Wednesday, August 31

committee meeting

Should we have an EGM about where to have this meeting? I have been informed that the venue is, after all, THE DUNGEON same day same time - anyone else who's not going to be present got an opinion?


You go away for two days for your anniversary - hang your head in shame, boy! You can make up for it by having the most outrageous Pirate outfit on the 10th....

Race Night

Is that date confirmed for the 1st October? It's our anniversary on the 2nd so we'll be away.


Teams for this weekend:
1st Team versus Springhead away - meet time 12.15pm at The Hood(1.30pm start).
M.Deegan (capt)
C.Brooks (wkt)
Can someone pick up the limping scorer on the way - thank you!
2nd Team versus Greenmount 3rds at Home - meet time 12.50pm (1.30pm start).
A.Smith (capt)
M.Jones (wkt)
S. Sriringram

committee meeting

Right day wrong venue - it will be at 8.00 next Tuesday at the Royal - not the Dungeon.
Also: a provisional date for ALL- 1st October at Greenmount CC - THE RACE NIGHT - same format as last year - lets get 100 there!

Tuesday, August 30

Committee Meeting

On another matter there will be a committee meeting next Tuesday (6th) at the Dungeon from 8pm. Apologies to Cliff please.


Surely not... It can't be that time of year again.

Oh yes, get ready to be kicked, abused (physically & verbally) and generally want to chunder after 5 minutes - it's football time!!

The teams should look something like this, subject to a few calls yet to be made...

The Whites


The Rag Tags

Mike A
The Hud

Same venue, same time - starts this Thursday 1st September - any probs please phone me on 07799 868141.

See you all there.

camp pirate

Hope you have got your outfit sorted for the 10th September Abbers?
That also goes for everyone - every pub from Dungeon to the Robert Peel.

Selection and Nets

I am not able to attend nets tonight as I am working but I am available for selection for the weekend.

Friday, August 26


Is Freddy a Yorkshireman? Surely......


Good luck for the weekend boys

Thursday, August 25

Tresco ...

Another magnificent start from England. Take that, Shaun Tait! 129-1 at lunch.

Wednesday, August 24


Good work young Mozzer.

2nd Team v Robbys

2nd team v Robinsons away, meet 12:15pm at the Robin Hood, remember its early starts now (1:30pm)

S Hunter (Captain & wicket keeper)
M Ainscoe
P Yates
N Fletcher
G Fletcher
A Schofield
D Moriarty
R Holt
A Hall
J Cowen
D Roberts


1st team -v- Robinsons at Home - meet time 12.45pm (1.30 start) - as Clive is away we need help early for all stuff he normally does (I have a list!)
M.Deegan (Cpt)
B. Loomba (Wkt)
N. Butterworth (VC)
P.Meehan (spinner)
A. Parkinson (pro)
R. Brooks (fielder of the year 2004)
R. Peacock (Botanist)
S. Smith (S#ag)
P. Skundric (Ace)
C. Parkinson (Koi Carp)
A. N. Other (good lad)

Tuesday, August 23

sunny weather, gloomy outlook

Just a quick note from a frustrated CDO - because we are crap at the moment and the 1st team are playing one of the top two teams in the league on Saturday and the 2nds are striving to avoid relegation : do you think we should have a net tonight? Just a thought......

Monday, August 22

Something smells fishy ...

Saturday ...

First of all, thanks to those players who were able to turn up and fill in for us on Saturday, and sorry you had to be part of that fiasco! That was probably the worst fielding display I've ever seen, but I would like to single out Steve Smith who was terrific, never let his head go down and always keep up the enthusiasm levels even when we were getting mullered.

Well done to Glodwick, and particularly Mark and Stocky who batted very well after some early let offs - they do say catches win matches don't they!? A score of 276 suggests we bowled badly - actually I thought the bowling was fine, but on that wicket once you got in and were set, it was a peach of a track. With better fielding we ought to have kept it to about 200, which might have been gettable with a better start.

Took some spin though eh!!! ;-) (well done Clive for suggesting I try a bit of the twirlybird stuff - might try more in future!)

The batting was pretty shoddy, though I'd like to say well done to Seebert for two fantastic catches to get rid of me and Bird, and also Mike Ainscoe who I thought batted well on his return to the firsts. 48-1 to 90 all out - another typical collapse!

Hopefully we can just chalk Saturday up to end of season/nothing to play for apathy with a makeshift side and put up a stronger showing against Robbies when a few of the old guard return!!

Oh yes, and sorry I lost the toss ;-) hehe.


Just to let the selection Commitee know that I'm not available on saturday v robbies as i've got a function to got to. Sorry

Saturday, August 20

Cheers Scott

Cheers scott

Sad News

Just back from holiday and sorry to hear the sad news. My thoughts are with all those affected by this loss.

Friday, August 19

Thank You

Thank you, your thoughts are very much appreciated at this time,

Dan & Steve

Sad news

A sad loss to TSJCC, our thoughts are truely with the Moriarty family at this time.


