Friday, April 30

Totally Agree CDO, We need to get our collective arses into gear tomorrow and show these new boys what the cup holders are all about!!
p*** poor turn out last night - at 8pm there was me, 7 2nd team players and half the cast of Schindler's list. This will no doubt be reflected in our saturday form - we cannot be complacent - what a crap feeling last Saturday, being humiliated by last years bottom of the league - I thought it may be a kick up the a*** but obviously we think we cannot improve by netting.....
Good news!

Price for the shirts has now been confirmed at £15.

Unfortunately this price will only hold for the first batch of 20 shirts (17 were pre ordered at the agm).

Once used up, any further orders will of course revert to the higher price.
Paul - yes payable to TSJCC, but leave amount blank as yet, since I will find out the actual price by tomorrow - ie reduction from original.

Birdy - assume payable to TSJCC?

Good nets last night, though somewhat bizarre double booking for the first hour meant that we were next to a load of lads from Bury synagogue who seemed intent on bowling bodyline at their teachers - good show. [anonymous] went for the politically correct approach of saying he wasn't sure about the effectiveness of their "helmets". Oh dear!

Where was everyone though? Hope there will be a better turnout when nets move outdoors next week!
Sorry about the non attendance (again) I bought some windows last night and it went on a bit longer than expected! He came round at 7 and didn't leave until 10. Got a good deal though!

Rich i'm sure that it will all change on saturday. I'm really up for tomorrows game and everyone else should be!

Good Work that BB!
Matt where were you last night?? You too could have humiliated my batting and fielding.
Is it not actually more worrying that Sugar Puffs smell of urine!??

Anyway more importantly I have been assured that our shirts/sweaters etc are ready.

They will be available at the game tomorrow - please bring funds/cheques to purchase since no garments will be handed over until paid for. As mentioned previously I am expecting some recompense in the form of discount from Cricket World for the delay, and this will slightly reduce the prices of the shirts.

Until I receive the invoice later I do not know how much they have knocked off the price.

As a reminder the original prices were £17 (shirts) and £20 (fleece)

Please pass on this message to anyone who you know doesn't read this board.

Thursday, April 29

I can't believe there's a website discussing why urine smells of Sugar Puffs.
Try typing sugar puffs into google search engine. you'd be amazed at what turns up, Dasher Deegan will be especially interested.
Nice one, Osama! Hope it stops raining soon ... can't wait to get stuck in on Saturday!
With your calling he'd need to be linford christie!!

Confirmation of the bonus ball. This weeks winner will recieve £14 whole english pounds! The rounds on digger then.
maybe it'll help him to run faster....

Wednesday, April 28

Dasher Deegan is the first winner of the bonus ball. I think he will win approx £12. Well done !! No doubt Matt will confirm.
and rape 'em. COME ON!!!!!
win toss...put em in!
Cheers CDO for the new cash sheets they work a treat!

We need a good practice on thurs in prep for saturdays game! These guys won at the weekend and bowled Springhead out for 61 so COME ON!!!!!! Another strong team on sat so lets make them pay!

Sorry I went a bit giddy then

Tuesday, April 27

An early posting of the teams for weekend.

1st XI V Ashton. meet ground at 1pm prompt. P Meehan (c), C Brooks, R Brooks, K Coe, M Cotton, M Deegan, P Duckworth, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric.

2nd XI v Ashton (away). Meet Robin Hood at 12.30pm. S Moriarty (c), M Ablett, M Ainscoe, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, A Hall, R Holt, M Jones, D Moriarty, A Smith, P Yates.

Good luck fellas.
Newsletters will be distributed (silently) by Clive shortly. Any info for next - please pass to Mike Ainscoe. There will be a piece on single wicket competition - contact Matt Ablett.

Monday, April 26

The Seconds Score ???
I'd like to report that Dasher was in this fine form all night - Stella assisted!

Saturday, April 24

Poor start to the season for the firsts, beaten by 7 wickets at West Leigh. On a real pudding of a track, batting was tough going for us, and despite the CDO contributing 31 and getting us to 62-2, we then collapsed to 98 all out, with some indiscriminate shots along the way. We did manage to put the home side under early pressure, with Big Bird in particular bowling well, but Ralphy smashed 7 sixes in an unbeaten 50 - the only person to make batting look a doddle today.

Well done to WLM, we really need to step it up for next week.

