Sunday, August 31


Don't forget the meeting this Thursday at The Old Dundeon Inn starting at 8pm.

Friday, August 29

I think i should go in at no 3!
Dickie P, Shame on you for trying to influence the fines committee! I move that he be fined more for sheer insolence and for leaving the number 3 post to go out on the Toon. It's an outrage! Who's going to bat at 3 now eh? eh? COME ONNNNNNNNNN! btw, we'd be nearly winning that last 6 competition if it wasn't for falling short against Springhead. I suppose that'll be my fault then ...
Before it gets silly GO ON!!!!!! lads, I might be out on the toon but I'd just Luv it if you lot win! Count me in for a £1 fine.
Brackers - it was Ar Lad's b'day yesterday and he was STILL going on about you ont' coop steps - COME ON!
Oh yeah I forgot COME ON !!!!!!!
Im just guessing CDO that your up for tomorrows game! I don't know if you've checked but we're 5th in the last six cometition so if we can get 10 points from the last 3 games we should be high up! Has anyone seen the BT excellent photo!
good enough for me, vice.....COME ON!!!!
Your Captain expects!

Thursday, August 28

As a further alternative to CDO's question - d) remind ourselves that a maximum points win would put us above glodwick in the league.
If you give this as your answer collect 5 points - COME ON!!!!!!
Q: How to get UP for playing the bottom of the league on a damp last Saturday in August when you've just conquered the world?
A: a) Double the fines b)Triple the fines c) Rise to the challenge of proving our cup form can be continued in the league.
If your answer is a) collect 3 points, b) 0 points and a slap, c) 10 points - good boy!

Wednesday, August 27

Just a quick (late) note for selection - I'm unavailable this weekend - sorry

Tuesday, August 26

I've just been speaking to the "crew" they had a really good day on sunday and they'll probably come down to a few more games!!! Oh dear!
must be net session tonight (MJ has me bag!) - if only to continue back slapping and hand shaking!
Ar lad says well done boys - loved it. I said we always play like that and never lose.....
AVE IT!!! Excellent stuff lads! Still not really sunk in that weve won. Is there a practice tonight?

Monday, August 25

Fan-bloody-tastic, tickety boo and very well done

Great celebration, bad head.

Gents (and ladies)

Many many congratulations on a fantastic team and CLUB performance in this year's Calverley Cup competition. Every single player who has contributed to the 4 victories deserves a huge mention and vote of thanks from me, not just the 11 who put in such a wonderful bowling and fielding display yesterday. Well done to the two Nicks, young Jedi, Ducky and the others who turned out in the early rounds when we were desperately short of players and low on confidence, you have all done us proud.

Yesterday's victory makes all the season's highs and lows worthwhile. From the cautious start afforded by Flash, the CDO's valuable knock, my quickfire 43 and the very useful runs that Scoffer, Dickie, Cliff and the others ground out, to the sensational opening spell of Flash and Scoffer, it was a vintage effort. After 20 overs of their reply, Glodwick had managed to score about 25 - what a sensational bowling and fielding display. We can't overlook birthday boy Scunners, who kept his nerve superbly with 7 very tight overs, and Bird's top class spin bowling ONCE AGAIN!

Very, very chuffed indeed, and following on from Saturday's super effort to take 5 points, it's been a memorable weekend all round. It was also particularly pleasing to see Micky J, Nick and Graham F, Ross, Mike A and the other players who had turned out for the 2nds to turn up and join the celebrations late on - cheers fellas!

Top night at the Robin too!!!

Highlights of the day? Too many to mention them all, but Kieran's moon to our female supporters, Dasher getting ribbed by Martin Kay, Dickie P's sensational catch - and honesty when he realised it had gone over for 6, and the support of our friends and families.
I know it's getting early but ..... Well done to the lads !!!!!!! Great performance.

Friday, August 22

ooh you are a wag. butch batting well so far - come on!
Is MJ's garden on a slope - thus making him an uphill gardener?