Steve and Dan,

Offering you my sincerest condolences on your loss - this is awful news and I just want to let you know we're thinking of you. He will be very sorely missed by all.

More sad news.

Steve Moriarty's Dad, Chris, had been in poor health for some considerable time now and was recently diagnosed as being terminally ill. I'm sad to inform you that Chris lost his fight and passed away on Thursday morning.

Until his illness, Chris was a regular spectator and supporter of both both the 1st & 2nd teams when his family was playing and frequently scored for both teams. If my memory serves me right, I think he has also stepped in and represented the club on the field of play aswell.

Our thoughts are with Steve and Dan and their family.

Thursday, August 18

mange toutes, rodney!

Good luck at weekend to both teams - I'm off to Gay Paris tomorrow for a bit of vin, be back Sunday.

Wednesday, August 17


Failsworth got a game in at the weekend and were beaten by Greenmount, We are now 9 points clear going into the game against the unbeaten Glodwick

also Broadway beat Fothergill by 3 wickets in the cup final

Fothergill batted first and were 136 All out and Broadway knocked them off for 7 wickets


1st team selected for Saturday 20th August - I think its last week for 2pm start - please confirm Clive! Versus Glodwick away - meet RH 12.30pm.
Could those above confirm their availability to me/Clive/Digger.
Glorious evening last night - 4 second team players netting - it must be great to be in the 1st team, winning all the time, not needing to practise....

Thursday, August 11

Awesome Vaughan!

He's on 165 now!!!!

*Another* 150 would be stupendous!

Oooooooo Tetchy!

You are correct, he is indeed a fine upstanding Lancastrian and he definitely owes us runs - about 150 would be lovely thanks very much!


Vaughan's batting well (41n/o at lunch) - just been in a chip shop - the guy said "Yeh - bloody Yorkshire bast#rd owes us some runs!" - I pointed out two very salient points to him - firstly that he is in fact a bloody Lancastrian and secondly that this BYB was taking his custom elsewhere!

Everyone's at OT!

Well a good four or five at least are ...

I'm chasing a couple of people (Andy mainly), will keep you posted.

Come on England!


oh its really quite out there now! - is this because no one knows anybody that can play or are we all waiting for the Aussies to start bowling?


calling all Totty....calling all Totty.....
We are approx x3 players short of 22 for Saturday - can anyone please pursuade, blackmail, threaten, drug, whatever (trevor) to stop us from being fined (and hammered) - contact either me or Clive or Jonesy - to me, turning out 11's and fulfilling fixtures is just as important to us as a club as winning trophies/hosting big events like 20/20.

Wednesday, August 10

team selection

1st Team for Saturday -v- Rochdale Catholic Club at Home - meet 1.00pm sharp.
Would anyone with the slightest possibility that they are available please PLEASE do make yourself known!
The second team is in dire need of bodies also.....

Tuesday, August 9


Game ended with us 205-6ish, about 20 short. I was 2nd top scorer with 36, and Mo hit an absolutely excellent 61 off 26 balls to almost win it. Bird went in right at the death and got about 10 not out. The Sri Lankan batsman who got all the runs for them was very very quick, and several of us are quite bruised!! He could have killed Darren Smith if he hadn't got a glove in the way.


What was the outcome? Who got any runs?

Good Representation

Grand to see our Lads do a good job in representing the NMCL on Sunday. It was good viewing especially BB's wicket.

Monday, August 8


Mike Ainscoe is now back from the US and he is the one dealing with it.

Sunday, August 7


Who do i give the money to for the cd with the 20/20 photos on?

Friday, August 5

bon chance!

Good luck to both teams this weekend!
Please can you all fine yourselves loads as we are well behind on fine-fund raising - or I could just double fines for remaining games! (evil laugh....)

Thursday, August 4


Sorry Folks but this weeks Bonus Ball is mine.
Cliff - I will have your Mums money Sat.

Tuesday, August 2

See you down there (later on) CDO for a bowl, bat and pint.

small world innit?

Just back from Corfu - bumped into 2 blokes (and their families) from Robinsons - Darren Smith? At least I shared the bad news re Rochdalians beating us and going top.....
1st good day you've had for a while - can we have a net tonight?????

Monday, August 1

Now hang on there....

Well I never Mr Ainscoe. Not only do you miss the peak of my batting career so far, meaning not one photo of the event but you have a go at the slightly lucky aspect of the innings. For someone who regularly plays and misses for fun outside the off-stump it's a bit least when I hit it I tend to welly it!!!! Oh, it was the old man aka Dr Doom who originally made the accusation about your ability to play and miss I'm merely voicing the rumor mike!

hang on...

just spotted N Fletcher dropped 3 times before reaching there's a surprise!

Howdy pardners

Hi guys
Just logged on to see what's happening in goog ol' England UK.
See Nick got a nice 50 - but how long did it take to get off the mark guy??
Just make sure you get a win next week guys!
Kieran's back soon and has been left a newsletter with a load of stuff from the 20/20 which seems ages ago now.
Speak soon
Bye for now - Alan Whicker.....