Monday, April 30


I fear this will be open to bribery - Rowdy will do (say) anything for a beer bribe!
the person with the MOST stories covered on their card gets £50


This game could work in two ways.
We all pool our resources (ranking system) to come up with the top 50 stories we think Rowdy may tell in a season. Then make 50 cards each with ten stories on them. first one to collect all the stories on their card wins. Each card is purchased for ten pounds, making this a sure fire money spinner for the club. If "house" is achieved, the winner gets £250, if not then the person with the stories covered on their card wins £50

Or we could just collect the stories - again from the top fifty list - and the person with the most repeated stories wins.

I'm in ten pounds for the first option!


Smifffffy - good idea as far as it goes - I would suggest, however, that a handicap system is brought in - obviously some of the stories (favourites) have and will be told more than others and people claiming such should be handicapped - could work like: "Rowdy Hill 10 points" (he NEVER mentions it) as opposed to "Rowdy outscoring me at BA Systems 1 point" (he ALWAYS mentions it) - thus a ranking system (careful!) could be established? Or is it a case of drawing out of a hat like a world cup draw?

Rowdy Bingo

Can we add a few others?

1. Glen Greenidge getting shot during a game

2. Glen or Jack Seegobin stopping the train at Metal Box and jumping off with his kit in tow

3. Norman Barnes falling over the boundary board and down the hill at Crompton Meadows

4. The infamous Kinsey boys barracking of NMCL legend Stapleton at Robinsons

5. "Black pumps! This boy's wearing black pumps" - another Kinsey classic

6. Plus if he gets onto talking about the Shakers, the infamous Wayne Entwistle "get off Enty, you're crap" ... Enty scores wonder goal ... "ENTYYYYYYY" story

I have some wonderful memories of playing with Phil - he was a great opening partner in his heyday and in the mid 90s we had some great days. One which wasn't so great was against Fothergills at home. Phil hit a ball to deep square leg and I called him through for a very easy single. About 2.3 of the way down the pitch I looked up aghast to see he wasn't running and I was run out. Stormed off and having thrown things about the changing room I emerged and announced quite loudly something quite similar to "clucking banker". Looked round in horror to notice my Mum, Kathleen and several old-timers sat there! Rowdy to his credit then batted for about 30 overs, by which time it was all quite amusing ...

The other story which the Brooks boys in particular will appreciate was one game where we were playing High View and they had this absolute brute of a lad playing who looked like a cross between Mike Tyson and some nutter from a maximum security prison. He was out and seemed reluctant to go so Phil told him where to go in no uncertain terms from the boundary edge! Imagine our horror a few minutes later when the guy emerged from the dressing room and went hammering round the boundary to where Phil was fielding. Frankie Brock had to move him sharpish amidst a combination of mounting horror and complete hysterics from the rest of us ...

On a more positive note, we had one memorable day at Springhead where we put on about 120 for the first wicket in no time and I couldn't keep up - he absolutely murdered them. Classic stuff.

Marvellous! Come on Phil, you've got a login, get posting!

New Game

I would like to suggest the introduction of Rowdy Bingo into the club. This idea is courtesy of Mrs Hunter and i think its great.

How to play.

Whilst waiting to bat or during tea note down any story, anicdote or slighty stretched tale that relates to tottington st johns past which Rowdy tells.

Continue this for all matches, home and away.

At the end of the season, whoever has the most repeats of the same story wins.

Rowdy will buy the winner a pint at the end of the season.

This game is genius. Hopefully it will keep Rowdy quiet, but if not, then it will at least give those around him some joy and reason to listen to him.

Obviously the 2nd team have more chance of winning this game, although tactical selection may come in to play towards the end of the season.

The 1st classic, to get everyone started is the tale of Barry kinsey appealing for LBW from under the tree near the houses. Nobody else went up but the batsmen was triggered anyway. I estimate that this tale will be tol a further three times this season.

Good luck everybody

Friday, April 27


Oh aye! I've been and searched google images for all sorts of muppet and Winston Churchill images!! Expect a bumper edition with free Danny M supplement - perhaps even a message from the man himself if we can possibly coax a quote from him.

Blogger accounts

Hi all,

I know the blogger transition to google has caused a few people to not be able to log in any more. If you need a new account setting up and no one else can help (da da da daaaaaaaaaa, da da daaaa), let me know and I'll do it for you. Ta!

Breaking News

We've just done a survey of 100 people and asked them what they think of young Dan's apology to Saddleworth. Here are the results ...

Meanwhile, I see Dan's team listing for the weekend game is opening up a whole new can of worms (???) ;-)

life in the 2nds

been following this with interest seeing as it's been my only contact so far this season!! paul - would love to get it in the newsletter - but a) having problems logging onto the life in the 2's bit and b) your agm and other contributions have taken up so much space!!
looking forward to seeing some of you again on sat - i'll be the one with the highlights.

