Friday, July 29


Matt and I too!

Visit to Rowdy Hill ...

Chaps, I'll be going straight there tomorrow ... ;-)

Thursday, July 28

A Winner!

Mr N Brooks takes the Roll over Prize

Wednesday, July 27

Viewing "that place"

Unfortunately that area of the M62 isn't covered in very good resolution in Google Earth, but you can see the placemarkers I've added ...

That Bridge is a tremendous Structure completed in 1971.

Rowdy Hill

I do hope that some members, if not all of the 1st XI will make the pilgrimage to the top of 'Rowdy Hill' and produce some photographic evidence! Oh and see if any of the signs have survied and not been turned into fire wood. Come on fella's you'll will be glad you did it when you seen the view of Hollingworth lake and beyond, maybe not so much the view of the motorway bridge.

Tuesday, July 26

Team Selection

1st XI v Rochdalians (Away). Meet Robin Hood at 12.30pm. N Butterworth (c), C Brooks, R Brooks, M Chadwick, M Cotton, P Meehan, A Parkinson, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric, S Smith. Scorer : K Brooks.
For 2nd team see 'Life in the 2's' website

Yes, but ...

As far as I know, it's these players' first seasons ...


Its time the nmcl put its foot down, these players shouldnt be playing for the 2nds, the league should star players not the clubs

NMCL 50th Anniversary Game

Dan - yes! And another first teamer (Ur-Rehman) got 140! Outrageous, they won;t get away with it next year ;-)

For those who are unaware, there is a game at Elton Vale on Sunday August 7th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NMCL, it's an interleague representative side versus an "all-star XI" put out by ex-soccer pro David Cross.

Big Bird and I were selected in the initial XI and I'm delighted to add that Clive has now been added to the team (though we all reckoned he should have been in it to start with). It's a pretty strong side (including the aforementioned Shakir from F&H and Mo from RCC). Sunday 7th August at EVCC, wickets pitched 2pm!

Fothergill & Harvey 2nds!!!

346 - 2
303 a.o.

Big scoring game!!! 1st teamer Shakire got 167 not out!!!


I am available for footie if you feel like allowing me to come this time

Monday, July 25

5 - a - side

No I've not gone mad - football starts again 5 weeks on Thursday.

This year I feel we may need a bigger 'squad' than last as we will have a few omissions as the weeks progress, notably.....

Paul - with child no. 2 on the way
Me & Ashley - hopefully watching Bolton in a few UEFA matches on Thursdays
Kieran - with his ongoing recovery

Can the 'regulars' start putting the word about at weekends to see if any of our new cricketers are interested and let me know please.

The first 'match' will be on Thursday 1st September - same venue and time.

Where is the Summer going??

Thursday, July 21

A bit like a TSJ collapes

Great start to the first day of the ashes, shame about the ending, are we even going to get a ton on the board? anyway i found a little something to relieve the frustration go to and under the ashes link there is a game called Corked and Bowled where you can throw a cricket ball at the heads off Warne and McGrath etc. it's not as good as that stick cricket from last year but will give you about 5 minutes of entertainment and a little chuckle, good luck at the weekend and kick some butt!!!!!!


Second best test side in the world my arse!!


My apologies Doc P I was misinformed I have also just checked the Guest Book looks like someone has found out what happened at EV on saturday.

Simon Jones ...

Jones took a wicket in the first game of the last tour before he did his knee in ... so it's his 2nd, but what a fantastic start - not to mention Harmy cranking it up and roughing up the top 3!


Well what a start to the Ashes the Aussies 97 for 5 at lunch Flintoff taking his first Ashes wicket with his fourth ball and Simon Jones taking his first Ashes wicket with his first ball great start lets hope they can keep it up, and lets hope the mighty Johns can do the same at the weekend.

Fielding points change


The fielding points for the woodbank game have changed

Rob Holt gets one point and Graham Fletcher gets 1 point rather than Ste Horner getting 1,


from Dan

Another Roll Over

With both teams playing at the weekend the prize will be @ £40

Wednesday, July 20

1st XI V Ashton Ladysmith

N Butterworth (c), C Brooks, M Chadwick, M Cotton, N Hudson, P Meehan, A Parkinson, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric, S Smith. Scorer : K Brooks. Meet Robin Hood 12.30pm. Please advise me if going straight there.
Have 2nds got a scorer ? - don't want to get fined

Some sad news.

Just a quick announcement of the sad passing away of Mrs Christine Murray, on Monday I believe. Christine Murray was the wife to Russell and mother to Alex, both former players of the 2nd XI. Her funeral is on Friday, which my father is hoping to attend. I will send a card on behalf of the club. For anyone not fortunate to have known Mrs Murray she was a lovely and immensley brave women who had battled against cancer for sometime. Our thoughts are with Russell and Alex and his sister.

