Thursday, June 30

Better late than never!

The team for the 1st teams match on saturday.

M.Deegan (capt), M.Ablett, C.Brooks, R.Brooks, M.Cotton, P.Meehan, C.Parkinson, R.Peacock, P.Scundric, S.Smith and A.N.Other.

meet @ ground 1300.

Problems contact Clive or Dasher.

Good luck fella's


Skunners wins this weeks prize.

Tuesday, June 28


new newsletter being delivered to Kieran tonite!!
Looks like 'Cotters' will be making the next front cover.

Monday, June 27

Cotters in Boozy Night out!

Oh my word!

Friday, June 24

Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

Roses 20/20

Sorry boys that you didnt get your tickets but i've gotta say that i did warn poeple sometime ago that it was probbley goin to sell out. Still lets hope it's fine as Jonsey, Dr Doom and myself have got some tickets. Has anyone else manage to do so?

They'll never know....

Russ I have also negotiated a pass, thinking that I'd pay on the night (Ta - Dicky). Why don't we pretend we're going, and watch it in a pub getting lashed????
I need to celebrate my good news - the x-ray on Thursday showed new bone growth (means my leg is now repairing and will be OK). Fitness for 20/20 might be pushing it a bit, though.....
Cotters and I will go straight there tomorrow.
wrt 20:20 is quite annoying that on Tues the ticket office informed me that you would still be able to pay on the door!

20/20 Roses Update

The match is now sold out.

Having successfully negotiated with 'her indoors' I have been thwarted at the final hurdle.

That's life!

Thursday, June 23

Dr Doom

Dr Doom - G Fletcher scoops the Roll over Bonus Ball. I'm sure he will manage to show no emotion.

Yorkshire Pay Back time!

As much as it pained me I looked on the LCCC website earlier - anybody who wants to go on 01/07/05 should get in contact with the ticket office ASAP as they are expecting a sell out. 0870 062 5050.
NB) You can sit where you want on the Day.

Wednesday, June 22


TSJCC TeamTalk

I am unable to get them



TSJCC TeamTalk

I will collect the 2nd xi's availability for you at weekend, so far i got:

Me (available)
Rob Holt (think he was available, will confirm this for ya)
Matt Hunt - new lad ( not sure)

By the way might have some 4 and 6 signs, and will ask about drinks tonight and put it on here around 5:30 to 6:00 tonight.


Had a really good meeting last night - has focussed everyone as to enormity of the challenge - we can only pull this off with the help of all possible personnel - thanks to all who turned up - I will be circulating minutes of meeting with individual tasks clearly confirmed this weekend - really excited about it all!!!
NB Please make yourself available for selection this weekend we need to select the squad of 13/14 and order clothing. Clothing is available to non players (I will be fully decked out) and will look really good. Everyone from both teams should make themselves available - the opportunity to play 20 over cricket in pyjamas to music is fantastic - AND WE ARE THE HOSTS!!!

Tuesday, June 21

Smifffy Tees off

Andy Smith 45 No for the 2's. I bet that only took 3 overs!!!!


TSJCC TeamTalk

Okay Clive, has the pitch dried out nicely?


Please do not use the 1st XI wicket from Sunday for training tonight as that one is going to be the 2nd XI one for Saturday. Please use the one next to it which was cut and rolled last night. Cheers

Monday, June 20

Train Wreck

I'll give you a hint, Pete!

"Go that way"
"That way"
*crack of bat on pavilion wall*

ouch !!!!!!

hi boys sounds like we were rather unlucky on Saturday, can somebody please give me some more details on the poleaxing on Sunday sounds painful ( but funny )

Weekend Report

Here's the report submitted to the BT this week. On a side note, Robbies pulled off a fabulous win yesterday - Derek F 9-26!?!?!?!