Thursday, April 26


I am writing this to any one who took offence to my gesture to spectators at Saddleworth, My 2 fingured gesture was wrong and completely out of order, i am sorry for any offence anyone took to it.
When i'm bowling i get myself into an aggresive mood and try to channel this into my bowling, when i heard someone call me a muppet i took the childish response.
I am sorry for this.I know my actions where out of order and i am sorry for thisDan Moriarty

Tuesday, April 24

Weekend Selection

Mike's just finalising the 2nd XI selection.

The first XI to play Rochdale Catholic Club (away, 1.30pm start) is:

Ashley, Paul, Kieran, Scunners, Nelly Butt, Clive, Dasher, Craig Parky, Duncan, Asif, Dickie P
12th Man: Matt Hunt


not sure if you guys are doing selection tonight or thurs, as i'm only over thurs for training just to let you know i am available this weekend


for posting the stats everyone - the next newsletter starts here!! could possibly do with one of the guys who played pre-season against Westleigh (ie Paul) to post or let me have some details of that game too for the record (and any noteworthy incidents - did Clive fall over anything and did Skunners keep his bowels in check etc).
As I'm taking on the role of the elusive pimpernel so far this season can I declare my availability for selection this weekend. Struggling a bit with a 'grion area' injury at the moment which is restricting some of my movement so I could keep Rowdy company at double third man in the field. I should be down at the the ground on Tuesday evening but it looks unlikely we'll get any prac, so see some of you then.

2nds website


Details are on the 2nd XI site now.


2nd Team - Usual start

Away at saddleworth - what a nice ground. If you can find it.

Due to our captain wicket keeper and opening bowler being delayed, we were lucky to lose the toss and be asked to bat.

Tottington -all out for 101 A Smith 38, A singh 11 no.

Saddleworth 103-6 Asif Iqbal 3wickets D Morriarty 2 and A Singh 1 for 8 of about 9 balls.

Nice ground, decent tea! Lets hope both teams progress to the second round of the cup so we get to go there again.

Monday, April 23

Weekend scores

Hi Mike,

Someone will have to do the 2s.

1sts TIED with Fothergills 192 a/o each!

Fothergill & Harvey 192 (Ash 5-50, Paul 4-73, Russ 1-30ish, Ash 2 catches including a blinder at gully, Clive, Kieran, Nick F 1 each). We had them 104-6 and 158-9, should have finished them off.

Totts 192 (Ash 48, Kieran 44, Paul 31) - we were 75-0, 155-4 and 185-6 or thereabouts at various points!

1st weekend

can some kind soul blog any scores from the weekend please?

Billy Hughes RIP

It is with enormous sadness that I report the untimely and shocking death of Billy Hughes, the much loved Robinsons (and former Catholic Club) player; Bill collapsed and died during the match this weekend.

Billy was a friend to many of us, I have known him since I first started at TSJ and always found him to be a worthy opponent, a lovely gentleman and one of the friendliest and most liked opponents - and teammates - in this league. He will be sorely missed by many of us. I'll post details of any funeral arrangements when I have them - the news was posted by Emmy on the NMCL Forum earlier.

Truly awful news.

Saturday, April 21


I meant 'strop' NOT 'stop' (sorry Nick)

megastrop cntd

Danny - let's hope it's not your own stumps you're splattering around the ground when you have a stop after getting a duck on Sunday!!! We must have a radical behaviour therapy session on Tuesday night to re-channel your current anger management strategy into more positive areas.

Yours (in absence)
Dr Ainscoe

oh, and by the way Paul - are you keeping these snippets for the newsletter??

Friday, April 20

The "megastrop"

This became because i didnt feel i was batting to my potential and kept getting cramp. I was extremely tired last night after a busy day. Looking forward to sunday of which i will be rested up and ready to knock over a few stumps and hit a few runs!

That's the spirit ...

Quite right too Danny. With the strength in depth we look to have this year, BOTH sides should be aiming to make progress. Nets have gone well, we look to have plenty of emerging young talent which should see the club strengthen year on year. Not to mention our possible new secret weapon!

Nets last night were enlivened by young Danny's megastrop (tremendous bat hurling), the amazing number of balls lost in the net rigging, and Duncan turning up in full whites in the manner of a great white hunter who's just led a party of intrepid explorers down the Zambezi ...

Thursday, April 19

2nd XI - PREVIEW 2007

Well its nearly time till the new season kicks off, We have quite a few new players hitting the club this season all will be pushing for a place in the team, but where there's new players we were hit by the loss of Matt Cotton who joined Brooksbottoms during pre season.