Tuesday, July 19

Nets Again

Not going to be able to make it to nets again as I have another meeting to attend but I am available for selection this weekend.

Crompton Meadows from Space!

Just unbelievable. If any of you out there haven't seen or heard of Google Earth, then go and have a look now. It is a collection of maps and satellite imagery taken from space and covers the entire globe - some places you can even see people walking in the streets. truly incredible.

To test it out, I've gone down streets in Baghdad, flown over the Sydney harbour Bridge and even had a look at Crompton Meadows!

Here are a c ouple of views of our ground - note that for many major towns and cities, the imagery is much clearer. For example, I can see my next door neighbour's car on the driveway!!

Monday, July 18

Chewed Nails

Good grief lads, we don't make it easy for ourselves do we? 149-2 chasing 199 to win ... and we lose 6 wickets for 12 and only just get home thanks (mainly) to Cliff! Great win though, we showed some character at the end of the WLM innings to keep them down to 198 when 225 could have been on the cards. Good work from Richard too, enjoyed batting with you, fella!

Nice to see so many of the 2s down as well, gave us a bit of an audience and it was a nice club day!

Well done 1sts

2nd hard fought victory on the trot. Well done lads.
Anyone know what happened with Elton Vale match?

Friday, July 15

oooh dropped a sitter

good luck on saturday chaps - keep the momentum
going from last weekend, will be down at some stage
to give support.
def face paint russ went to docs on thursday but looks
like getting better today.
anyhow desperate for some games before my jollies
so if any of you 1st teamers are feeling a bit under
the weather come saturday i am ready to step in.
mr jones you are a gent the only time i called you
a ba****d was when you dropped a couple of catches
of my bowling a few years ago in the 2nd team.
watch out for 1 man and his dog on sat surfer boy
might be coming with his newly acquired friend

Thursday, July 14

A virgin blog.

I didn't have a face rash on Monday, mind you I didn't have my face painted either - I just normally look like this. By the way, am I one of the ba*****s??

Another Roll Over

Mozza senior - you should have not retired.

Face paints

Ash - hope the kids recover quickly - Sarah had one done on Sunday without any after effects, which is surprising since she has really sensitive skin.

Wednesday, July 13

face painting

my 2 boys painted batmen from sunday have got a rash
over there face which i can only assume is from the face
painting on sunday. ciran can you let me know who
administered the face paint so i can return the compliments?

hopefully i will be involved on the playing side next
saturday - ba*****s - bring back frankie b.

Team Selection

1st XI v Westleigh Meths on Sat. Meet Ground 1pm. M Deegan (c), C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Cotton, N Hudson, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric & S Smith. Res : TBA. Scorer : K Brooks.

Still not come down off cloud 9 after Sunday. Brilliant !!!!

Tuesday, July 12


Not going to be able to make nets tonight as I am working but I am available for selection for Saturday.

marvellous effort that

had to get on the site to mention sundays awesome day.
i've been watching & playing for johns for a while even when we had
a junior team ran by dennis stringfellow(think), sunday was my best
day of watching cricket the way it was organised how well the day was run
was spectacular. obvious highlights the bowling & fielding
and paul & russ batting agianst radcliffe. in the 2nd match i thought cotters
hit some awesome shots-dont get to bigheaded cause i thought your bowling was crap,
only joking, with a bit more luck in the field you could of nicked it - well done to
everyone who took part.

hopefully come saturday i might be more involved on a playing side.


Superb Pictures I've still not come down from hitting 2 big six's! Especially the one off Ashy!! But the one that cleared the Hospitality tent was special as well. Tremendous day enjoyed by all (well apart from radcliffe)

Lets hope this will kick start the rest of the season knowing we can beat and also compete with teams at a higher level.


Great pics from both Nick and Mike! Went into shed last night to retrieve pots/pans - quite eerie - the only thing left from the day was the stale smell of booze (in the hut - not my breath!)

Monday, July 11

Hot Totty

Scunners on the mark, Clive poised. What a day! Posted by Picasa

Hot Totty winning on the races!

Big Bird thumps the winning runs.....on to the top of the tent/sight screen to give Hot Totty a famous victory against the bigger boys Posted by Picasa
Big Bird let's rip....... Posted by Picasa


Nic - Mike A. has sent me a few including this one of Rus - I've sent it to Bury Times - but still send me yours, please!

Bye Bye Racers ...

BOOM BOOM BIG BIRD - Russ Brooks deposits the ball onto the marquee to clinch victory by 9 wickets for the Saints v Radcliffe Racers!


It might be late tonight but I'll try and get some pic's sent to you Kieran!
I'm hoping to have one of Big Bird tonking one for 6..... have to see how good it looks blown up!


