Monday, June 30

cuckin bell! w/leigh 222 for 9 off 40, tsj 91 all out.
good bowling by freaddy, graham and scoffa. ainscoe and myself.... well lets say we 've had better days, dont worry mike i'm destroying the evidence as i write this!
thanks for the effort lads especialy dasher!

Sunday, June 29

Gee! my head is still a shed!

Friday, June 27

Bloody Hell CDO!!! for someone who speaks their mind your last 2 posts make you wonder!
Dickie P keeping it real for Team one and a half!
Bloody Hell folks, I go away to Wales for a week and things are not so Tickaty Boo. Remember how good winning felt on Sat...we want that every week. Team / club spirit is the best since I joined the club, so lets keep it. Regardless of who experienced B&B is (makes a change from AN Other) lets have a Big effort by all 22 players this weekend.

Right I'm off to finish painting the Kitchen (are you free Mike?) and listen to some more tunes on Radio 2.
saz & I will be attending Pete's bash. Need to go home and have s s s then go!

Thursday, June 26

There will be a committee meeting on Thursday 3rd July (next week) at the Dundgeon from 8pm. If any members wish to have any topic dicussed then let me know by Tuesday so the agenda can be drawn up. Also any apologies by Tuesday please.

On another note, anyone going to Pete's bash on Saturday nite. Amy & I are thinking of going.

Wednesday, June 25

one change to 2nd team on sunday is that of paul skundric for ste moriarty.
Further to CDO's comments re team selection:
1. Work commitments prevent me from attending all but the occasional selection/practise.
2. I was not aware of the availability of bowler/batter mentioned.
3. A continual problem at this club is the reluctance of some second team players to come into the first team. I was always of the opinion that you played for the club and not your preferred team, this is obviously not the case.
4. The balance of the 2 teams has to be considered, we try to ensure that the maximum number of players get games over the weekend.
5. If anyone wishes to discuss this, I can arrange to be at selection this coming tuesday evening (1st July) or I can be contacted on 01254 773293 after 9pm.
Apologies for my non attendance to nets last night had some family business to attend to.
Piss poor turn out at nets last night - big Nick put net up on his own and was 1st team's only representative on selection (is he not only on selection as 2nd team Sunday Captain?). I know its not like me to speak my mind, and its nowt to do with me, but.... We're playing the top of the league team on Saturday with 2 seamers and a spinner - this does not give much scope for the captain to try different bowling combinations and/or attack - we are on the back foot and its only Wednesday. An experienced bowler/batter was available for either day and is playing on Sunday - is this reflective of the selection attendance? I am only playing devil's advocate and realise that the wider issue is overall lack of player availability. It seems as though we are perpetuating the stop/start lose/win nature of this season and momentum can only be maintained by consistency. I want to talk about this openly with all relevant people.

Tuesday, June 24

Team for 1sts game against ELPM on Saturday is : C Parkinson (c), N Butterworth, K Coe, M Cotton, M Deegan, P Duckworth, N Fletcher, R McMurdo, M Jones(w/k), R Peacock, P Skundric. 12th man- S Smith . Meet at the ground at 1pm please.
the team for the 2nds sunday trip to westleigh is: n.fletcher, b.loomba, m.ablett, m.ainscoe, g.fletcher, n.hudson, b.kinsey, a.smith, s.smith, s.moriarty and a.schofield.
to meet at the robin hood at 12.30. please let me or mick know if you are going straight there!
going down to ground early tonight so if anyone can get there early and help me put up the nets then you should find me there about 1730ish. cheers
good, if somewhat wordy, first blog skipper!

Monday, June 23

What a weekend!!!!
Fantastic team effort on saturday, Osama dislocates Clives finger, Sub Fielder drops 2 catches, Flash displaces tendon in his hand and we still win. Excellent 1st team debut from Paul. Team spirit, patience and (Dicky P's word of the day) graft saw us through.
Then came Sunday, the saying "Catches win matches" will never be more true. Some good bowling and ground fielding was let down by our inability to catch the ball (must have learnt this from jimmy on saturday).
As the umpires commented half way through our batting innings " if you had caught your catches the game would be over by now". A spirited attempt to reach our target fell 25 runs short but at least we salvaged a point out of it.
So all in all a good weekend that could have been better, but at least we are starting to win games. I would finally like to agree with the comments of our CDO concerning Tuesday night. If we learn from this weekend and continue our general improvement then we will be a better team for it.
Tuesday night = how to catch a f###ing ball night - all to attend please.

