Thursday, December 22

Newsletter News

In response (partly) to Nick - a newsletter has been completed, printed and stapled this very afternoon, and am assuming that Clive will do his silent deliveries with Santa in the next few days; that is if he can tear himself away from Rachel for long enough!
It isn't a 'Christmas special' so to speak, more of a 'Booby Loomba' tribute edition.
rock on!!!

"happy holidays" everyone

merry Christmas everybody from across the pond all the best for 2006


Monday, December 19

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmans and a fantastic New Year to you all matt & sarah.

Happy Xmas Everyone!!

Happy xmas and a jolly good new year to us all!!

Mr Ainscoe is there no xmas special this year or have i missed it?

Clive when do nets start? I can't wait to get going again!!

Come on 2006!!!

and again....

Wrong sport but closer to the injury....

merry christmas

To all involved in TSJCC - Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year (hope I get a better one, also)
PS saw this and thought of me....

Wednesday, December 14


I will post a cheque to clive for 20/20 kit

found out

The only ever time Richard has said anything risque or at all racist (we anglos can out sup them there chinese...) - was accompanied by the appearance (as if by magic) next to Richard of two of the aforementioned chinese blokes on the 8.20pm Tottington to Bury Bus - if only his timing was as good whilst driving (batting)!

No yard wall then!

I 'm sure it could be done in secret....... you're not afraid of being picked last at you Doc!!!

Oriental Drinking

Despite Russells chunder I still maintain that your average Anglo Saxon has a higher tolerance of alcohol than the Chinese.

Our Famous Vikings!

I am not sure HOW I found this or WHY it happened, but there's a website out there with loads of discussion about which "group" is best, whether it's ninjas, pirates, Vikings, jedi etc.

And just look what someone posted!

TSJ viking warriors


"The first and second team captains picking those available in a school yard line up against the wall picking system"

Now that would be entertaining - imagine your morale if you were picked 22nd! ;-)

Just an Idea!

To start the season off next year why dont we have a practise match to get things going. The match could be played the week before the season starts. This could be done using our club only. Two teams picked from 22 available players. The first and second team captains picking those available in a school yard line up against the wall picking system. This would hopefully mean a fair way of doing it and creating two evenly match teams. You could even call one side Tottington and the other St.Johns. What do you think? It make senses to get some practise in before the competitive stuff starts, yes!
Well it's just an idea..........
I thought that last year that we went into it cold.
You could even incorporate some beer drinking into the the end of the hopefully.


Cardinal chunder = kebab chucker Russell. Quote,"Put some coke in the Vodka next time, Kieran - my heads banging!"

Tuesday, December 13


Chatty lot aren't we....

Footy teams (subject to lots more change no doubt) for Thursday....


Mike J


Mike A

Thursday, December 8


There have been a few changes during the week so I thought I would list the teams for tonight as I understand them. If anyone listed is actually unavailable please contact me on 07799 868141 ASAP...


Mick J
Pearcy's Mate
Phil's Mate

Rag Tags

Another one of Phil's Mates

Thanks - see you all tonight (I hope!!)


Tuesday, December 6

Footy no show

With apologies to Scoop/Dickie for the late notice, I am also goign to have to cry off footy this week - we've had a few very disturbed nights with the new arrival, so I'll be in no fit state to play - have also got to drive 120 miles on Friday morning. Sorry. Should be ok for next week.

Monday, December 5


I'm unavailable for Football on thursday, I've got a works doo!

20 / 20

Time to call in cash - Everyone who had 20/20 kit - we now need your cash - £25 for shirt/tank top and trews (I have tank tops and will supply upon provision of readies); £10 for shirt only. Please can you get money (or cheque payable to TSJCC)to me or Clive or Dicky. We have a list so we know who you are.....
Also - Saturday night this week (10/12/05) meet in Robin Hood 7 - 7.30 we will decide where and when there and then.