Mike / Nic - can either / both of you e-mail me today with a couple of photos - I can probably get them into Bury Times this week if you can sort it.


What a great weekend of cricket all round for the club both teams winning on saturday and then all involved with sunday doing themselves and the club proud, really enjoyed everything especially watching the last game and playing in the historic victory of the racers, hopefulyl it will be an annual event.

Hear Hear

Agree wholeheartedly with all said!
Just to raise a few more for the coffers I shall be putting my photos onto CD for those wishing to have a set of photos from the day - containing a veritable selection of allsorts - it'll cost you a small donation to club funds. Imagine the endless fun you can have distorting the faces on the team picture, or even go down to Boots and get some prints done. Cheers all!
Also - new (last before holiday) newsletter almost ready including some pics from 2020 and lots from recent 1st team games AT LAST!

Micky J ...


Can you let me have your email address so I can set you up for blogging please? Forgot to take it yesterday in the aftermath/excitement! Drop me a line -

A Day to Remember!

Excellent day for Totty cricket club. Big clap on the back for everyone but especially for CDO who has co-ordinated everything so well, and the Duckworth clan who brought people along who have given up their spare time to help us put on the event. Sorry i wasn't there to help at the start and finish (busy day at the fletcher house i'm afraid) but i enjoyed watching Totty's now famous victory over Radcliffe Racers. Hopefully i will have some good photo's (haven't check yet) of the match. I will blog them when i get a chance, if they are any good!



Here here..

Special day... well done everyone.

Sunday, July 10


What a wonderful day for TSJCC. IN 17 years of representing this marvellous, friendly little club, I've rarely enjoyed a day as much. Huge crowds, great games of cricket, our "tinpot" club hammering seven bells out of Radcliffe and their spoilt whining boys, a great final with Greenmount, the organisation on and off the field.

It's a day WE as a club can ALL be truly proud of. Get those chests puffed out boys (and girls!) because this was OUR day and we played a blinder.

Too many great moments to mention from our own games, but a few immediately stick out.

Big Bird hitting the winning blow against Radcliffe and landing the ball on the marquee.

Getting John Ashy out THREE times effectively for 22.

Clive's great catch off Scunners.

Smithy's all action fielding.

Nelly Butt's square cut (the second one).

Kieran walking around with pride radiating from him.

Digger's emotional speech at the end.

The cheers when we beat Radcliffe.

and many, many more.

A good day. A Bloody Good Day.

Friday, July 8

COME ON!!!!!!

Really looking forward to this weekends games. Weve got to win on saturday to get back the momentum for the 2nd half of the season. Focus fella's!!

Sunday all round should be a fantastic day for the Johns, weather looks great therefore more people down at the ground. The razzle is on the case with the pasta salad so things are looking up.

There's not much to say really but COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7

Twenty20 - It's a club game...

Can I assume that all those who have so readily made themselves available for this fantastic club event will in future be available to play for the club and not just the team of their choice??

90 MPH bowler

As blogged before about one not playing, I dont care if he is really at the end of the day we will probably all face one of his pace at some point during our lives,

So the music, do we bring a song we want on when we are walking out?

Its going to be a good day (weather hopefully gonna be nice) and im really looking forward to it :)

It's a Roll Over

90 mph my arse!

There's about 15 players in world cricket who bowl at that speed. Plenty of bowlers in NMCL at 80mph on a hard track, so it won't be any quicker. The faster it comes, the faster it'll be going. That's a guarantee!

I was reading an interesting piece following yesterday's historic announcements:

"It is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that our traffic congestion problems are a thing of the past, we will all pull together to make this event a shining beacon for the country and a milestone in sporting history. A million thanks to all those who have helped bring this event to such a big stage. Volunteers will be drafted in numbers and will wear coloured clothing, catering will be of the highest order and the facilities will be second to none. Oh yes, and Cotters will be opening the bowling!"

Bring them down Cotters!
Check out the weather Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. Fingers crossed!

appropriate music

Cotters - have you got the theme tune to Laurel and Hardy for when you go out to bat?


They should be more concerned about the Meehan, Cotters and Skunners pace attack!

Are we having music? if so I could bring down some of my collection, I'm sure The Kings of Leon and Queens of the stone age would go down very well!! But seriously i've got Dreadlock Holiday, you know " I don't like Cricket" number.


Dan - mind games.....Just turn up and have a great day - whoever....
I was thinking last night - It would be great to have a Lions-type presentation of the Hot-Totty shirts ("Wear it with Pride.....Those who have gone before....An honour and a privaledge.....You are the chosen few.....History being made....")

90MPH Bowler!!!

One of the 2 (the one that plays for Lancashire U19s) is not playing on Sunday!!!

