Saturday, April 30

Danny, Not sure whether 2nds have scorer tomorrow. Do know have anyone in mind ?
Great victory for 1st today. In a 30 over slog TSJ got 205 - 6 yes i said 205. Some powerful hitting from Dr P 78 and Big Bird 69. Plus some good bowling from Cotter 4 wkts and Dr P keeping it tight. Plus some great catching from Skunner and some dropped dollies from Digger (sorry) not to menion my 5 victims. This game had everything including 5 valuble 5 for TSJ. Come On ! as Cotters would say !!

How did the 1sts go on?

TSJCC TeamTalk

How did the first team go on today?


TSJCC TeamTalk

Have we got a scorer for tomorrow? (2nds)

Friday, April 29

Lads - ALL HANDS TO THE PUMPS!!!! - If you want to have any chance of continuing the winning start to the season (ie of playing on Saturday) a party must be available to go to the ground Saturday morning to clear the water from the outfield. Clive says that the square is OK but that the outfield has large puddles of water to be cleared if he is to attempt a cut. If you turn up at 1pm expecting a game of cricket, you will be disappointed unless we can shift the water.......Please make yourselves available to Clive.

Agreement re Cotters

I was speaking to Fran Daly last week after the ELPM game and he agrees with Smiffy that Cotters is his favourite opening bowler too ... arf, arf.

Matt - 5 wickets tomorrow, old son.

Dickie/Cliff, I was also wondering what had happened to the game on Monday; I seriously doubted our chances of putting out a side - it's a good day for those of us who miss out on family life on Saturday to catch up and spend more quality time with the nippers. Having said that Helen's away at her folks until later Monday afternoon, so I'll be making the most of a very rare lie-in!


Smifffffffffffffffffy i guess by the previous remarks this is a desperate last mintue appeal for a scorer, that you are not sure on someones availablity, and hope cotters could stand in last mintue or you've had a dinner time pint or six, lets face it you gonna need something to take away the taste from all that arse lickin'?
Is none of your friends at rainbow available......... i could just see zippy and george scoring together!


Does everyone agree, that cotters is the finest blend of opening pace bowling and guttsy "slogging" and stroke play that has ever graced crompton meadows. His batting- well i could just sit back and watch that kluesner - esque striker of the ball all day. As for quality pace bowling - a few more inches and some slight skin discolouration and i could mistake him for the great Curtley himself. Cotters, i salute you.
If you are reading this matt, then could you let me know if you are available for scoring on sunday - pint included!

If you are not available or just can't be arsed, then i retract everything above!
How do we know that we would be short when its hardly been discussed! - Typically great notice period again.

Thursday, April 28

Greenmount Match

Spoke to Derek Kay on Tuesday. Seems that both Greenmount and ourselves would have been struggling to put teams out so decided to postpone it. Sorry chaps.
Is there still a match at Greenmount on Monday V a Bobby Loomber XI


Hi giys - hope you've all had your newsletters by now. Already see the next headline (after clocking the weekend scores)


Correct Cliff

Looks like you are correct Clive - I've won the first 2005 TSJCC Bonus Ball. A cool £12. Needless to say I will add £3 to the winnings and sponsor a Cricket Ball!

Wednesday, April 27

bonus ball

Dickie - is that you winning the bonus ball. Bl##dy fix.
Danny - if you read my previous blog you will note we have 2 different start times this weekend with Sunday being 1st May.

2:00 pm?

TSJCC TeamTalk

Do the games start at 2:00 this weekend?

last year hunter cup

TSJCC TeamTalk

Is it possible that i could borrow the scorebook from last season please clive?

Looking forward to Sunday,

1st XI v Elton Vale. Meet Club at 12.30pm. WP 1.30pm. M Deegan (capt), C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Cotton, P Duckworth, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric & S Smith. Res. TBA Scorer. K Coe
2nd XI v Cheetham Hill (Stokes Cup). Meet Club at 1pm. WP 2pm. A Smith, m Ablett, M Ainscoe, F Brockway, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, S Hunter, M Jones, D Moriarty, P Yates. Res. S Srirangam & S Horner. Scorer. TBA.
Any help on the ground Sat or Sun morning would be appreciated !!!

Soz skip

Sorry smifffffffy, have altered team selection.

WHAT? Is that a comeback?

Despite the teamsheet on life in the twos, Ste moriarty will not be making is third or fourth retirement comeback, and that S on the team sheet should really be a D.

