Tuesday, February 26


Yes they where emailed to me in an attachment! Unfortunatly i have this crappy software called microsoft works rather than microsoft office, and wont open the file.

Fixtures are on the seconds bit now




Regarding 2nd XI fixtures, you were sent them via email, if you were desperate for them to be posted am sure it could take you less than 2 minutes to do it yourself......in fact...........

Apr-27 SpringheadHome
May-04 Hunter Cup 1st Rd Elton Vale Home
May-10 Bury Home
May-11 Uppermill Away
May-17 Ashton Ladysmith Away
May-24 Darcy Lever Home
May-25 Walshaw Away
May-31 Uppermill Home
Jun-08 Hunter Cup 2nd Rd Walshaw Home
Jun-14 Elton Vale Away
Jun-21 Rochdalians Home
Jul-05 Springhead Away
Jul-06 Bury Away
Jul-12 Blackley Home
Jul-26 Ashton Ladysmith Home
Aug-03 Darcy Lever Away
Aug-09 Elton Vale Home
Aug-17 Edgworth Away
Aug-24 Walshaw Home
Aug-30 Rochdalians Away
Sep-06 Edgworth Home
Sep-13 Blackley Away

my apologies i was wrong, 1minute 58seconds!!!

Saturday, February 23

Fixtures and New website

Dan, A brand spanking new TSJ website is being produced at the moment, which is why things such as the 2nds fixtures haven't yet made it on here.

Hoping to have it ready for launch at the AGM!

to clarify (2)

Did anyone else spot Danny's missing apostrophe??

Yes - you were right - it was the contracted dont, which should of course have read - don't
(the apostrophe replacing the missing 'o')

There was also the 'j' in jebb - all names begin with capital letters of course.

(and for those without internet access, your tea time punctuation test will be in the next newsletter)

to clarify

I assume Danny means 'Why post the Old Trafford details on the site', as opposed to 'Why not post.....' as anything posted on the site is of no use to players without web access.

That's why the dates are also printed in the newsletter, along with the AGM (or AMG for Rowdy) agenda, last year's minutes, accounts and both 1st and 2nd team fixtures - all for players and non-players who have no internet access.

A Welsh language version is available by request, as is an enlarged print version for persons with visual impairment while we are also looking at newsletters printed on red paper for the forthcoming season for dyslexics. For anyone who will be unable to view this message because they have no internet access, it too will be reproduced in full in the next newsletter along with an apostrophe update.

And thanks Dan for giving us a pre-season opportunity to indulge in some English language banter! ;)

Two points?

Why not post the details of the cricket at Old Trafford on the site? why not print them in the newsletter? Players Like the jebbs dont have access to the internet!

2nd XI Fixtures :When will they be put on the website??

Wednesday, February 13

London Marathon

As the new cricket season approaches, for me another big event also draws dauntingly close: The London Marathon

On Sunday 13th April I will be lining up with thousands of others to take on the 26.2mile route around london.

I am running the marathon in aid of an amazing charity, Get Kids Going!.

Get Kids Going! helps disabled children take part in sport by providing specialist sports wheelchairs, sports grants and year round support. They can then compete in marathons, triathlons, tennis, athletics, skiing, rugby, basketball etc. With your help, many could become Paralympic champions and world record holders and generally make their lives so much more fulfilled!

I am aiming to raise over £1000 for Get Kids Going! and need as much help as i can get in acheiving that target so any sponsorship is welcome!

To sponsor me for the marathon simply visit my justgiving website on




Friday, February 8


Did you get my text?

Tuesday, February 5

AGM - Captaincy Nominations


The AGM has been confirmed for Greenmount CC on Tuesday March 4th at 7.30 for 8pm. We would like to confirm the process for those folk who wish to stand for captaincy this year. Expressions of interest should be sent to Clive BEFORE THE NIGHT - you can of course nominate yourself, there's no need to get someone to do it for you.

Regarding the delection of all club officials, a change to the constitution was made at the EGM last year so that if people are unable to attend they may still be nominated or elected into an official position.

Extra Pre-Season Nets at Old Trafford

Hi folks,

On behalf of the committee, Clive has arranged 4 sessions of nets to be held at Old Trafford on the following four Tuesdays in April - 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. At each session we will have the use of 2 nets for an hour. One will be a standard "batter and bowler" and the other will have the presence of a bowling machine and a professional coach.

We will be having 6 slots of 10 minutes with the batting coach, and those 6 players will also get 10 minutes in the bowler net. We would like anyone who is interested in attending 1 or more of these sessions to let Clive know and the places will be allocated FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. We are also open to people coming along to have a bowl for the hour - in first class facilities - but obviously we're limited to 6 batters a week.

The cost will be approx 13 pounds per session for those batting and 5 pounds for those who want to come along and bowl.

Please note that this is NOT a replacement for club nets which will be running on the Thursdays of those weeks. If you are interested, please email Clive at tsjcc@aol.com as soon as possible, or call him directly.

Sunday, February 3

Saturday morning at the Meadows

Saturday morning at the meadows looked very, well, white......

bit of chopping of the rainforrest..........

Then, well it was just too hard to resist..................

the finished product........

The snowman prepares to face a delivery from P. Meehan