Friday, October 28

very rounded characters?

round robin? roundabout? round the old oak tree even, but not all rounders!

Thursday, October 27


Silly me.

What I meant to say was that several players in our team are "all round".



Doc - Have you fallen off your wagon after all these years? A team of all-rounders - you have just brought a smile to several NMCL club members!

No Footy!


Correct - no footy tonight, but we'll be back with a vengeance (and depleted fitness no doubt) next week!

We are in essence a club of all rounders aren't we?

Me, Flash, Scunners, Nelly, Bird ... all bat high in the order and bowl. Then there's Cotters! Are Micky J and Cliff to be considered all-rounders? Nick Hud and Frankie B certainly do both, while both Fletchers have turned in useful performances with B&B. Mozzer Snr can strike a mean ball and has a fine technique to go with his relentless bowling. Craig Parky is a very useful all-round cricketer, though his bowling has not been seen much of late.

Then there are players like Holty, Mike Ainscoe and Steve Smith who are fantastic in the field, thus adding another dimension to their game. Smiffy has opened the batting for the 2s, while the first team skip turned his arm over this year too - captain's privileges there!

The CDO also pretends to bowl nippy little seamers!

I don't think Dickie P will mind if we class him as a batsman!


Cheers Paul only sixth best, i'll be pushing for your spot in ten years time!

KC no its doesn't have to be a saturday, just generally finding out when people are available. It would be good to have some scoops.

Oh and am I right in thinking that there's no football tonight.

remember remember

Cotters - just got back from Lakes (v. wet)- good idea (always a good idea) to have a few scoops - only thing is 5th will be bonfire night for us with scrunters and I'm at a do ont' 12th - does it have to be Sat night?

Friday, October 21

Cotters in all rounder shock!


Thanks to your spectacular progress, you can now justifiably be named our 6th best all rounder! ;-)

Whats all this about???

Thursday, October 20


Damn only 6 runs short of the magical 100 runs for the season. I did beat my target of 50 though! 20 Wickets as well does this mean i'm an all rounder?

I spoke to Skunners last night and we thought it would be a good Idea if we met up and have a few scoops soon. We were thinking around the 5th or 12th of November. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 19

Football Info

20th Oct
Same players as last week but Ash is back with the whites and Wil is back home with the Rag Tags.

27th Oct
Unfortunately there is no game - Half Term.

thats more than lucky!

Sounds cheap compared to mine Dicky - not paid for scoring, having to watch you lot (and 2nds once!) and one whole season brought 18 runs - priceless?

"Can not Buy Runs"

If 1 Wicket equals 15 Runs then in Subs alone each Run scored this season has cost the following individuals:
Doc P - £0.10 per Run.
Dickie P - £0.88 per Run.
Craig - £1.03 per Run.
Dasher - £1.27 per Run.

Tuesday, October 18


Don't know who I have to inform nowadays but I am unavailable to play footie on Thursday. Sorry Guys.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs P on their new addition to the family.

Read em and Weep!

The scores on the doors, the averages are now available - follow the link on the right or simply click here - they'd have been great halfway through the season ;-)

girl's aloud!

When done Craig - we are the only cricket club with a rounders youth policy! (pretty sexist, CDO!)

Monday, October 17

Super Effort That!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs C Parkinson

Congrats Craig!

Many congrats to Craig! Fantastic news. Yet another prospective future scorer/tea-maker!

ON a slightly less pleasant note, the official NMCL averages are now online via the NMCL link. Yikes! I've also got the club 1st XI averages to upload, courtesy fo Cliff. Apologies for the delay, they're in a ludicrous format, so it's taking ages to sort out!

scott'll fix it

a bit of good news craig's wife jackie gave birth to a girl
last night about 7pm, weight 7lb 1oz congrats - get back
playing football you lazy arse!

- i have to be honest that before i left for
my hols scott did tell me that he was going to fix,
cheat and swap players to make sure the whites won
every game this season. obviously this did'nt happen
the 1st week i was away so well done to you scott for
fixing it last week.

i have been known to spit my dummy out on occasions
and act like a spoilt child but to accuse scott of fixing after
what he has done over the past few years is pathetic(even
worse than my tackle on mike ainscoe when the ball was in
the other half), i have'nt spoken to scott as i only got back
yesterday but would be interested to find out who made
these comments.

Friday, October 14

Ground Work

Cliff hopes to get the ground work done between 9 - 12 in the morning. Please try and make it if you can.