Tuesday, April 26

Didnt know how to change the name

TSJCC TeamTalk

I didnt know how to change the title,


Dan - why do you keep filling in the title and link as TSJ team talk? It's supposed to be the title of your diary entry ;-)

TSJCC TeamTalk

TSJCC TeamTalk

Could be that i suppose (response to nick),

there should of being an extra £3.00 in there for nets on last thursday from me (to richard).

Doesnt look like there will be any nets tonight so i'll see you all later (unless nets is on)

Forecast for sunday doesnt look good, we might end up with another bowl out!!

Superb work Fletch, very impressed indeed! There should have been more pictures of the super scorer though! I was knackered after all that concentration though the 4 pints in the tsj innings did help! Afternoon Chadders!

Surf's Up!

Good lad Chadders, though we'd like to know why you've got a ban? Too laid back? Nick's got this blogging art down to a T now - he's even set up a little picture gallery from Woodbank.

Totty Flying...

Fantastic start to the season lads.. Both the 1st n 2nds have displayed form of which can only be likened to the Mighty Shakers and their usual burst of post-pukka energy. Congratulations to both sets of hardy warriors. Not that it helps immensely, but i shall be down soon enough, sooner now i'm receiving a belated ban from the footy field, to don the off-whites, pull on the borrowed gear, and create havoc with an over of bodyliners and some well timed swipes at fresh air.. I'll be keeping tabs on the performances and if someone lets us know where you're playing on Sunday i might pop up in time for tea.. (We don't quite get the calibre of culinary fare in the local Mancunia & Cheshire Footy leagues...)

Go Danny!

So danny is this desire to prove the old man wrong driving the improvement in your cricket?
i do hope so, go on danny show him how it should be done!

Thanks Dan

Thanks Dan - I got the Subs and they all added up - much appreciated.

Monday, April 25

TSJCC TeamTalk

TSJCC TeamTalk

Yeah first posts. I hope i do live up 2 em, I am looking forward to my first bat of the year to prove my dad wrong and to hit some runs,

Hello Danny

Welcome danny, are these your first posts on the website? thanks for your comments about life in the 2nds ("oh danny boy" post), lets hope you live up to them......when you get a bat!

life in the 2nds

life in the 2nds

cheers for the 'oh danny boy' secction

i'll be hitting runs for the seconds this season. im confident

TSJCC TeamTalk

TSJCC TeamTalk

Did you get the subs Richard?

TSJCC TeamTalk: Great start

TSJCC TeamTalk: Great start

Yep a great start, Lovely weather, 5 points and away from home. I enjoyed yesterday and am really looking forward to nets tomorrow.

Scorers convention ... Posted by Hello

Great start

Excellent weather, excellent cricket. good stuff from both teams. the 1sts looked good from what i saw on saturday, with bird and doc p lookin in fine fettle (was that birds first knock since last season, didnt see him at practise).
yesterday Rob 'superman' Holt starting the season flying.... with 5 for. good team performance and a winning start for the new skipper.
again excellant!
Pegleg? Be careful.......
Fines unpaid - the Brooks Bros (Circus!) - £2 ea for non attendance.
Dick of the day was voted as P.Ducky for his 'assuming of the position' after catching. He was successful in the first half yard of the year! (Stella).
Well played 1's and 2's.

Sunday, April 24

Maximum Totty!

Great start to the season lads.

Raw details:
TSJ 164 a/o (Bird 42, Paul 34, useful knocks from several)
ELPM 98 a/o (Paul 7-18, good contribs from Nelly and Bird)

A great 5 points, well skippered Digger and bring on Elton Vale next week!

Well done the 2nds for an excellent 5 point haul today too - what a fine start to the season for the Johns!

Friday, April 22

Pegleg ...

If you look at the guestbook you'll see what he's on about. I think both Matts are sweating a bit!
Cotters - you are already fined for whatever it is you are talking about - attempting to put blame on me for what is obviously an 'IT literate' joke (I am not computer compatible in the slightest and do not understand your predicament) will give you much more severe penalties (monetary or otherwise).
Good work Ni! Chief sneak status is yours!
If you look at the photograph of Nicks bowlig action, whats Alex doing in the background? Is he preparing for a night at Chicagos?? Nice moves Alex
Its you isn't it kc.