Sunday, June 22

Well, as it stands, some pretty decent performances on Sat seeing as we were struggling a bit!. Had a wander over to Elton Vale later on Sunday - they'd posted 287!! (against Fothergills methinks) - mind you, we've probably done the same against Goldwick!! See y'all Tues for a bit of fence painting action.

Thursday, June 19

Struggling to put teams together this weekend due to various reasons, however this is how things look :- Saturday 1st XI away at Westleigh . Meet Robin at 12.30pm. C Parkinson, C Brooks, R Peacock, M Cotton, P Skundric, S Smith, C Murzah, M Deegan, P Duckworth, N Fletcher, AN Other.
Sunday 1st XI At Home to Glodwick. Meet ground 1pm. C Parkinson, C Brooks, M Cotton, K Coe, N Butterworth, M Deegan, B Loomba, N Fletcher, S Smith, P Skundric, P Duckworth.
Saturday 2nd at Home to Westleigh. Meet ground 1pm. M Jones, B Kinsey, G Fletcher, A Smith, N Hudson, S Moriarty, D Moriarty, M Ainscoe, R Murray + 3 AN Others

If anyone has suggestions for the AN Others then phone me on either 0161 836 3417 (W), 01204 887148 (H) or 07939 223943 (M)
Good luck Saturday boys!

Tuesday, June 17

Morning all, and thanks so much to everyone for the brilliant BBQ on Saturday and to those who joined us on Sunday for a truly special day. Kieran, you are a total star and we have the photos to prove it ... if we get chance before we go, we'll scan in some of the instant camera pics for you to have a laugh at!! There's a belter of Richard and Kaye, and a wonderful drunk expression from Scoop Doggy! How did Big Bird manage to dance so well on that dodgy leg?

Well done all for Saturay's truly excellent performance as well - a big boost!!! Please keep it up in my absence!
Good weekend all round me thinks "Praise the Lord!"
Nets tonight lads - we need to build on good performance on Saturday - please ensure attendance.

Monday, June 16

great win on saturday for the 1st team and a good time had by all at the BBQ, with the exception of mike ainscoe's kids which mr coe seem to upset with ease. hope all went well at pauls wedding and that he does over do it on the honeymoon.
yesterday the 2nds suffered in the sun, with disappointing fielding let us down, coupled with there large slice of luck for the home team at times.
an unsuccessful stint as captain so far , still mr jones will return for next week and maybe a return to winning ways!
cheers lads for your help and not being to hard on me.

Friday, June 13

Really looking forward to tomorrow chaps - should be a blast. I'm aware that my last post could well be immensely fineable, but if it is, I'm deferring them to the Sheik!

Looks like we're going for Sunday August 10th as the cup SF rearranged date!
just a quick note, A.Arnold is unavailable so A.Schofield has volunteered his services for sunday @ darcey lever, and yes he knows about saturdays goings on!
The simple way is to click on the button to the left of the bold and italics buttons in the navbar. It asks you to input the URL of the web page. It then generates the code, which is two parts - the first part starts with an open bracket then a href="URL" and then a second part which is slash a inside the brackets. Type the name of the link between the two bits of code!! Easy.

Thursday, June 12

Balls! I was trying to insert a web link and it didn't work! I've found a fantastic Cricket game to play when you bored on your lunch. Dr P how do you insert the web link?
the old man and clive are finishing off sight screen to night, if anyone available to give a hand please be down at 6.30 onwards
the second team for sundays the trip to Darcey Lever is: N.Fletcher, M.Ablett, A.Arnold, G.Fletcher,N.Hudson, B.Kinsey, B.Loomba, S.Moriarty, P.Skundric, A.Smith, S.Smith.
all to meet at robin hood at 12.45

Wednesday, June 11


1st XI selection for Saturday ...

Paul (c), Belt&Braces, Dickie P, Dasher Deegan, Big Ross Mac, Captain of Vice, Clifford, Micky J, Ducky, Twirlybird Leggie Full Toss Merchant*, Sheik Osama Al-Cottoni. [Young Jedi Matt** as twelfers]

* strangely straight back on target last night
** if he plays he's opening the bowling on Saturday so he can scare the opposition witless with his new 25 yard run up and outrageous sprinting. It's like Jonathan Edwards on heat - you expect a triple jump after that run! In fact, if he does a triple jump during a game, he's paying 0 fines for the rest of the year. Possibly ever.