If you eat 4 breakfasts, you are a big pig! There's a cracking story in the news at the moment about a cricket club in Swansea offering 100 quid to the first batsman to smash a ball into Catherine Zeta Jones back garden. You can read the full story online. I'd like to match the offer - the first player to hit the ball into Micky Jones back garden gets 100 quid from me, haha ;-). Bet that doesn't make the news ...
Meet 12.30 tomorrow!! I'm going straight there so will see you at F&H!
Clive - book me x4 breakfasts for Sunday, 10.30a.m. Do we get Black Pudding?
What time are we meeting at the Robin for tomorrows game? Sarahs wrote off the mini so she needs my car for saturday! Dosy Biatch!!
Mark parky, stop being so nosy!!!! ;-)

See you Sunday!


Tuesday, August 19

Rats! My secret life has been exposed. It is true, folks, I really am a member of the Surrey Bottle Collectors Club (scroll down page on link!), though I can't remember why I wanted those dolls heads ...

Meanwhile, there is some truly scary stuff online about you lot. Check out the Bearded Wonder aka Cliff, Osama has a double life as a star of dubious Hong Kong action movies, Dasher Deegan has a fine international reputation as a painter, and it's amazingly possible to buy Birdy on the Net!!

More revelations later!
Oh my giddy aunt! This is marvellous. It's ping pong, Matrix-style!! Whoever thought of this spoof is a genius!

I think we need to do some fielding practice, Matrix-style tonight. Yes indeed.
not able to make selection tonight as i'm bonding with the old man (goin watchin lancs).
have fun at selection folks. i'll have my phone with me if my opinion is sort.

Monday, August 18

Unfortunate loss on sunday for the 2 's after myself and mosser got off to a good start! Will be down on Tuesday for nets as should everybody really. Had a good saturday at my friends wedding got very drunk indeed and obviously made a complete arse of myself. Unlucky for the 1's on saturday i wish i could have been there! Practice is needed in all areas i think more fielding again for tuesday!
FULL squad net session should be guaranteed by selection worries for final - we are all not only fighting for our place but also need every bit of practise possible.
Unlucky on Saturday lads ;-(. Have to say that we had a great day out with our weekend visitors, took them to Chester Zoo on Saturday where we said hello to the most graceful tiger you'ver ever seen - huge thing, walked around with a very arrogant air, as if to say "I am so much better and more powerful than the other animals here"!! Was nice and hot too. From the reports Dickie and Cliff have passed on, Bird and Freddie bowled very well and there were some very good batting efforts too ...

Looking forward to getting back in the swing, but not to tomorrow's selection meeting where we have some real dilemmas with people playing themselves into contention! 15 into 11 is a struggle and it's going to be very tough not to annoy people I fear. Luckily (?) Nellie and Nick are away otherwise it would have been very, very difficult indeed.

We need a full 5 man team for selection please for reasons discussed at committee meeting last week!

Friday, August 15

Be warned...camels aren't the most comfortable form of transport 9yet reliable in hot weather).
Good luck tomorrow boys (and COME ON YOU WHITES!!!!!... I'll be monitoring in one of the 'sports bars' whilst checking for TSJ updates)
Hope to see y'all at nets on Tues.

el camellero
I don't know whether Springhead has access to this, but.........WE'RE GOING TO GIVE YOU BOYS ONE HELL OF A WUPPING TOMORROW......COME ON!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14

Amazingly, our spies have managed to track down Mr Ainscoe ...

Mike on the loose

What's up - is it true that Mr Moz is making (another) comeback?? Surely he'll have retired (and come back again) by the time I'm home??
Off to 'ride a camel' today - I'll leave you to work that one out.

