Friday, October 27

Race Night

1 ticket for me at the moment ta

Might need more tho

DR P!!! - Start a bring kezmoz back campaigne on the mb!!!

Thursday, October 19

Daa Da Da Daaaaaa

You thought you were just going to a car boot sale, but tonight Paul Meehan, THIS IS YER LOIFE!!!! I almost expected Eamon Andrews (or Michael Aspel for our youngers readers) to be popping out of the screen after reading this. Paul, you must have been quite a cricketer at one time!!!! You can always give me a kick tonight (after nicking my parking space of course). Perhaps we could incorporate a 'blast from the past' into future newsletters if you could get the archive to me in some form? Cheers mate.

PS. What was the weather like on Saturday 12th August 1998????

Friday, October 13

Historical averages part 1

John Barrow sent through the full league averages for 1974-2006 so I thought I'd do some digging and see where TSJers have come over the years. It reminded me that Ashy's won the batting before and Mozzer has snaffled the bowling! I'll try and post all occasions where TSJers have made the final lists at a later date.

There are a few curiosities - our famed overseas trio of Seego, Eddie Smith and Glen Greenidge hardly make any appearances at all, there are some late 70s flashes from Nick Hud and Frankie Brock, and in the 90s we ruled, with Carl Barrett, myself, Mozzer and Ashley regularly up there!

First I decided that I might try and compile my own career record, just for the hell of it and to see exactly how I might stack up. Always wanted to do this!

In the years 1992-2006 I have played 14 seasons out of 15 (about 10 full ones, the others varying degrees due to other commitments eg university, work, home life). 1997 I missed almost entirely as I was living overseas.


227 inns 23 no 6806 runs 33.36 ave 9 league tons HS given as 140 (think it's actually 145 but won't quibble, even though it was against Springhead ;-)).

I'm quite pleased with that actually, given the difficult wickets we encounter sometimes, plus the ludicrous number of times you can throw your wicket away.

Best seasons:

1995 - 680 runs at 61.82 from just 12 innings
1999 - 716 runs at 42.12
1996 - 535 runs at 41.15
2003 - 474 runs at 39.5 (almost all in 2nd half of season!)

Have got 500+ runs 7 times and 450+ another 4. So not too many "lean" years, though this was one of them.

2nd in averages twice, third once, other top 10 three times


Very pleased with this:

3224 overs (jesus!) 860 maidens 8235 runs (they all hurt) 658 wickets at 12.52

BB 9-8 v Catholics

runs per over: 2.55; not bad over 14 years considering the enormous tap some people have offered ;-)

Best years in terms of wickets taken:

1996 - 17 games, 70 wickets at 9.39 (2nd)
1998 - 20 games, 69 wickets at 10.3 (2nd)
1999 - 18 games, 75 wickets at 10.99 (2nd)
1994 - 19 games, 70 wickets at 12.74 (4th)

Other good averages:

1995 - 12 games, 35 wickets at 10.83 (2nd)
2004 - 15 games, 48 wickets at 10.04 (6th!!!)
2003 - 14 games, 38 wickets at 11.63 (3rd)
2005 - 17 games, 42 wickets at 11.83 (6th)

Averaged under 11 5 times, under 12 twice more.
2nd in averages 4 times, 3rd once, 4th once, 5th once, 6th 3 times, 8th once. Only outside top 10 twice, once in 1993 when I was just developing (40 wickets at 15.1) and 2000 (38 wickets at 19.34, no clue what happened there!).

In 1994 I bowled 354.3 overs in 19 games. God was I flogged! 1996 292.5 overs, 1998 312.4, 1999 330.3

I won the players player awards in 1995, 1998 and 1999, though I maintain I should have got it in 96 too ;-)

Thursday, October 12

Committee Meeting

Sorry - can't do Tuesday nights.

Tuesday, October 10


Sorry chaps I'm already committed to another meeting next Tuesday evening.

CDO rather splendid craft for circuiting Island Lodge in! - did the underwear come clean?


Yup, I shall be there! Though I will need directions, not having been to Elton CC since I was about 13.

Me Hearties!

ahoy there!

Committee Meeting

To all those involved - we are hoping to have a committee meeting to discuss the Race Night, Bonfire, etc - the venue would be best at Elton Cricket Club - so that we can drop off bouncy castle and also look at how best to lay room out for horses etc. 8pm Elton CC - please blog / email / tel your expected presence to Me / Clive. Trophies to be returned also. Tuesday next week.

Sunday, October 8

Race Night

Could you please put me down for 2 tickets and one horse and Phil Mcmanus for one ticket and one horse, ta

Friday, October 6


I thought you were going mad!!!

Smug Richard

Not really Cotters - Richard was the only one to welch out of a sailing trip this weekend - he was merely letting us know what a good decision that was (force 9 Irish Sea is not like putting a dinghy onto Hollingworth lake!)


Have I missed something?

jib / jibber

a jib is a triangular sail set in front of a mast. To jib (verb) is to stop and refuse to go on.
The former we shall be utilising this weekend, the latter can stew in his own....

Shipping Forecast


Thursday, October 5

Historical averages!

I asked John Barrow for any old NMCL averages that he had and have received the 1st division averages dating back to 1974!

I will extract the TSJ entries and post them up sometime in the next few days - they're fascinating to track! The 90s are especially good as you might imagine. It's also quite good to look at what names continually crop up near the top of the batting and bowling. We can probably derive some relatively accurate "career aves" in some cases! Plus there are quite a few cases where Cliff's in the top 3 keeping, which is also good to note.

Monday, October 2

Tickets Please!

Prices are - £5 for Race night (also £5 for a horse);£13 for league presentation - £15 if we do not get monies in by certain date. Availability and cash to me / Clive.

Sunday, October 1

NMCL Forum

Kieran from WLM has set up a forum for NMCL discussion. Cool!