CDO could you please make the wearing of these colour plastic bands on the arm/wrist a fineable offence? 20p per band. young moriarty would have been good for 80p last night!
just to warn everyone - fines are now open. Cotters what is this strange semi-conversation you are having?
No you phone me

Leg Spin

When Nick first took up leg spin bowling, he thought the description was about the way you ran in and bowled, not the delivery itself ... looks like Warnie's impressed

Who is it???

Seriously who is it?????
funny feeling....nice weather, cricket.....mown grass smell.....broken leg......Ah well - new pencil case for scoring will no doubt compensate! Can't decide between Mr Men and Barbie......something to represent TSJCC - got it - "The Incredibles" - COME ON!!!!

Chew ... Brook ... Moor

"Rowdy, you promised us 550 runs this season"

"Yeah I know"

Who is it?????

Ok who's the funny bugger pretending to be my wife in the guest book?

TSJ Fantasy Cricket

Yes we all know that TSJ plays fantasy cricket most of the time, but in typical fashion we're going to jump on the bandwagon about 15 years too late and launch our own version of fantasy cricket. The twist? Everyone plays as themself ... details to follow, but it's got a scoring system more complex than your lower intestine, so basically we'll just make up some scores randomly and post them ;-) Watch this space!


Big thumbs up to ClubMan of the Year for his stupendous first newsletter of the season - some brilliant stuff in there. If only we could get it on the web ...

Wednesday, April 20

Being wicket-keeper does have its advantages. Anyone want to borrow a big pair of gloves on Saturday. Well you can......sod off !
Those long awaited first selections and remember all matches start at 1.30pm in April (new rule).
1st XI v ELPM. Meet ELPM at 1pm. M Deegan (capt), C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Cotton, P Duckworth, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric & S Smith.
2nd XI v Woodbank. Meet Woodbank at 1pm. A Smith, m Ablett, M Ainscoe, F Brockway, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, S Hunter, M Jones, D Moriarty, P Yates. Res S Horner & S Srirangam.
Does anyone know a scorer for for 2nd XI ?(Answers on a postcard please to Smiffy)
it is not me either i don't know anybody whp would reffer to me as that and only me and my dad access this site.


Excellent photo, paul. i hope we see more action shots posted on the site....... Especially the middle stump out of the ground embarrassment pic for a duck! hey it could be a double fine for photographic evidence of being bowled for a duck. i hope to try and post pic of 2nd team action regularly (hopefully) on life in the 2nds. maybe someone could be nominated to take afew for the 1sts!
I think you'll find me at home with the fire on drinking a nice warm cup of tea. Sod this standing at third man/fine leg in a jumper rubbish!

Jumpers Galore

The latest 5 day forecast is really encouraging; Thurs - Sun are all set fair and sunny for Bury, so let's see if that is actually the case. But it'll only be about 11 degrees on Saturday. Any volunteers for first slip? ;-)
Excellent Action shot!

Indeed ... like this action shot of Digger!

Nick, how about this ...

"Oh I say ... he almost got his leg over there"

Highlights on line?

Just looking on the BBC sports page and i see Sussex are launching their own highlights of county matchs online. This will be free to start might be worth a peep! Paul any chance of posting action footage!!! Rowdy could do the commentry!!! CDO could be the gruff yorkshiremen, giving their ten pen'th, which every good commentry team must have.

Which matt partii

so does that mean it's the young jedi? what has he been up to? matt we want answers you dirty f**ka, apparently.

Not Me!

I noticed that very interesting indeed.

Tuesday, April 19

Which matt?

Just had alook on the guest book and slightly worried by the gentleman from the usa and his website address he left! Also which matt is the dirty f**ka according to pixxie dust???

Extreme Accounting?

I've had to opt out of tonight's committee meeting, unavoidable alas. Good luck finding players ... and great to see you posting, skipper!

Back in the real world, here's why Russ hasn't been seen at nets; he's taken up a new sport - Extreme Accounting!
selection is happening tonight, along with a commitee meeting in the royal.

BBC Weather

The BBC weather link thing's in the links list now ... although it might be more prudent to set the postcode to East Lancs' address if you know it, you first teamers.

Looking forward to seeing the line-up for Saturday ... when's it being picked?
I didn't mean it like that. I just can't believe we start this weekend, I got back from the pub on Friday Night and it was snowing. Surely we can't be playing cricket!

