Wednesday, November 30

Broody Hell!

Don't get me Broody! Christmas is expensive enough without another one of those!!!

Tuesday, November 29


Thanks very much everyone!!!

Ollie meets Toby

Groundwork Again

Firstly congrats to the Meehan household. Great News !!

This Saturday sees another Groundwork party at the ground. Even if there is snow on the ground there is work that could be done inside the pavilion. Why not bring the kids with sledges. We will meet at 10am and be finished for 12. The more we have the quicker we will finish. Please come and lend a hand.

Well Done

Congratulations Paul & Helen

Monday, November 28

New Arrival!!

Congrats from the Parky's to the Meehan's.

Top news.

Well Done!

Many Congratulations to the Meehan family. The TSJCC team line up for 2021 is taking shape nicely.
See you at football Thursday.


Paul and Helen announce the (home) birth of Baby Boy: Toby Alexander (11pm last night) 8 pounds 8 - Mum and Baby are great.
Congratulations from all at the Club - WELL DONE ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24


Sorry Guys I've been banned !!!!!!!

night out

Everybody! beers out for Christmas! Consensus of opinion is 10/12/05 - that is a Saturday and we'll decide where later - but all are welcome - even though I'll probably be avoided by Scott!

Monday, November 21

Going Out

I'm only available the weekend of the 10th December from now until the new year.


Not sure about next weekend - I'll check it out
Am available for a night on the 10th Dec

Friday, November 18

well played the rags!

From Doc's blog you obviously won by one or two!
Skunners wants a beer everyone! Next Friday or Saturday, Bury(?) - please make yourself available/unavailable.

Did we Quake with Fear?

um, no. Great game last night. Just like last week we cruised into a halfway lead only to get pegged back at the end before running out 3 or 4 to the good. A very high quality match, some great football and some sublime finishing at times. Well played all!

Raised us any money yet, Jedi?

Thursday, November 17


Tonight sees the return of the Young Jedi to 5 a side Whites be affraid very affraid!!!!

Football again

Please can anyone interested in playing a one off 11 a side football game against Bury Fans team please Email me, my email address is

The date would be Saturday 31st December with a 10:30am Kick off

Monday, November 14

twin towers

probably see you both - you are both over 6ft2?

So it's like that then!

Oh i see Scott, well it was just an idea..... hopefully i will be there again next year so see you there. Of course that is if you dont see me first.........apparently!

Sunday, November 13

Roses Clash

Nick, myself, Ashley & Dickie P were also in attendance - we were just avoiding you.


Would we be interesting in getting a team together on saturday morning for a game of footy against Bury fans team?

Friday, November 11

Date for your diary!

Looking forward to finding out about the possible development plans. would of like to have attended but couldnt make it. Sorry!

Anyway a date for your diary for next year. On Friday 7 th July Lancashire take on 'them from over hil'l (Yorkshire in case you were unsure) in a twenty/20 match, starting at 1730. I know some people missed out on last years stuffing of the tykes (Russell and Kieron) so i thought i would let you know early doors to arrange those passes out for an evening of cricket and beer!!
Could be a good club night out................................. think about it folks! Last year there was Jonsey, Shalom, Dr. Doom and myself and i think Smiffffy turned up too. Great time had by all.

Wednesday, November 9

committee meeting

A really good meeting was had last night - from which I will be circulating (maybe via the next newsletter) a questionnaire to guage reaction to suggestions for investment and ways forward. I feel we need something to work towards - a focus for fundraising. ("Without targets you never achieve anything" - but as Richard would say,"Eagles may soar high, but weasels never get caught in jet engines").

Tuesday, November 8


If only committee meetings were always this popular! In reality a hard core of three or four people go through mundane club and league matters to legislative proceedures the house of commons would be proud of. ANY suggestions / input / thought / help / etc would be more than welcome as cash (Dicky) is tight and the club is small. Always remember - an idea remains on paper until someone has the energy, time and drive to make reality.......
This meeting has been set to gauge members thoughts on future plans and I have already prepared a draught questionnaire to send to all members - no decision on future investments would be taken without, firstly, a majority from a quorate committee and secondly consultation with the membership - Clive can provide constitutional details to any member if they so wish.

Monday, November 7

come along

As Paul says, Committee Meetings are open to everyone. We do not operate a closed shop at TSJ. However, only committee members have voting rights.
Everyone are welcome to turn up and take part in discussion and have their say. Please come along.

It's YOUR club, have your say!

Hi all,

A general comment in response to Nick's message: it's not the committee's club, it's EVERYONE's club. I'm sure Clive and Kieran in particular would be most grateful for input from everyone at TSJ with regards to the future direction, whether it be in simple ideas for things we might try and implement to grand wholescale plans for leading our club forward.

The committee's in place to carry out the wishes of the club, not the 7 or 8 of us who sit on it!

So if you want to suggest ideas or make some points, drop any of us an email and we'll ensure they're raised tomorrow night.


As i'm not a member of the committee and dont really know what i'm allowed to know or say on club matters, i would like to ask the question of what is in the running for future developments? Also, is there a chance of consoltation with non-committee members on what would be a way forward for the club?
i can not attend the meeting even if it was possible but have an interest and would like to offer my opinion, for what it is worth.

Sunday, November 6

Committee Meeting

Guys. Don't forget the important Committee Meeting this Tuesday (8th) at the Royal from 8pm. It is regarding future development of the Club. Aplogies to me asap please.

Wednesday, November 2


I have made no further progress and had no offers of help - football is therefore cancelled this week. I will speak to individuals were possible and post the teams for next week in due course.

Tuesday, November 1

my phones not rung, yet

I'll play - if everyone else promises to have a 380mm titanium rod inserted in their left leg - level playing field and all that?


We have a desperate situation for this week with only 5 players avialable that I am aware of:

Mick J

Those not available include:

Matt Ablett

Those unknown:

Nick H

I have spoken to Richard and we are of the opinion that for the first time ever we may have cancel!! I would welcome feedback but I don't really have any time this week to be ringing around anymore.

Please feel free to try and make the numbers up to say 8 which is probably the least ut is worth playing with and give me a ring on 07799 868141 to discuss.

If I don't hear anything by Wednesday Evening I will cancel this week.

Should be OK from next week with about 5 people back.