Wednesday, August 13

Greetings all from sunny Lanzarottie! where even the exploits of TSJCC are makiing the news!! Just to put on record an immense well done for the continued cup exploits - and hope to see you all soon on a cricket field near home!!!
Anyone out there enjoy conspiracies and weird phenomena? If you do try this superb UFO site. While covering all the usual things such as crop circles, alien abductions, Planet X and so on, it fails to touch on some of the more relevant mysteries of our time, such as why does Steve Hinchley umpire all our games, Cliff's pyrotechnic car and Osama's pre-season goatee.
Excellent net session last night lads, and some superb fielding practice. All hail Nick F for his 100% record in the skier competition!! It was particularly impressive given the half light we were practicing under!

1st XI selection for Saturday v Springhead (home, meet 1pm)
Vice (c!!), Cliff, Bird, CDO, Dickie P, Dasher Deegan, Nicklaters, Freddie, Shaggy, Jedi, A N Other

Resources are a bit stretched with myself, Osama, Ducky, Scoffer, Garv and Nellie unavailable.

Tuesday, August 12

I heard you praising the CDO's impeccable technique and soft hands on Sunday, Osama! The young Jedi has other things on which to focus his mind, such as an imminent turn to the Dark Side and the donning of a dark helmet.

In case you're wondering about the CDO's soft hands, here's the secret ...

Honey Hand Cream

I hope you mean the young Jedi!
You can leave me out your bonding session!
Kieran, I still love you. And so does Matt.
just taking had a bloody good weekend....thought I'd get yer feet back on tera firma and stop all that trumpet blowing.....
Kieran, I love you.

Monday, August 11

cautious start...bludgeoned....= wrong words
highest partnership of game setting the foundation....uncultured slogging...= right words
well done to the first xi for the splendid preformance against EV.
as for the 2nd xi we suffered a narrow defeat against greenfield. batting let us down and we only posted 107 all out, with the runs coming from baza, moza and the old man in the main.
team bowled well and in most fielded well but it seems we need to have scored afew more runs as greenfields got the total with 5 overs and two wickets left. the old man got 3, moza got 2 but should of had more, smithy got 1 and i got 2 lbws.
of course for everyone there the main talking point of the afternoon was the feast greenfield call tea! so so much food it would last a season. so for the second teamers who turned out for the1st you missed out there.
anyway there is always next year, lets pray they dont go up!

Sunday, August 10


Without question the best weekend of the season, and one of the most exciting I can remember for a good few years.

Here are the quick facts for those who don't know.

TSJCC 226-9 (Doc 83, Garvey 45, Ducky 34, Jonesy 21 n.o., Cliff 19)
Failsworth 177-9

An absolutely excellent all round performance. After an early struggle to 7-2, Garv and I put on 120, and after we both fell pressing the accelerator we had a little collapse. Enter Ducky, Cliff and Jonesy who scored a superb 70 off the last 12 to put us in command. Some super early bowling and then good work from Garv and Birdy, and we took command. Excellent fielding, but we just failed to claim the 5th point.

TSJCC 129 a/o
Elton Vale 80 a/o (Bird 3-9, Scoffer 4-20, Doc 2-10)

A quite breathtaking fielding and bowling performance eased us into the cup final for the first time in 5 seasons and guaranteed us some silverware. After a cautious start from Garv and the CDO, I bludgeoned a rapid 29, but then we collapsed to 90-7. Cliff and the tail got us to a sub-par 129, and at tea we were still in it, but morale was down. A few inspirational words from everyone and we were off and running. Vice took a blinding catch in the first over, I took a wicket with my 5th ball and then it was game on. Within 6 overs we had EV at 14-5 and boy were we on song. After a small recovery, Bird entered the fray and bowled probably his best spell for us that I can remember. Flight, guile and no little turn. A couple of sharp slip catches were snaffled and all of a sudden it was 9 down. The number 11 batted carefully, but another Bird tweaker, I took the catch and it's back to EV in 2 weeks for the final!