5 day forcast

It doesnt look great on the bbc 5 day forcast. cloudy with sunnyspell and showers. sound like they're hedgin' their bets if you ask me. time will tell

Weather or not.

Richard i have put alink on my site if you have a desire to check the weather on match days. Matt the 1st are away on saturday to East Lancs PM, if you care to check the fixture list at the side of the page. And Smiffffffffffffy shalom will let me know if he is avaliable for sunday, doesnt think it will be problem. let you know.
Do we start this weekend??

Weather link

Paul can you set this up as a proper link please.

Weekend Weather

Make sure you are set to Beryl Avenue Post Code BL8 3NF
nick, is your pal shalom (sp) available for selection this weekend? i don't suppose you've had any contact with alex or russell murray over the winter have you. If not i'll give them a ring at some point.
So, this was my first blog, so if this worked then thank you to paul for sorting me out a log on etc, if it hasn't worked then get your act together paul and provide me with proper instuctions!

Friday, April 15

How Odd

In the county match between Warwickshire and Glamorgan it seems Michael j. Powell caught Michael j.Powell twice! whats the chance that it could happen four time in a match? check it out on and click on the scorecard for Warwickshire v Glamorgan.
what standard is that cotters, the indian bowling!
Thats almost up to my standard, but not quite. Apologies for not being there last night I was working late.

Afridi does in 46balls

Shahid Afridi has just smashed 102 off 46 balls against india in the 5th odi. this little knock included 10 fours and 9 sixes, i wonder if he fancied ago in the totty 2nds?
easy cdo, you know if he does tell a joke it will probably involve someone's misfortune or death!
unwitty? Clive - tell us a joke...........

Thursday, April 14

Its getting closer !

Remember - groundwork this Sunday from 10am. Require alot of bodies so don't leave it to everyone else - be there !!
Also, general committee meeting on Tuesday 19th at 8.00pm. Please note the change of venue - The Royal on Bury Road. Apologies to me asap.
Another great turnout at nets tonight. Also good to see Kieran with his unwitty remarks.

Wednesday, April 13

our 20:TWENTY Competition

Watch out for Friday's Bury Times and the press release about Bury's 20:Twenty comp. 10 July at Crompton Meadows against Brooksbottoms and Radcliffe. Should be fun.
Sorry - Do not like this new colour lark!

Roses Twenty/20

well CDO if you want to get out for a few jars etc... how about lancs v yorks twenty/20 match up on friday 1st july start time 1740? what with you bein' yorkshire and wantin a night out! i know i've mentioed it a few times now but i think it could be a good'en, as long as it stays fine. tickets only £10 advanced, on sale now. come on fella's

New layout

Thought we could do with a new layout. BTW, just added a link at the top to Nick's new TSJ Blog; well, it's been going quite a while actually! Enjoy ...

Brave new world.....well abit of colour

colour has arrived! abit of a shock at first paul but i think i like it. had problems with the imputing of changes in trying to put graphics on top so will have to have chat about how you did it for this new look site.
Whats all this then?? I thought I got the wrong site when I logged in just then, looking good. Thirsty eh KC that doesn't surprise me, glad your ok. See you all at nets tomorrow night.
Ta for all your nice thoughts - My leg was well and truely smashed - but, being Yorkshire, it will not keep me sidelined for long. Need to arrange a night out before season - or.....Sunday Lunch beers! I've been off pain killers now for 5 days and I'm thirsty!

Lancs Underway!

They're underway everwhere now, Matty Elliott's hit the first half-century and the usual suspects (Hussey, Hick) are looking omnious. Meanwhile, Lancs have kicked off and are 14-0 off 8, with a very odd looking batting line-up. Kyle Hogg at 6!?!
First day of the county cricket season and would you believe it, delayed start due to rain for all fixtures. is this the sign of things to come?

Tuesday, April 12

looks like another entertaining game shaping up between india and pakistan!

Monday, April 11

paul, i'll have to give him a ring or speak to him at the next practise as i forgot to give him my email address or ask for his.
not yet had chance to try your suggestion for the site.

I need you to send me Smithy's email address please, so I can set up his account!


Saturday, April 9

Gents, tickets are on sale for Lancashire's twenty/20 campaign. They are entertain the tykes on the 1st july (friday) with a start time of 17.40. Is anyone interested, as i think it could prove popular, what with the date and start time. so if we want to go we best move fast. It is £10 advanced and £15 on the night or there are numerous discounts if you want to buy tickets for all Lancs' twenty/20 fixtures. checkout their website
I think it could be used as a club night out? what do people think? we could even drag the CDO out! let us know soon as i'm hopefully going anyway with a couple of people.