One good moment was in the changing room post game when we were all a bit miserable and tired. A few short tempers in evidence and then all of a sudden Dasher pipes up ... "Why does my wee smell of Sugar Puffs"?

Just what we needed!

Friday, April 23

Delay with shirts!

Sorry folks, I am currently engaging in a battle royal with Cricket World. Yet again it looks as if they may be late in fulfilling our order even though 2 weeks ago I was promised they would be ready the following Friday.

Sweaters are ready for collection.

Shirts have been embroidered, however the heat seals for the sponsors logo have not arrived, and therefore they can not promise availability for tomorrow.

I have threatened to cancel order completely if no reasonable excuse is forthcoming. I will in any case be looking for a discount on the price, which of course will be passed on to yourselves as and when we take delivery.

In a nutshell therefore, please pack your own shirts / sweaters tomorrow, and don't rely on me having the club ones available.
Come On folks! and make sure you bring home the Bacon. I'll be in touch if I can (Mobiles do not work in Kirkby) for the scores.
Good luck to everyone in the firsts and seconds tomorrow - let's make it a good start to the season and carry on where we left off last year - on a high. Sad I can't make the game, but will be back and raring to go next weekend!

Do yourselves and the club proud, and bring home the points! If you all perform like you were at nets last night you'll have a blinder!

p.s. matt, you need to knock about 5000 runs before a bat starts to wear - so we'll look forward to your next bat in 2250 or so ;-). GET SOME WICKETS!
Got my hopes up then CDO! I'm getting a new bat and everything!!
This isnt the batting order - matt! Although Clive raping an opening attack would be special!
Strong team for the first game of the season! Looking forward to tomorrow, sorry about the non attendance at nets had some family scene! Are the shirts ready??
First Team - (sorry - I do not know full extent of seconds).
A 5-pointer if ever there was one!!! Come On!!!

Thursday, April 22

have the teams been picked for the weekend? if so any chance of posting them on the web site as not everyone reads the bury times. cheers.
sorry cant make it to nets tonight.

Wednesday, April 21

I'm buzzing about the coming season - COME ON!
Good meeting last night and great to see the Holder of the Purse Strings in attendance (HPS). I think selection meetings with Mossa and CDO could be turned into a spectator sport if the club becomes desperate for money.

One point from the meeting I would like to raise is the smashing job Graham Fletcher has done for the Club on the pavilion back wall and Garage Roof, working with the ever present Clive. Good Work!

Tuesday, April 20


Won't be at the committee meeting tonight, don't particularly want to come home reeking and smoky ... I will email CDO some thoughts about the weekend and my availability for the next few weeks!

Feel free to phone if you need my input on anything!
i'm not broody......i'm not broody.....

Monday, April 19

That's no way to talk about Denise ...

Anyway here's a quick shot of Li'l Ollie!

except for dragging a large white object up and down motorways at 35mph.
Congratulations to the Meehan household, like CDO I found the whole birthing process to be painless!

I'm available for selection for saturday however Ash won't be available probably for the whole season
Brilliant news Paul - pass on our congrats to Helen.

Russ, Cathie & kids
Congrates Dr P & Helen! Good scene!
Congrats to all....

Nice to see the Meehan cricketing bloodline continuing.

Did me...My hand was black and blue!

Once again Paul, Super effort that. Is young Oliver available Sat?
didn't hurt me one bit - I would have remembered!

Saturday, April 17

Cheers CDO for blogging and also for the fantastically chirpy phone call ;-)

As Kieran says, Ollie was born Friday at 9.55am, weighing in at a whopping 8-13. Mum and baby are doing great; he's a beautiful boy, has far too much hair for my liking obviously, but is in good health! Pictures etc to follow when we get some developed.

Cheers to those that have emailed or texted too, no time to reply at the moment ;-)

Much respect to anyone who has to go through the birth process - it's the most amazing and painful thing I've ever witnessed, and quite beauitiful too.

