday so I've been going off that. HELP!!

Tues or Thurs?

I was also under the impression that nets start on TUESDAY but at footy last night the folks appeared to be 50/50 split over Tues/Thurs.

Can Cliff confirm either way?

puss filled boil on left tonsil

Blogged that I would ring round - can't as I have no voice - Can all people using blog ring other people tonight - Smithy - can you contact your legions of eager 2nd teamers - both for tomorrow's work and for availability for nets and 1st game. I will be there tomorrow as I have not got a good enough excuse (puss filled boils are uncomfortable but not life / TSJCC threatening).
Wife does not read this so please do not inform her that the 1000 things she wants me to do Saturday do not come higher in the priority list.


I thought that the indoor nets were on Tuesday this year! Starting on the 11th. Could someone please confirm the time/date/venue as i have been under the impression that this was the case and told other people this was so.


Cheers KC i'll be there around 10 ish. Got to nip to the Bookies to put my bets on for the national but you'll have a full day out of me if required.


Cotters - someone will be down from 10am - see you there!


Another season draws to a close...

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support over the season. We have had 10 players apart from 1 week which is fantastic.

With most games close run, competitive and hard but fair I'm sure you'll all agree this has been the best season so far.

Treasurer also tells me we have made about 200 quid for the club

Now on with the small matter of the cricket season.



Ground Work:- Clive will down at the ground at 9.30am for the morning.

Nets:- Commence on Thursday 13th April - 8.00 pm to 10 pm.

Thursday, April 6

Matt Hunt

Matt Hunt will be down on Saturday,

I cant make it as am playing football

Heart grows fonder ...

For the life of me I can't recall that there was a committee meeting on Tuesday, so many apologies for my absence. I am aiming to get down about 12.30 on Saturday for a couple of hours once the kids are in bed for their naps - can't make the morning.

Am struggling badly to shake off whatever bug struck me down, so might be a bit sluggish at footy tonight ... just hope I'm 100% for the real season in a fortnight ...


I'm available for saturday. What time?

Wednesday, April 5

No go Saturday

CDO or Clive, i can't make it saturday but i am available on sunday for a few hours. so if the fences needs painting or something that doesnt need on the spot supervision from committee members then let me know and i'll get down to the meadows and do my bit!


Can everyone involved in any way with TSJCC please be aware:
I cannot put too much emphasis upon the importance of this Saturday morning - not only have we managed to get cut-price paint - not only have we sorted several drainage problems - not only is there work to do everywhere you look (Pavillion and Ground) - but also this Saturday is - as I'm sure you are aware - 2 weeks from the first game. We (the 3 amigos) need for everyone to come down to the ground Saturday morning to help get the club in order for the start of the season. Clive would have liked me to be much more forceful here - he is absolutely at the end of his patience with players expecting a cricket facility 'on a plate' - a club like TSJCC cannot survive without the likes of Clive - but other increasing demands upon his time and player apathy are getting to him. I can list all the things we need to do - but would rather not let the world know what a state we are in. Instead I will be talking to the Captains and a person from the committee will be telephoning you before the weekend - everyone has been told to only accept rigor mortis as an excuse for not being at the ground.

Monday, April 3

Cry off


Just to let you know that i'm not available for football on thursday as I'm going to see the Mighty Boosh.