Absolutely superb team performance today, very proud and happy, and now let's bring it home. Good to see the Robbos, Mark Parky and Nelly there late on.

Friday, August 8

Don't really need any words of inspiration for this weekends cricket. I don't think i've been more gutted about a cricket game than i was against Failsworth! So in the words of myself "COME ON". I hope there will be some socialising this weekend I've got a pass out as saz is in london this weekend!
Excellent committee meeting last night, some progress on issues such as drainage, end of season presentations and the like, but I just want to flag up one particularly amusing moment. Dickie and Cliff were talking about getting soil and sorting out the pitch at the end of the year, as normal. After about 10 minutes in-depth discussion of soils and so on, I said "so, we'll need about 100 bags then". At this point Cyril pipes up "What's in a bag?" There was a dramatic pause of about half a second and then, in unison, Scoop, Birdy and myself shouted "SOIL".

You had to be there!

Would also like to add for the record that there were some truly excellent one-liners about Cliff's exploding car as well!!

Good luck to everyone for the weekend, it's a very important couple of days, we need a win against Failsworth to avenge our dreadful capitulation earlier this season when we were well in control, and then on Sunday there's a cup final place to earn ... come on everyone!!! And good luck to the 2nds for their long haul to Greenfield!

Wednesday, August 6

We had good fun at nets last night, especially after the nets came down and we did some fielding - good to see Matts young and old, the two Mozzers, Scoop Doggy, Dickie P and the CDO scurrying about all over the place in fading light!

1st XI Selections for weekend:

Saturday - Home v Failsworth, meet ground 1pm
Doc P (c), Cliff, Birdy, CDO, Osama, Dickie P, Vice, Ducky, Steve S, Garvey Hudson and young Jedi Ablett

Sunday - Away v Elton Vale - Cup S/F, match starts 1.30pm, meet at EV 12.45pm
Doc P (c), Cliff, Birdy, CDO, Osama, Dickie P, Vice, Ducky, Garvey Hudson, Scoffer and Dasher Deegan

Tuesday, August 5

I'm not available next weekend either, guess Paul S will be shouldering the pace attack! I should be there about 6.45ish tonight, traffic permitting! Hopefully we can get some decent (sweaty) practice in the glorious weather. Laters ...
I am available for both days this weekend but i can't play next weekend, i'm at a wedding.
hopefully down at crompton meadows early (17.30ish) tonight so if anyone can get down early to lend a hand putting nets up and have a longer practice in this glorious weather please get down asap. cheers

Monday, August 4

Long time no blog....

Just returned from a week in rainy Wales. Seems I need to be on hols to find time to post anything. Belated well done for the Robbies result - a bit of consistency required me thinks!!

Concerning news re vandalism - 'should?' be able to make the committee meet but will definitely be down on Tuesday.

Finally, am available for selection (no really) this weekend albeit understand will be bottom of pile in view of my absence so far this season.

See you on Tuesday

Laters (seems to be the correct way to end one of these??)
Not too sure about my availability on saturday. I might be at a wedding, i'll let you know on tuesday.

Cheers for warning re committee meeting - first I've heard of it.

Poor performance on Saturday in all departments, but it was a very bad toss to lose (sorry!!!). Need to sharpen up dramatically for the weekend double header, and especially Sunday. Great news of Glodwick beating Robbies. It was good to see Big Bird back at the weekend, and also a good bowling effort from Matt.

Sunday, August 3

Don't forget the meeting on Thursday 7th Aug at 8pm in the Dungeon.
Main items on agenda will be vandalism on pavilion and how we can stop it. We have had alot of damage this weekend.

Glodwick have beaten Robbies in Calverley Cup Semi. Also note change of date and venue for final (Should we get there!!) - Sun 24th Aug at Greenmount.

Friday, August 1

Have now updated the player profiles - check them out by clicking on the link on the left side of the page. If anyone wants to amend their profile or add anything to anyones(!) then please let me or Cliff have the changes!