Friday, April 16

Fantastic news!!!!!
Oliver Daniel Meehan born today! 8 pounds 13! Baby and Mum good. Dad jealous of hair.
Message relayed from text.
(oh) Just getting you back
CDO claimed quite a few scalps last night......bowling solidly for 2hrs means that the law of averages dictates some lapses of concentration.
Anyway - need to check on availability of everyone for 24th - esp: Nick Hudson, Mick Jones, Nelly Butterworth, Ash Parky, Mike Ainscoe, Ducky, Ross McMurdo, Craig Parky, and all others (esp 2nd team players). Please can you communicate your availability to either me or Mozzer or blog before Tuesday 20th, when the 1st selection meeting will take place at 7.30 before the committee meeting at 8.00 at the Dungeon.
WE NEED TO START THE SEASON IN THE SAME MANNER AS WE FINISHED LAST - to achieve this will take an enormous effort from everyone - not just on the field (although that is the main) but also through support for Clive.
Good run out last night my bowlings coming together. I was especially pleased with my batting alot more solid then last week so game on!
Good nets last night...Really enjoyed them. Its going to take some time to get over the mental damage I have suffered by being bowled 3 times in 5 balls by CDO.

Thursday, April 15

Change of plan! Can make it this evening after all so Happy Days!!
Well i thought that I'd posted my first blog twice thus the bollocks blog!
why have you blogged bollocks?
I can't make it to nets tonight. I've got to go to the reception venue and chose the menu and stuff so apologies from me!

Wednesday, April 14

Come on Vaughany ... make it a big one!

Looking forward to nets tomorrow (barring an overnight arrival!), let's hope we get more bodies down there. CDO, you'll be pleased to know the new bat's feeling good!
but why isnt Lara still batting - his ego should surley have wanted to push the marker out further than 400?

Tuesday, April 13

On that wicket, if Vaughan hadn't been ludicrously triggered, he might still be batting now. Good to see Freddie putting his head down and trying to stave off calamity ...

Back in the real world, it's good to see Yorkshire in the headlines for all the right reasons ...
why didn't Lara just keep going - 500? Series was lost, why not really rub it into England's bowling revival?
Attendees last week:

me, Clive, Russ, Matt C, Scoop, Nick F, Mozzer and Danny, Micky J and Rowdy.

So for non-attendees, a maximum of 2 sessions left before the season!!
who were the 10 so that I can chase the rest for Thursday - is it 8-10?
It was a good run out on Thursday. It took me until Sunday evening to recover! I've got a nice bruise on my leg Cheers Paul!!!
Morning all,

Welcome back CDO. We'll need you at nets. A very poor turnout last week - just 10 in all - but a good workout for us nonetheless. Some fun fielding/running at the end too. Let's hope for more numbers this week!
Hi all - back from hols now - looking forward to nets on Thursday - must get my kit out (oo-er!).

Tuesday, April 6

Indeed it might be worth the quicker bowlers getting in a few deliveries while the batsmen are padding up to shake off that rust ...
Not Looking forward to my first ball since last September on thurs beware whoever the batsmen is they might need a helmet!!!!

Saturday, April 3

Well another season of 5-a-side draws to a close.

Well done to the rag-tags on their well deserved win on Thursday. I suppose under the law of averages you had to win eventually!!!

I would just like to thank all those who have played over the past 7 months for making my job easier (most of the time) and a special mention to Nick Hudson who on a few occassions has found friends to fill the gap at very late notice.

Finally, of course, there is the small matter of the circa £300 we have raised for the club.

Thanks again - see some of you on Thursday.


Friday, April 2


If the weather stays like this it'll be gorgeous at the Meadows tomorrow
"brawn" - Paul do you mean Fat B*****d's.
To be fair, we were winning for about 40 minutes, 6-3 up at one point, but once we fell behind we never got going again and for the last 30 mins we were hardly in it at all. Very competitive game but for once it was the ragtags who showed more footballing nous in addition to the brawn!
CDO, They're just looking for excuses, the "ringers" were Mozzers mate Tony and Nick H mate Steve.
I think I've probably been thrown out of the Parkinson Clan now.
Always did play better without me.....Perhaps if I make myself unavailable for most of cricket season too....
-who were the non tsj ringers?
Its my Birthday today so all donations will be welcome!!! I can get down to the ground for a bit tomorrow. So i'll be down about 10 ish
Yes, your non-TSJ ringers did very well ;-)

A good end to the season for you, thought we were underpar, but all credit to the ragtags who shrugged off about 20 straight defeats to end the indoor footy season on a high!

See you at the ground tomorrow!
Rag Tags kicked some ass last night

Thursday, April 1

Anyone see Wales v Hungary - after match Luther Mattaeus (sp?) is squared up to by Lilly Savage - the guy who played until he was 40, lifted the world cup, etc being squared up to by an annoying little welsh nonce! Don't get me wrong - I hate Germans - but it was the equivalent of me giving Martin Johnson 'the eye'.