Tottington’s bid to make progress in the NMCL First Division title race faltered at the weekend due to a combination of poor weather and a stubborn partnership! On Saturday the Saints travelled to 2nd placed Robinsons. In stifling conditions Tottington elected to bat, a move which appeared to backfire as they were bowled out for a mediocre 110. Poor shot selections and an uncharacteristically bad Robinsons track contributed to most of the wickets, with only Russ Brooks (39) and Nelly Butterworth making serious contributions. The departure of last weekend’s hero Skundric hastened the Saints collapse; having been handily placed at 77-3, Tottington fell apart and it took some valiant work from Matt Cotton to support Butterworth and get the total into three figures.

With Robinsons top 4 batsmen each averaging over 40, the game looked to be all over. However this Tottington side excels in the field, and with Meehan proving miserly at one end, wickets fell rapidly. Robinsons skipper Massey was crucially run out by Ablett and seamers Watts and Skundric decimated the middle order to leave Robbies teetering at 80-9. Unfortunately for Saints the home side bat all the way down and a combination of luck and some huge swipes from Emmett saw the home side through to a 1 wicket win and 5 points, leaving the Saints far more dejected than they would have been if they’d lost by 10 wickets! On the plus side, all the bowlers performed well and there were terrific contributions in the field from all the team, with Peacock and Smith in particular outstanding.

Sunday’s match with Springhead fell victim to the biblical deluge which hit Tottington at around 4pm; Saints had again elected to bat and the farcical run out of Meehan, poleaxed by skipper Deegan in mid-run, sparked a third successive early slump. However, Steve Smith continued his recent good form with a well constructed 26 not out as Tottington gradually eased themselves into the game. The onset of thunder and lightning hastened the end of the match, leaving Tottington with a frustrating haul of just 2 points from a weekend which could have seen so much more progress made.

Saturday, June 18

Hot Totty kit

TSJCC TeamTalk

When do i have to pay? when do we get the kit?


Friday, June 17


Caught a glimpse of the highlights of England V Bangladesh in my drunken stupour last night.

Fantastic new shot being perfected by Trescothic which I am sure must be attempted at our level given the chance. Involves leaning back to a shorter pitched ball, attempting to guide it over the keepers head (or into his face if standing up!). Tresco actually managed to get one so fine it actually went for four at a very fine leg - much to the amusement of the rest of the England team.

Can't wait to give it a go! Bring on Derek Faulkner.

20 / 20

There is a meeting booked for next Tuesday (21st June) at 9.00pm at The Royal to discuss all related items to the 20 / 20 we are hosting on the 10th July. Please - as many as possible to attend as we are going to need lots of hands on the day (not just players). This is our chance to show many other (bigger) clubs that TSJCC are a truely great family club - the opinion is probably that we are the minnows both in terms of cricketing prowess and facility but we can make up for both with enthusiasm and fun (both possibly lacking from the larger clubs?). Thanks for your help - this could be an annual event which raises cash for us......

ALSO: 2 games this weekend - first is 2nds on Sat - so a lot can be done sat am - please help your resident (uphill) gardener!

Thursday, June 16


Two games this weekend and not been able to do much work on ground this week. Any offers of help on Sat and Sun mornings please or will I have to do it all myself again ? Yours hoping !!

Wednesday, June 15

much, much more

You can tell Kaye I had her lined up for a "Nursey Massage Tent" - a dress rehearsal will obviously be needed.......
No- extras are whatever you lot can contribute to the day - please do not hesitate to suggest extras (just be aware that they are only a good suggestion if you can provide the necessary to make 'em happen).


Thats where Mike's brother got to!

Tee Hee

The old one's are the best.

Registration form

TSJCC TeamTalk

Ive posted matt hunts registration forms to jon barrow today

Number Two

Good work on the foul water drainage last night at the ground. A broken connection has been mended (we hope) and folk can now relieve themselves - Lovely.

Super 20:20 posters CDO - Kaye asks what are the 'much much more' parts of the days events?

Tuesday, June 14


Yeah - mostly TSJCC players! It was very cold - I think I learnt more from last night's game!
Q: Have England gained an advantage by stuffing the Aussies - or have we merely tweaked the nose of fate? They have been given a wake-up call and we will suffer for this......

