Thursday, November 30

Seasonal refreshments

Cotters - we are thinking Egg-Nogg and Mulled Wine?

Get In!

I'm guessing that seasonal drinks on the flyer means booze!

Christmas Fun!

music to my lug holes

Good man Mr Hunt, though with no responsibility next season i fancy challenging both you and rob (not so super last season man) Holt. Its gonig to be a three horse race sunshine (if selected of course).


If its not too late i'm also available for the Boxing Day match

Like Nick however i also dont have any glorious technicolour robes.

Oh and just a note to say i've decided to carry on the twice weekly trek from Sheffield and will be carrying on with Totty next season, cant have Mr Holt taking back the 2nds fielding award without a fight!!

Wednesday, November 29

What to wear?

Hi Cdo

i'm okay to play but i don't have no fancy coloured togs.

What do i do?

Boxing Day

Can I wear a coat as well?

Boxing day

For all out there - whether playing or not - Boxing day match starts at Brocs at 11a.m. 20/20 cricket at Christmas - fantastic! 20/20 outfits to be worn.
Programmes will be £1 - everyone is expected to sell 20 each. Please start pre- selling - the programmes will be ready in December (2nd week-ish) but you can all talk about it now!
Advertising in the programme - can everyone please ask at work / everywhere for possible sponsors. I am the contact for advertising.
Dicky P's gloves - we need to find a sponsor - any suggestions? M.Jackson? Len Ganley?


In light of the number of cry offs this week and the relatively small squad of players we are currently running with we are going to have to play 4-a-side this week. The teams will be as follows:


Mike J


Mike A
Matt A

Clearly my request for new blood remains very important - please think long and hard about anyone who might be able to play either as a regular or on a ad-hoc basis.

If you have any suggestions to push the numbers up to 10 feel free to give me a ring on 07799 868141. The players not available this week are:


Here's to a load of running around on Thurs!!!!


Boxing Day Whites

Do I need to purchase a pair of White Gloves

Tuesday, November 28

Boxing Day

Just a quick reminder to all those who said yes to playing on Boxing Day - you are:
Martin Deegan
Paul Meehan
Ashley Parkinson
Richard Peacock
Phil McManus
Duncan Phillips
Kieran Coe
Neil Butterworth
Mick Jones
Nick Fletcher
Pete Allen
Matt Cotton
Anyone else who is interested - please contact me as a squad is better at this stage than a team.
I have a meeting tonight with Brocs and would like to think that all those who said yes actually meant it and will be donning whites on the 26th - could be quite a good date / focus for fundraising also - I will keep you all posted.....

Friday, November 24

Here Here

I agree a very good night which I think everybody enjoyed.

Thursday, November 23

Race night thanks

On behalf of us all, can I just say a big thanks to all those who were involved in the organisation of the race night. It was a good event and hopefully will have made us plenty of money! Elton was a good venue and hopefully all had a good time - particularly the 7 or 8 of us left at the end!

On a personal note I'd like to say thanks to Kieran for leading the compering on the night, as I'm not sure it was officially said at Elton. Plus Dickie P, Smiffy, Clive and everyone else who had a hand in setting it up. And very well done Hels for those fantastic horses, dice, track ... plus good effort from all the race comperes, in particular Scoop who was FANTASTIC!

Congrats to all the award winners (Cotters! Shunter! Ashley! Me! Ashley! Kath B! Ashley! Ashley! Dickie P! Matt Hunt! and Ashley!).

Friday, November 17

NMCL Forum

If you can look beyond some of the silliness, the new(ish) NMCL Forum is well worht a look. There's a lot of good stuff about historical NMCL matches, personal achievements, thoughts on the rules, fixture discussion, suggestions for getting players and clubs together and plenty more. There's 3 Totty lads signed up to date, more would be very welcome!

NMCL Forum

Tuesday, November 14

Race Night

7.30pm is the start time for all you race goers - please bring lots of cash to bet, etc - we will also be trying a few beers.....

Map/Directions for Race Night

[click to enlarge]

The directions are reasonably straightforward, you need to proceed down Walshaw Road, which is the road which leads up from down near B&Q/Dusty Miller all the way up to Walshaw/Lowercroft. It's the road where the Bolholt Hotel can be found!

To access the ground, you need to do it through the Walshaw Park housing estate. Turn onto Cotswold Crescent off Walshaw Road and follow the road as it bears round to the left. Take the first left onto Moreton Drive and then after a few hundred yards there's a sign for Elton CC and an access road on the right (Leigh Lane).

Saturday, November 11

Race Night

Arrangements for Race Night going well. However, need to rally round and get a few more people there and also I HAVE 4 HORSES STILL TO SELL. If I don't sell them it just cocks up the running of the event. Lets see what you can do and make it a great success.

Wednesday, November 8

NMCL Presentation

Lads going:
Dasher / Nelly / Ash / Clive / Me / Dicky P / Doc P / Pete A / Boris / Nick Hud / Scott P - Meet at Robert Peel at 6.30 pm or at Elizabethan Suite (Town Hall) 7.15 pm.
Bring your drinking boots......

Football - On the new floor

Football is back this Thursday on the newly laid Sports Hall Floor

Current line ups

Dickie P

Mike Jones
Doc P
Groundsman Cliff

Also looking forward to a good TSJCC turn out on Friday

Tuesday, November 7


Hi chaps, the first XI averages for 2006 are now online. Looking forward to a good night on Friday!

Wednesday, November 1

Cup Draws

Yes - I know its only the start of Nov but the Cup draws for next season were made last night.

1sts - ELPM away and 2nd rnd either Roch Cath Club or West Leigh at Home

2nds - Elton (notVale) Away and 2nd rnd either ELPM or Saddleworth away

Race Night

Can anyone who is intending to go to the race night from the second team please either blog or telephone me or Clive so that we can sort numbers - I know about Smiffffy, Mike A.,Danny, Matt and Phil and Mick Jones - but no other 2nd teamer has shown interest - Smifffy can you contact all to drum up numbers? Esp. Fletchers, Hunters, Rowdy, Singh, etc and any player who has played this year - or any year.