Monday, November 26

Boxing Day Programmes

**edit December 5th **

We will be going out around Tottington and surrounding areas on Sat/Sun December 22/23 as a final push to sell any remaining programmes. Please make it known to any of the committee if you can make it out on either of those days - even for an hour!

** end of edit **

Programmes will be ready for sale 2nd week in December – please can you talk about the event with friends/family/work – and pre-sell – you (all players from the 1st / 2nd team from 2004-2007) will be given 20 programmes to sell – the purchaser gains entry to the game and raffle – and the programme has a quiz, local advertising, messages from both cricket teams and a souvenir value (do not take out of original packaging!).

YOU ARE GIVEN THE PROGRAMMES – LIKE LAST YEAR – WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT YOU DO NOT GIVE ANY BACK AND GIVE US 20 X £1.50 EACH = £30. We do not care if you do not sell 20 – you give us £30 whatever – if you do not know 20 people to sell to you need to get out more.

Some suggestions:

Danny – sell programmes to RAC / AA / Insurance co / Police officers / Borstal…..

Rowdy – sell a programme like it is for the Rowdy health charity – sell one for each ailment you have…..

Russ / Clive – how many Fusiliers are there in Bury??????

Nick H – I will give you 120 programmes for family – how many do you require for friends (careful – print run only 1200!)

Paul – the most obscure programme sale goes to you last year – can you do same again?


Sunday, November 18

Race Night Reflections

A pretty decent turnout at the race night - many thanks to all the organisers, Scoop for providing the worst selection of racing jokes imaginable (which I secretly loved, and I've told the 25 to 1 one about 10 times today), those who brought new/extra folks along, the people who dug deep to buy horses and help club funds, Cliff for his generous donation of the champagne, the race comperes who were all excellent in my unbiased view (!), David Crompton for presenting the prizes, Clive, Kath and Nev for manning the tote all night, Kieran for absolutely everything he does (;-)), Nicholas Garvey Hudson for wearing that green shirt, etc etc etc.

A very good night all round! And the mushy peas are STILL repeating on me (Monday edit - not any more)!

Wednesday, November 14


Oh Mat you need to speak to your question master who scored in the Champions League or Europeon Cup after playing for Bury. We have Terry Macdermott, Colin Kazim Richards and yes and Lee Dixon october 2000 against Sparta Prague in the Champions League.

Sunday, November 11


Good find senor Rowdy, I have passed said info onto my quiz guru and will justly slap him next time I see him


Question Mat who scored in the Europeon Cup or Champions League after playing for Bury, Terry McDermott scored in the 1977 Europeon Cup Final

Friday, November 9

Camping it up!

Wednesday, November 7

Race night


Please show your support for the TSJ race night! less than 2 weeks away!

17th November - tickets £5 horses £5 - please get friends / family along for a great night out! Contact Kieran / Clive for attendance