New nets are excellent, though as usual we're indebted to Cliff for purchasing the "no instructions" variety. Presumably the nets were 50 quid, the instructions 250.
Russ - cottaging - is this a term you picked up down canal street, Manchester? The art of thatched roofing has all sorts of connotations! Also: you need to toss a coin with another big parp (SP) for who sits in back (2-door coupe).

Tuesday, June 10

OK chaps - not been blogging for a while. Will be bringing 'dips' for the bbq on Sat - they'll be white ans left overs will be able to be used to continue to paint the fence and also the cheapest and nastiest lager I can find in Tesco on Sat.
Fellas, thought I would try out this blogging lark. I am intending to be at the game & bbq on Sat (weather permitting). What do you need me to bring in terms of grub? Good to see the cottaging advert has been replaced!!

Monday, June 9

Flaps - yes, if you don't know by now, you never will.

Message for all. Challenge your friends to an online tenpin bowling game! It's wicked. Go on, tempt me ...
No problem I will bring the bbq and gazebo. Does anyone know what flaps are?? I'll bring the buns etc but i've never heard of flaps b4. Just one quick note I AM NOT GAY!!!!
Dickie and all,

If you want to edit your posts, just click the Edit link underneath your post in the admin centre thing. make changes then click Post and Publish again.

I'm with Belt&Braces on this one, the more food and stuff the better. The last thing we want is a run out - we have quite enough of that on a Saturday as it is. I would like to suggest an immediate fine for Dickie for suggesting to Cliff that he has a good strip tomorrow! The last thing any of us want to see is Clive in the buff. Though Matt might enjoy it, mightn't he? COME ON!!!!!!!!
Hello BBQ liason officer here, finally picked up after what I can only described as the most disapinting feeling I've had after a TSJ match. Clive can we have a good strip tomorrow?
Regarding the BBQ...Current Actions
As below
Green Salad and huge amounts of sausages from Wormsley butchers. No to be calculated.
Big, quality Pasta Salad and all the bread (Rolls, Barms cakes, Baps, Flaps etc) we could possibly need, also as below
Any kind of Sauces possibly required
Patatoe salad, beer and gas BBQ
Mike Jones
Quality Burgers
Ducky and Nick
Carn't quite remenber what we agreed.

Other items required
More beer, wine, soft drinks and meat (chicken legs & Steak!) - to discuss at nets
Paper plates and plastic forks etc. Crisps and Dips. Home made spong cakes (with Cream)
Help to set up.

I suggest that in terms of payment and covering expenses, all home players and followers (except Paul) contribute a fixed amount to keep it simple. Remenber this will be your only Saturday night expenses..
PS Don't forget your midge cream!
How do you do Spell Ckeck?
Matt: I am a great believer in what is known in Yorkshire as 'belt and braces' - if you wear both your trews will never fall down! If we end up with too much food, too many BBQs, too much beer (?) and a plethora of gazebos - it will be a success.
Just checking whether you still need the other gazebo and bbq? I'll be down on tuesday for practice.
Well I have to say I felt 100% better for a quick slurp at the pub after the game on Saturday. As Dickie mentioned at the time, the team spirit we've got this year is fantastic, so despite the rubbish collapse etc we can still take heart from Saturday. Thought we bowled and fielded exceptionally well, particularly considering the heat. It was pleasing to get a few runs too, and there was encouragement with Dickie starting where he left off last week and Ducky also chipping in with a solid 25.

Really looking forward to nets tomorrow - some serious ribbing to take place, and then of course the weekend will be superb. Bring it on!
Tuesday -new nets - get yourselves down and we'll practice how to bat (all of us!).
Saturday = BBQ: liaison officer = R.Peacock - let him know what you can do to help - I am bringing family members, doing tikka chicken, bringing gazebo and kettle BBQ. Lets have a good thrash - not just for Captain Cricket, but for team morale, etc.

Friday, June 6

Cheeky s**t
Hinge and Bracket talking about the weather!! Mmmmmm, my seaweed is moist.....
Things seem to have brightened up now so game on! I hope everybodys up for tomorrow i know i am!
Is it just me or does it seem that every time Friday rolls round it pees down? It's a nightmare.

Right then, a quick note for all those of you who use the excellent friendsreunited website (and if you don't, why not!?). There's a new entry set up for our club, so go and add yourselves as playing members! At the moment there's just me and Craig listed, though I know at least 5 others who use this site are on friendsreunited - get in there!

