Thursday, March 30

Message from Clive

More work will be undertaken down at the ground from 9.30 am on Sat - all welcome.
Good to see Dasher O'Degan down there last night - in his White Coat.
Sorry Andy - did not see your blog yesterday.

Wednesday, March 29


Clive or CDO or anyone who knows or cares

Please let me know either on here or to my own email address if you are working on the ground this eve.

My phone has died so i o not know if Clive has text me or not

Monday, March 27


Thanks Paul - hope you're all feeling better soon.

Footy Unavailability

Hi Scoop, Dickie,

Apols for last week's late cry-off. Still very unwell indeed and won't be around this Thursday in any case as we're heading up North to infest the locals there with whatever malaise we've got! Should be ok for next week's committee meeting though!

Comittee Meeting

Meeting to be held at The Royal 8pm 4th April - apps to CB, etc.

Friday, March 24

Doggy Style

I like the cut of your jib Parky!
Could do with some of that at Cricket selection this year.....

Thursday, March 23

5-a-side cry-offs

Can I please remind the footballers that late cry-offs (Wed & Thurs) are best done via the phone. It is only by luck that someone spotted todays posting which has given me enough time (just) to find a replacement.

I really do not want to turn up with 9 because I didn't read the site.


Crying off football tonight

HI guys,

Afraid I'm going to have to cry off footie tonight; Hels and I have both come down with something very virulent. Yuck.

Hope you can find a suitable replacement ... a blow up doll would suffice!

Down at the Meadows

Clive, i hope to be down between 9.30-10.00 but can only stay till 12.00 at the latest.
Is there anything you need us to bring?

Wednesday, March 22


I love the use of the song 'ring of fire' as motivation during the lunch time - England came out and got 7 for 25 - perhaps they were in a rush.....
Suggestions on a postcard to Dasher/Smifffffy for Totty's motivational music - 'Hit me with your rhythm stick' ? 'Keep on running' ? 'Another one bites the dust' ?

Party on, dudes

Hels and I are looking forward to Cotters' bash at EV, should be good fun.

Well done Freddie and England, and what a powerhouse couple of performances by the big fella. 4 very important innings and consistently excellent bowling. Clearly he hasn't suffered from "Botham captaincy syndrome" but has risen to the challenge. Good work also from Udal in what will almost definitely be his final Test!

And well done Straussy for a welcome return to form. It's scary when people were writing him off before this game - despite a recent slump, he has 8 tons in about 20 games, which is as good a record as pretty much anyone in the game! And he's done it in all conditions against all attacks (Aussies, Windies, South Africa and India away).

England tie series

England have won in Mumbai by 212 runs to level the series 1-1. Udal seems to be the hero taking 4 for. Flintoff's first win as a test captain...... will it be his last?
Dravid must be saying to himself 'bat first, bat first'.

Monday, March 20

30 going on 50??


Thanks for the open invite, Unfortunately (or not for me) I will be exposing my man breasts at Center Parcs that weekend but I'm sure it will be a cracking doo. See you Thursday.


Can't make Sat at the ground - We're away in Leicester visiting Helen's cousin.


I'm out in Prestbury on Friday night and staying over so not sure if I can make it or not, What sort of time are people staying until?


Need a gang of us to go down Saturday morning (25/03/06) to roll wicket, sort pavillion, cut grass, dig drains, etc. Please all able bodied men make themselves available from 9.30am onwards. 1st and 2nd team - we all use facilities so all of us should help - don't give me any excuses - I bet I have more reasons not to be there....

You Bunny!

Easter Weekend - Paris with Mickey Mouse - soz! Happy 30th though (you look a lot older).



As you may or not be aware i'll be turning 30 in April so in celebration were having a doo. Saturday 15th April weve hired out Elton Vale CC for the evening. 7.30 til 12.00, there will be a DJ & Buffet etc... So everyone is invited wifes, girlfriends, boyfriends (Abbers!) So if you could make it I would really appreciate it. Please pass on this info to people who don't read the website so we can get as many people as possible. Its a good excuse for a pre season bevvy!

If you can make it can you let me know so I can get an idea on numbers for the buffet.



Wednesday, March 15

New Players

I got a few lads interested in coming to practise........ two of them not played for 10 years or so since leaving Rawtenstall 2nds and a young lad from work who hasnt played since school.

Clive, do you know when Russell wants the money for the jacket i ordered? Also put Lisa and myself down for a 100 club number each.

Did i miss much at the end?

Tuesday, March 14

AGM Apology


Unfortunately I'll have to miss the AGM tonight. Toby's come down with chickenpox this morning and it looks like Ollie's going to get it too - so I'm going to be needed here to help out.


Monday, March 13


434 was fantastic and reminded me how important it is to bat first on a cracking wicket - for SA to then knock them off is just outrageous - I wonder if there were any unusual betting patterns.........what were the odds on SA getting the runs and what kind of cash was made (and lost) spread betting?

SA v's AUS

870 odd runs in 100 overs....... what a match!!!

any chance of performances by TSJ batters on a par with Gibbs and Ponting would be gratefully received. Smiffffffffffffffffy might let me have a longer spell with the ball.

Friday, March 10


I should be at the AGM, doubtful for the indoor nets as i work on thursdays tho i might be able to make last hour

2 mins

You are a long time limping!
Paul - bought me helmet - feel brave now......Hook Hook and be damned

Thursday, March 9

2 minutes?

Blimey CDO, you're a slow walker!


Great that you are talking it up boys - we do need a good turn-out. A newsletter explaining all AGM matters is being circulated by Clive now - so everyone will have agenda, etc before meeting.
Bought a helmet and shin pads (and new shoes) yesterday - will take half an hour to get ready to bat (and two minutes to walk back to pavillion....)

Wednesday, March 8

Deeply hurt

Smiffffffffffffffy i have the up most respect for your captaincy ability and was just trying to 'big you up' in an attempt of getting a bowl more often this season and not have to resort to subtle warming up actions in the slip/point position.

I know the first team would not lower their standards that far anyway ;-)

Subtlety is the Key!

Is that just i polite way of saying you wouldn't want me to be captain again. It was a nice thought, trying to protect my feelings, but i saw through it!

Why not up grade!

Smiffffffffffffffy, after having a reasonable start in cricket captaincy why not apply for the top job and go for 1st team skip. Aleast we might get to have a ballot again as i believe we havnt had one for a few years.

I'll Jump into the Mixing Pot

I will be putting myself forward again for the two's captaincy. No doubt that will dissapoint many of you, so hopefully that will make more of you come to the AGM to protest with votes!

Runners and Riders

Who are up for the captaincy jobs for both teams?
And how is the voting or not of vice-captain going to be done?

Friday, March 3

Hoggy Hoggy Hoggy

Hog, Hog, Hog.
Keep it going lads.