Friday, April 8

Adonis?? matt, matt, matt i think it's time you bought a mirror from a regular shop and not cast offs from the 'house of fun', it may reveal, like a number of Totty players that you are carrying a little extra weight! sorry i dont want to be rude it's just a fact!
It should be changed to Matt "The Adonis" Cotton.
Bingo wings.... what the ..? some ones just explained what they are!! about the 'how fat' bit cotters, isn't it abit like pot callin' the kettle black. after all you are called osama bin LARDY.
Enjoyed a good run out but my backs really stiff. It was good to see Skunners but how fat is he? Its surprising he can play cricket with them bingo wings....
another enjoyable net last night and good to seen the 2nd team skip at the session. speaking of which, paul, smithy is interested in blogging but doesnt know who, what etc... clive got his mobile i think. if you could sort him out.

Thursday, April 7

Trevor Who????
sorry, but who's trevor?
I'm just looking forward to getting out of the house so I don't have to watch Footballers Wifes.
not many takers at the moment paul, it seems i might have over payed for my book!.

Come on You Whites!

I'm certainly looking forward to nets ...

A few cricket books on eBay, come on, someone must want them?
excellent news dickie. lets see if we can test that defence.
I'll be at nets about 8.30pm folks

Tuesday, April 5

cotters it doesn't sound like much of a mile....... what went wrong, isn't there at least 12-14 pubs on the route? does three pubs count as a crawl?
on a cricketing matter i see india have a massed alarge total of 356 for 9 against pakistan with Dhoni hitting 148 off 123 balls........sounds like he went ariel with 4 sixs. pakistan 107 for 2 at mo. Shaloms lovin' it me thinks.
Well survived the birthday weekend! The rammy mile didn't go as planned, we managed the Dogs, the Brook and The Fusiliers. Very poor indeed but a good night was had.

Looking forward to a run out on thursday, might be a bit wayward for the first hour and then even worse when I get tired... Lets hope we get a good turn out.

Oh Clive I hope you don't make us do them shuttle runs I don't think I can handle them!!

Saturday, April 2

thanks for getting me my passwaord nick and paul, i must admit my first net session didnt go as planned (bloody terrible) but stil about 3 weeks till the season starts it will be my season by the time we get round to it ( i hope)
Paul, speaking about young jedi, i asked him why he never posts anything, lets face it he's usally got some words of wisdom (of some kind) and he said he couldn;t remember his pass word. any chance you can sort him out.......then tell him his pass word?

Friday, April 1

I'm guessing that was before you smashed his middle stump out of the ground.....
Quote of the night came from Young Jedi: "This is going to be my season - with bat and ball".
not quite Viv Richards, more a right-handed Trescothick. any other offers......? hope this does go to his head.......
So has Danny turned into Viv Richards over winter then????
just as well that you weren't there cotters, as young Danny probley would have panned you around. dont want your enthusiasms distroyed to soon ;-)
Apologies for my non-attendance as i'm full of some kind of flu thing.. Bit of b*@tard really as its my birthday tomorrow and I don't feel like going out!!! Should be there next week raring to go.
No photo - but I have Kaye as a witness
did we not get any photographic evidence dickie? perhaps he's going the way of the rowdy! bad back around the corner?
Danny - It must be those fresh air shots that I saw you playing in the front Garden when passing through Edenfield.
well i didnt want to be to strong with my criticism of the turn out Paul, but you are right i guess.
i have to agree Danny did look good, although i think he got a bit carried away at the end and was trying to drive everything. i wonder if there is any connection between Danny's impressive batting performance and his dad's non-attendance?
I'd actually describe the turnout as "bloody awful" but we did get a number of highlights, including Rowdy's annual ricked back after about 5 balls, young Danny showing a startling batting improvement - he really did look good - and Young Jedi spending more time picking up his stumps than batting (sorry!).

A good workout for those that bothered, and nice to see a new face - Nick's mate does look useful!
disappointing turn out last night, but never the less a good session to easy back in to it. i think sholam enjoyed himself and look reasonable considering it's been 12years since he last played any cricket. could be a good addition to the ranks of team2.