There's a terrific story on ananova today about a cricket groundsman who has come under serious attack ... bet Cliff never had to deal with dive-bombing seagulls

Thursday, June 5

oh yeah, the second XI trip to Greenfield on sunday is: N.Fletcher, G.Fletcher, A.Smith, S.Smith, B.Loomba, P.Skundric, A.Arnold, B.Kinsey, M.Ableitt, N.Hudson and S.Moriarty. everyone to meet at Robin Hood at 12.30-12.45. we need to set off early as nobody knows where it is, so we are relying on the hand book. oh god!
for what its worth i'm available for any as long as its a weekend!
Always the diplomat eh CDO! Couldn't agree more though!
I agree with CDO if it doesn't benefit us changing the date then stay with 3rd August and let them moan! however if we went to 17th August then Ashley would make sure he was back for it.

Do we have an option to tell them dates - it seems as if we are trying to accommodate them too much - I say fuck 'em - when was the original date?
- In my previous league you could insist on designated date - we would in effect get a bye.

Wednesday, June 4

I'm ok for both, Ashley can't do August 10th. Looks like we're short handed whichever.
I go to Corfu 20th July so i'd prefer to play the 10th august.
I fly to Italy for two weeks on Sunday July 20th 10.30a.m. so August 10th would be my choice!

Tuesday, June 3

Elton Vale have contacted us regarding a change of date for the Cup Semi. The options are August 10th and July 20th - from our perspective it makes sense to go for the earlier date as availability is better. If anyone has a problem with July 20th, can they let Cliff or myself know as soon as possible as we need to firm up the date this week.

A good turnout at nets tonight. Cheers to Graham and Cliff for their sterling work on the new sightscreen.

1st XI selection for Saturday v Failsworth (away, meet Robin Hood 12.45pm):
Paul (c), Kieran, Richard, Dasher Deegan, Craig, Ducky, Ross, Cliff, Nick, Micky Jones and Matt
As chief sneak for sundays triumph I have produced the following fines list, these are in addition to any fines the CDO may wish to add:
Paul - Family Attendance, Low Score, Losing the toss(again!!!) 50p
Kieran - mentioning how yorkshire had saved the day 20p
Dickie P - Wilfully damaging a team mates property 20p
Ducky - Pink Sunblock (maybe osama's not the only one who's gay???) 20p
Flash -Family attendance, shouting "catch" at CDO 40p
Craig - Family attendance 20p
Clive - Family attendance 20p
Andy S - Watching the cars on the motorway rather than the ball 20p
Nick F - Misfield 20p
Matt Ablett - Family attendance, Falling asleep in my car on way home!!! 50p

In addition to the above all players with the exception of Dickie P will incur a further 20p fine as a result of his marvellous innings.

Nets tonight and we're putting up the sightscreens and also hopefully testing out the new practice nets. Let's see as many of you as possible down there at the ground (under pain of death from the CDO). It's going to be a balmy night, quite possibly barmy too if Dickie P turns up. We'll all be queuing up to bowl at our new superstar!

Monday, June 2

Come on Paul you can do better than that!!!
Ok you're back in, but only cos I like you. Incidentally, may I recommend one of these?

Matt - for next weekend, I'm expecting you to bowl a long spell, so we may also need one of these.

And just to prove I am not at all above taking the p*ss out of myself, here's a shot of my effort yesterday.
Calm down lads no need for handbags!
OK I really CAN live with that.
PS I'm taking your wedding present back unless you reinstate me.
That's okay I can live with that.

PS you're dropped ;-)
Paul, joke was good, but fines stand (now plus 20p for attempted negotiation).
Sounds like a TOP effort gents - perhaps the name is already on the trophy!! From my 'viewing observation window' it looked like Elton Vale were skittling a few ELPM batsmen so are they the next in line.
You are all heart ;-) Do I not get a reduction for suggesting to the bowler that he can't bowl until all the motorway traffic has gone past? ;-)
You are fined for: family, duck, losing toss, not knowing Richard got 71 n/o and mentioning my car!!!

Sunday, June 1

1st XI Cup Quarter Final
Rochdalians 123 a/o TSJ 124-1 (Peacock 70 no)

Very, VERY proud of you boys today. Absolutely tip top effort from every single one of you. Good fielding, excellent catching, the bowling was very tight and consistent, and what can we say about Dickie P? A sensational batting performance, chanceless and stylish in the extreme. Those coaching sessions are obviously working a treat. Well done to the CDO for seeing off the new ball threat (unlike the Skip!!) and marshalling us home with 10 overs to spare.

And thanks also for providing your car for Richard to slam that pull shot into ...