Wednesday, July 6

good fella

Sorry - Nic just wanted to involve as many as poss. I'm more nervous than players! Hopefully see you down there - if 1st game takes max = 2 x 75mins then we should be on at 1.30 - 2.00pm latest - BRING IT ON!!!!!! It is not "Weather permitting" as a result must happen so even if Noah floats by in his Ark - we all have to be there - we cannot cancel - all team members (minus Clive) bowl at wickets for victory.

20/20 Not for Me!

Sorry CDO but I'm not available for sunday (I know I only a reserve). Might be down to catch Totty's match....... hope fully. Again sorry, would have liked to be there from the off but it is clashing with other things.


1st team

Selected for Saturday versus Elton Vale CC away:
M. Deegan (Captain & Panda)
C. Brooks (Wkt)
R. Brooks
P. Meehan
P. Skundric
S. Smith
C. Parkinson
R. Peacock
M. Cotton
N. Butterworth
N. Hudson
1st Reserve M. Ablett
Please go straight there for 1.30pm latest

Twenty/20 Squad

Squad details for Sunday's 20/20 are as follows:
NB due to restrictions on the size of squad(although we have the largest squad!), several players who are available have had to go on a reserves list - appologies to all concerned (but I'd rather be on reserve list than be where I am!).
Squad of 15 - all to get at least one game (subject to team selection on day which is down to the selected Captain):
M.Deegan (Captain)
C. Brooks (Wkt)
R. Brooks
P. Meehan
P. Skundric
S. Smith
C. Parkinson
R. Peacock
N. Butterworh
M. Cotton
M. Jones
A. Smith
D. Moriarty
R. Holt
M. Ablett
S. Parkinson
N. Fletcher
S. Horner
M. Hunt

Tuesday, July 5

Ollie the Clairvoyant ...

I see ... Scunners go BOOM BOOM

I see ... Cliff's brilliant stumpings

I see ... Big Bird launch it miles

I see ... come-uppance for the Big Boys on Sunday!


Sorry can't make it tonight, going out celebrating sarah's new job. Can't really do anything until the weekend to help out at the ground, really sorry but I've got a very busy week.


No problem with programme - I've no info from Radcliffe/GMCC so will have to just put rules in(?).
Good work on grass front.

Coming together

Good work that BB - There will be no problem for them to enter the field.
After last night Big Bertha will be very happy!


Hollymount Farm have agreed to cut the football field for us on either Thursday or Friday (this is a definate so long as the tractor with 8 ft wide cutters can get through the gate).

Kieran is it to late to give them a mention in the prog? (Thanks & Advert for Hollymount Farm Shop?)

I will be down tonight approx 7.45pm.


Think you'll find the forecast is thunderstorms and very heavy rain so not much chance there, CDO! Can't make the meeting tonight but getting very excited about the weekend. Though let's not forget we have a vital league game on Saturday that we really can't afford to lose. We must pull out of this slump NOW.


Hopefully staying dry today - although rain did not stop Dasher and Clive's monumental efforts yesterday. The 'Panda' strimmed the whole of the 'estate' side - big thanks all round!
Anyone involved in the Twenty/20 (ie everyone at TSJCC!) should come to the ground tonight to be aware of their duties / help prepare the ground. The time has gone for new ideas, we have enough on our plate doing the basics.
The squad (of 14/15) will be announced tonight from which two teams will be selected on the day. All players should come changed to help with (lack of) facilities at 9.00am Sunday. We will confirm when kit is available. I am available for contact re the day at any time.

Monday, July 4

helmet's !!!!!

Has Elpm aquirred some new bowlers since I left or was Dasher just nutting the ball of his stumps again? and Doc P batting with a helmet on what's the world coming to, what was the inccident? Cdo what was all that Yorkshire crap about we showed you who's the best at cricket, now go back to Shagin sheep.

P.S. hi all


Even the pro's teapot!!! Brad Hodge demonstrates the way the payed men do it at the twenty/20 match at Old Trafford against Durham. Posted by Picasa


Yes well done Matt and congratulations on you and young Jedi being the first the pay £100 in subs this season.

Digger is TKB and had Dashed to the Pub by 8.45 to receive a hero's welcome. It wasn't long either untill he was discussing Pole Dancing with the Bar Staff.


How is Digger doing - has anyone spoken to him since he went off to get his eye sorted?

STILL angry about Saturday's incident! Will definitely be wearing a helmet again, thoroughly enjoyed it.

p.s. well done Cotters, you needed that bowl!
Well what can I say played 2 lost 2 over the weekend gutted!

Had the pleasure of Skunners & Smithy on sunday at Cheetham Hill! After about 12 pints they were making more sense then they would sober!! Hilarious!

Got back to some sort of form on sunday, 18 Overs 6 Maidens 5 for 39. Yes 18 overs in one game! Very tired and sore this morning