Don't Understand?

By whom have you been so accused, Scoop?

I can tell you one enormous difference, and that was that last week I played even though I'd been off work sick for three days with a very bad bug and had 0 energy and very little will to live. Essentially the whites played a man down last time - plus we had Mitchy playing his first game and being a bit of a free spirit!! Last night, we were all fit and well and we played some top football.

In my view, the other difference last night was finishing, simple as that. We had about even numbers of chances, our finishing ratio was tons and tons better, that's all. The game itself was pretty even - and very good quality. Matt and Richard especially played well for the R-Ts; Richard's improvement over the past 3 weeks has been enormous.

Obviously Will made a difference but I don't think had he and Cliff switched sides it would have made so much of a difference - at least not so much that you can be accused of "fixing". Outrageous.

vivre la diffrence!

Good to see that whilst the world is undergoing massive technological and social change, whole countries are being destroyed by natural forces and man is holidaying in space - The whites and the Rag Tags are still squabbling like two ancient highland clans - "You're a MacAngus - NOT a MacDonald!".
Scott - for the love of Rooney - you MUST continue to be a white!
You being a Rag Tag would be like Nick wearing proper sports equipment (not his train-spotting anorak) or Ash passing the ball to you when you are free on the right - its just not meant to be!!!!
(God I miss it...)

Thursday, October 13

5-a-side Selection

I have been accused of 'team fixing'.

I acknowledge that I decided (after consulting with Richard) that Clive should play for the Rag Tags and either Phil or Will should play for the Whites. This was to give a better balance to the sides. I admit that had Clive replaced Mitchy the Whites would probably have suffered a heavy defeat and I didn't want that.

Whilst the Whites are leading about 4-2 I think, all the games have been competitive with no sure winner at 9am based on the sides playing that night. That is all I was seaking to achieve tonight.

To say I changed the sides to ensure the Whites would win is difficult to accept as I had no idea how either side would play as the teams had never played together before.

I am extremely competitive and my desire to win is obvious to all so to ensure fair play from now on I will no longer be involved in team selection. I am pleased, however, to advise that Nick Hudson will be taking over from me.

Finally, for the record, whilst preferring to play for the Whites I will play were selected if it will help 'balance up' the sides.


Sorry I can't help out this weekend, my mothers moving house this weekend so i'm otherwise engaged.


I cant come down Saturday either, am out all day

Sat AM

James and I will be down.

junior team

It may well be a good idea, We will always need young players coming in or eventually the club will fold


I think the development of a junior team or teams would be a good way forward for the club. Quite a few players have children so we may well have a core of possible players but the surrounding estate could provide players I'm sure. Who would run it? Again if tsj players have their children involved then they may well take active role in helping and coaching. Its an idea that would help prevent the club having a lack of players in years to come.

Thats my opinion anyway. Sorry Clive I can't make it Saturday

Wednesday, October 12

Groundwork & Committee Meeting

I am wanting to get a team of workers down at the Club on Saturday to do some tidying up and get things in ship shape order. Please let me know what times would be most convenient (am or pm) as I don't want to be down all day. Remember the more volunteers the less time it will take and the more work will get done.

Also, the committee will be meeting on Tuesday 8th November at 8pm in the Royal Hotel. The main topic of discussion will the way forward and drawing up a 3 year development plan. We have had 2 good years on the finance front and already made investment in the Club during that time. £700+ to improve square and outfield drainage. £205 on scarifier. £550 on roller. Renewed garage roof, bought new shed. With the continued success of the race night and the triumph of the 20/20 we still have a couple of thousand pounds surplus.

Having spoken to the officers of your club we now want to take that step of development to another level. This will include further fundraising via sponsorship packages and events. Plus the development of facilities. We are wanting suggestions for both whether it be a car boot sale on the fundraising side, showers on the improvement side or starting a junior side on the development side.

I am therefore wanting your ideas NOW plus input on how they can be implemented and how they can be carried through and sustained. This is something that isn't going to happen overnight but we have come a long in 2 years but we can go a lot further in the next 3 years.

Please let us have your input.

Testing ...

Cliff's complained that he can't post ... seems ok now?

Wednesday, October 5


Cheers KC had a good time I love Edinburgh its such a great city plus you can drink until about 1 ish in the pubs, quality! Hope things went well on saturday, i'll give Ricardo the £5.00 I owe for the horse. Did it win???