Friday, September 30


have a nice anniversary booze up in Edinburgh - you owe £5 for your Horse - "Keeping an end up"

Children Children

My god you're all acting like 12 year olds grow up! Have a goodun tomorrow hope alot of cash is raised.

(@) (@)

Thursday, September 29

(.) (.)

deja vu Rodney!

Its an arse (!)


Its a smile


Danny - who are you communicating with - Aliens? (.) (!)

Wednesday, September 28



I can make it to the race night, :)

Tuesday, September 27

Race night

Cheers, Will do my best to make it,

Struggling at the mo tho as am down to work :(

don't bite, Kieran.

Yes - its October 1st 7.30pm at Greenmount - you should have had a call from a second team person....this date was first blogges August 26th.

Monday, September 26


Is it this Saturday???


thanks for the tributes.....
I've included you all in my resignation speech...

Saturday, September 24


Lancs are the champions of divison 2!!!

Friday, September 23

I've always said ...

that the CDO is a right cult ;-)

Great win for the "Dream Team" Whites last night; it was a tough game for the first 45 minutes, and we were indebted to both clinical finishing and some top keeping from Ashley in particular for putting us about 5 up with a quarter to go - and then one or two of the RagTags lost it a bit and we ended up cruising it.

Some very good football played by both sides and some terrific team goals!

And a quality bit where Ash got slagged off by Scoop for losing his man!

Probably Not!

It never worked for me CDO!

cult hero

after scoring the og he got a great response from
the fans and as he was a bit unlucky to be sent off
the media think he's going to be a cult hero with the
fans.................... does that mean cdo if you get a golden
duck and drop 3 catches first game up next season we
may offer you the same status?

Yorkshire lad

another fantastic achievement by a 'son of yorkshire' - Jonathon Woodgate's 1st appearance for RM 17 for months. He came disguised as a spaniard (greasy hair, dishevelled), scored a beautiful OG and was sent off - only for his team to then play brilliant football with 10 - should keep to what he knows best (race relations in Leeds).

Thursday, September 22

and staying there!

Lunch scores ...

Northamptonshire 255 - 3
Yorkshire 177 all out

Lancashire 178 - 8
Leicestershire 165 all out

Meanwhile John Crawley is 298 not out!

top of the league

since lancs & yorks are battling it out for the 2nd
division title can anyone update me on the yorks

Come on Donny!

Lancashire! You boys took another roses beating - oh to be a fly on the wall for SP's 'warm down'. 'Man' City - oh dear Cotters......

Wednesday, September 21

Huff and puff

Forget all this mindless banter, can we cut to a more pressing issue - can we put a limiter on the number of miles that have to be run in pursuit of Young Jedi? He doesn't tire and he runs about like a bloomin headless chicken from first minute to last. I realise the issue here is that we're not as fit as he is, but DAMMIT we are older and should be treated with some respect!! I think he needs to be issued with a tracking device and the rest of us with some artificial limbs that keep us going!

ho ho

mr cotters please don't criticise yourself especially
when i can do it for you, seriously thought you played
very well for the whites & scored some crackers -
unfortunately now you are just another rag to kick!

He he

Its only a bit of friendly banter, I know I'm rubbish and so does everyone else so if a do anything good its a bonus!

oh dear, Cotters....

Cotters - don't over promise and under deliver!

Game On!

Game on flash, game on!!

Tuesday, September 20

offence taken

cotters, will remember that on thursday night,
cdo i will be on my jollies but will speak to pearcy -
he wastes his money watching city so i'm sure he
won't mind throwing a few quid our way!

good speech

well put cotters.
Can someone have a word with Pearcy ref Oct 1st and race night - also - Ash? Chadders is coming....

Back at home!

Back with the rag tags i feel much better! No offence to the whites but once a rag tag always a rag tag.

Cotters is back!

Thursday Teams

As I understand from Scoop!
Doc P
M Jones

Rag Tags
Nick Hudson
Dickie P
Matt Ablett

Nope, just 1

Yorkshiremen NOT Yorkshire players - Vaughan is from the Red Rose!

er how many?

How many yorkshire players in the England team? Two surley! Hoggard and Vaughan or have I missed something?

Tykes are Backward!

Think that's what you meant, KC!

LOL. how many Yorkshiremen in the England team? ;-) ONE!

Tykes are back

Yorkshire promoted to Div one - a strong Yorkshire = (all together now) a strong England (& Wales....).

Friday, September 16


Ive got it here, will drop it off tomorrow or Monday,

And the winners are!

Football - The whites! - well played
Bonus Ball - S Hunter
First team Fielder - N Butterworth and C Parkinson Shared
Second Team Fielder - R Holt

Dan I'm missing the Greenmount Money

Tuesday, September 13


Ok you can count me in


Anyone for the 23rd? see previous blog

Monday, September 12

300 - Good call that CDO

The Nerves - I've just managed to eat my dinner!

and I repeat ...

Smash it, kev!

oh my god!

there is just no hiding from this game - its going to the wire!!!!!

can't watch, must watch

this isn't sport its excruciating torture


The way Pietersen's playing, you'd think we had 5 specialist batsmen left. Is it right to take them on and put distance between us, or should he play for time? Hmm! Smash it, Kev!!!

Come on England, don't blow it now!

come on England!

don't just limp through - smash 300 and take it by the throat!