I am targeting 30 wickets or more this season as i now have no restrictions on overs that i can bowl and i also aim to establish myself as number 8/9 batter. This season alot of people need to make improvements, Matt Hunt has a training course with Yorkshire CCC behind him and we hopefully can look forward to seeing matt get some runs behind him and hopefully a few wickets, Phil McManus looks more comfortable in nets hopefully he can take that to the crease with him, Nick Fletcher needs to become a little less expensive with the ball and get more runs this season and i dont think i need to mention Rowdy! he has to forget about the last 2 seasons, this season is a new season and he has to get his confidence up and stop losing his head. Andy Smiths bowling has improved and hopefully will keep improving. Fielding wise we need to be more tight! Take our catches and get our bodys behind the ball no matter what. Last season catching was a big factor in where we finnished in the table, i am one of them that needs to improve on that count as well! I'd say only 2 people who played consistantly well in the field last season would be Phil McManus and Matt Hunt who both fielded well on a regular basis. Obviously alot this season will depend on player availabillity and who ends up in the first team at certain points but hopefully things will be alot better this season. we are a stronger team this season than we was last season even with out Matt Cotton!


Wednesday, April 18


Abhay Singh is ok for Sunday's trip to Saddleworth, if required.

Sadly I 'm not. I am available for Saturday as 12th man , if required.

Dr.Doom is available but only if you are desperate.......boy have you gotta be!!!

All the best for the weekend fella's.

Tuesday, April 17

1st XI v Fothergills

1st XI for this Saturday's HOME fixture with Fothergill & Harvey. Match starts at 1.30pm, so please be at the ground for 12.30.

Ashley (c), Paul, Kieran, Scunners, Russell, Clive, Nelly Butt, Dasher, Dickie P, Duncan, Pete Allen

12th man - to be confirmed at nets on Thursday. The 2nd XI will also be selected on Thursday once we have confirmed availabilities.


unfortunately its looking like i'm going to be stuck in work until stupid o'clock tonight so i'm going to be in sunny Sheffield this evening (all be it in the office) and wont be able to attend nets, i am available to play this weekend however and should be there at nets this thurs!

Nets - update!

Hi folks,

For those attending nets tonight at the ground ... if you are among the first there, please DO NOT set up the nets around the wicket we used for Saturday's game. Cliff or CDO will be there to cut a new practice wicket, so please hang on for that! Ta!

Monday, April 16

*Tuesday* nets


well done on a hard fought victory on Saturday - think we all needed to get the rust out of our systems! Thanks to West Leigh too for making the effort, playing the game in a great spirit and giving us a close fought contest (well done to the two Kieran's on their batting!). Also nice to see more than a few folks down watching!

As the weather's cracking, a few of us are coming down to the ground on TUESDAY for an outdoor practice - we can do fielding and if there are enough of us, some batting etc too. Take advantage and join us! Both teams have games this coming weekend (1sts on Saturday, 2nds Sunday) - selections will primarily be based on attendance and performance at nets / Saturday's friendly- come down and stake a claim!!

Friday, April 13

Saturday selection

Pete A.
Andy Smith

12th Man - Phil McManus

Wednesday, April 11

Full details for Saturday

OK here are the details for Saturday.

The game will start at approx 2pm, so we would like players to meet at 1pm at the ground. There is lots of work to be done on the outfield, wicket, pavilion etc, so we'd also like as many folks as possible to pop down in the morning. If you can't get down in the morning, please make sure you're at the ground for 1 o'clock to help out.

The game will be a "30 challenge". 30 overs per side, with a minimum of 6 bowlers to bowl a maximum of 5 overs each. Batsmen will retire at 30 (but can come back in if we lose all wickets). This seems to be a fair way to give all batsmen/bowlers a fair go.

Tea and an umpire (hopefully two) have been laid on, and we are therefore setting a match fee of £5 to cover costs. Drinks will be available to buy as usual from the fridge.

If anyone is no longer available, please let me or Ash know ASAP.

Tuesday, April 10

Saturday's game

Hi folks,

There's a committee meeting tonight so full details of the arrangements for Saturday (times, cost, what to bring, etc) will be up tomorrow! Weather forecast looks fantastic - 18 degs and sunny!

Tuesday, April 3

Info Info Info!!!

We now have 12 players who have expressed an interest in the preseason friendly with West Leigh on Saturday April 14th - please tell us soon if you are interested and haven't already let us know - Smithy, I've passed on your availability to Ash (seconded by the ghost of Abbers etc).

OK, the game will commence around 2pm and the format will be decided on the day - 20/20 is probably not long enough to give everyone a bat/bowl but we may also be at the mercy of the weather. Neville has kindly offered* to umpire.

* either that or Clive has bullied him!