Woodbank stay up

Woodbank will also stay up as Rochdaliens 3rds have won the 4th division


Fantastic!!! Cant wait for next season :)

Great night out, How bad was Bobby by the end of the night?

jolly rogered

thats great news!!!! Well done the 2's!!!
Best moments of Saturday:
Hitting a couple of fours
Bobby Loomba
Nelly (butcher's dog)
Swapping chillies with Nick Hud
Scott "Egg and Chips" Parkinson
Worst moments of Sunday:
Waking up
Realising my hat had a lighting up feature
Children being cheerful
Wife asking for earrings

Good Work Team 2

Sunday, September 11

safety is upon us.

just got back from woodbank where they galantly fielded for forty five overs, to keep who ever their opponents were (if it was cheetham hill as it said in the fixtures then i didn't recognise any of them) to a low total of 240. Woodbank then came out fighting and smashed 42 for 10 wickets.
Hopefully Rochdalians will win the fourth division though as woodbank is always a nice ground to visit and there team is made up of some jolly decent chaps! Which cannot be said for all teams!


You owe me £10!!!

Friday, September 9

pirates ahoy!

last one up the sea-dog gets a lick of the cat!

Thursday, September 8


What would you do with a drunken sailer early in the morning - In Bury

20/20 presentation

Elton CC - Friday 23rd September - 7.30pm for 8. Tables of 8. Cost £10 per head, inc. food. Trophies to be given out, etc. We need to know numbers by Saturday.
I think we should have as large a possible a presence, baring in mind we were the no.1 venue.....
Me or Clive for tickets - come on boys - you know you want it!

jolly roger(ed)

Oh, a life on the ocean waves - now thats the life for me!
And if I was a sailor - I'd sail across the sea.....


didnt know i couldnt put that

world wide web

I'd like to point out that views communicated in this blog site are those held by individuals and not Tottington St. Johns CC - any remarks therefore are not endorsed by the Club.


Wednesday, September 7


Think you mean C Capstick but wots in a name anyway.
League webmaster on hols that why not updated. Know that Failsworth got 5 pts though.

League website

Whats going on??? its Wednesday and its still not updated

I want to know how Elton Vale 2nd and Rochdaliens 3rds got on at weekend and Woodbank 3rds and Failsworth 2nds,

If anyone knows please could you blog it on here


1st Team Home versus Failsworth meet time 12.30pm:
M.Deegan (Cpt)
B. Loomba (Wkt)
N. Butterworth
R. Brooks
C. Parkinson
M. Cotton
M. Ablett
R. Ablett
R. Peacock
C. Capstick
K. Coe
2nd team away at Failsworth - meet time 12noon at the Hood:
A. Smith (Cpt)
M. Jones (Wkt)
D. Moriarty
R. Holt
N. Fletcher
G. Fletcher
S. Hunter
S. Moriarty
P. Skundric
S. Smith
P. Yates

Tuesday, September 6

who could possibly forget...

The Lord Flasheart!!! (Blackadder II)
"She's got a tongue like an eel and likes the taste of a man's tonsils"

I shall, unfortunately, be unavailable for anything this weekend.
Indeed, I have texted Scott to withdraw from footy this week as my heel (where I heroically stopped a ball at Robbies t'other week - waste of time that was - should have let it go for 4 like I usually do) is bloody killing after last weeks effort and it's a job trying to keep my weight off of it.

I have got one!!!

Hi guy's, How did the 1st go on at weekend? I wish I could be there to go out with you on Saturday because I have got a Pittsburgh Pirates shirt. Have a good one My Challange is seeing you are going as Pirates someone should be on shots of Rum in every bar, My candidate would be Scunners in my absence( I guess I'll get the mandatory none attendance fine )!!!!!

you old see dog

get your pirate costumes sorted now! You band of lilly-livered, milk-swigging land-lubbers!!! I wager you will either walk the plank or get a 'cat-o-nine tails' if you turn up not dressed for high-jinks on the hign seas.......


I am again unavailable to attend nets but I am available for selection for Saturday.

pirates info

Best website for pirate info (inc. biography of Stede Bonet - "Ahoy matey - that Pirate has breasts!") is

Shiver me timbers ...

Puddletown Pirates
People who use kazaa for file sharing
Pittsburgh Pirates (pity Ducky won't be there ;-))
Henry Morgan
Pirates of Penzance (a policeman's lot is not a happy one ... happy one)

Monday, September 5

alternative list

Tracey Edwards (could do with finding sunken treasure)
Robert Maxwell (made to walk the plank)
Natallie Wood (down in Davy Jones's locker)
Crew of the Marie Celleste (sp?)
John Noakes (Blue Peter & sails in the Ballearics)
Any more?

Pirates of Our Time

Captain Pugwash
Long John Silver
Captain Jack Sparrow
Black Beard
Captain Hook

Any More?

Friday, September 2

oh that treasure!

time is ticking (in the crocodile's mouth!) on Pirate outfits - there is to be a special prize for best outfit this year - so no cop-out eye patch and cutlass combos please.
Did the rag tags really win - you make an ex RT very proud....


The treasures and bounty of Bury as we set sail from the Dungeon 10.09.05.

Do not expect many quick singles on Saturday - feeling quite stiff today. Good game last night and well done the Rag Tags.

Thursday, September 1

no pressure...

Just to remind all rag tags - we won the first game last season (yes, whites, that means that we scored more than you did) - what treasure do you smell dicky? - have you won bonus again?

Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes ...

... just four of my body parts that Nick H will no doubt be smacking his elbows into tonight! Can't wait for the first installment of footy fever, coming live and unleashed from Castlebrook this very night. Bring it on!



I smell treasure!