Monday, June 13


Twenty/20 action at Bury sports. Unsworth in whites fail against Elton in the Blue! Posted by Hello

It wasnt quite what I expected... but looked good fun to play in.
Did more people turn up after i left CDO?

work out the math

1st Div table has us in 3rd with 27 points - surely we're 7th with 22????

see you in the final

funny how things you say come back to haunt you....

20/20 @ Bury yesterday

Exciting finish in the final deciding match of the first group yesterday - Bury needed 6 of the last ball to win but failed (having only needed 8 from the last over).

Elton CC (incorporating our own overseas star) won the group and go forward to the finals day.

Very low scoring competition overall with Elton only scoring 88. Bury looked to be well on the way with the openers hitting out from the start, but after being about 50 for 3 the wheels came off and some excellent bowling and fielding from Elton saw them through.

Met up with Digger, Scunners and Nellie.

It is rumoured that Radcliffe may be arranging for 2 coach loads of fans for the Crompton Meadow outing on July 10th!

Lets hope for good weather.

Totty Pro

Unfortunately Skunners will not be able to play in 20/20 - no professionals allowed.
Always a bit of controversy with Glodwick - Parkinson feuds, etc - but you've got to ask the question -"What were you doing No.11?".

Good Work

Who suffered a drink with Scunners on Sat night?

Thursday, June 9

How did that happen then?

"Did you give me your best?"

"Rocky" Brooks has 5 stitches above his right eye (cricket ball)- you plonker Rodney!

Talking of picking fights

Wait until you all see Clive next!!


Pick a fight with a cripple.....typical!
Q: Why don't you channel all this agression into your cricket, big boy?

Wednesday, June 8

Hook, Line and.....

Oh I love it when you get all angry and personal....... ;-)
Strong Yorkshire, that means we are f**ked.
Go on CDO lets have something new, that white trash sh*t is getting old hat.
And whats this interest with arses!

white trash

geek: remember a strong Yorkshire means a strong England....If you stuff us - what will that mean for the Ashes?! ( ! ) bumhole....

;-) cheer up cdo (-;

Go on Cotters you do what you like fella!
Lancs 115 for 2..... just toying with the tykes.
I take it you don't like the symbol thing!


Cotters - don't you start with the brackets aswell - oh yes - heres mine - (!) - its an arse - look here's a fatter arse - ( ! ).

Roses Match

Today see's the start of the Roses match at headingley. Who will have the bragging rights come saturday. Mr Coe and Mr Peacock I wanna see you cry as Lancashire triumph!!!!!
Come on CDO lets hear it.

Not Sulking

Mr Coe i'm not sulking I'm a clubman, if picked I would love to play and If not I'd love to sit and and drink all day, simple:-) Good point though it was a big 6!!

Good to hear from you Ducky hope things are well.

Glodwick move?

Just been having a look at glowick cc website and read about a friendly match planned with Uppermill cc and it said that this is one of the teams that they would be playing if they move to the saddleworth league. does anyone else know about this possible switch by glodwick? also it looks like a trip to tour barbados is planned! sounds good doesnt it.

Boo Hoo

Cotters - you should have said - "Of course I'm one of the 10 - did anyone else hit a huge 6 at the Catholic club????"
Don't sulk.....

Tuesday, June 7


hey boys hard luck at the weekend, should change home ground to indianapolis it's been in the late 80's for the past two weeks. Everything seems to be coming togeater for the 20/20 when you order the blue kit please get me a fat bastard size one with no. 18 ducky on the back ( if your going to that extent ) please see my personal bank for any payment ( mother ) go and kick some butt at the weekend the leauge is still looking rather tight. COME ON !!!!!!! talk to u guys soon

All Dayer

Thats fine I'll come down and drink all day then!


I don't think you were in the 10, Matt.....

Beer Beer Beer



Yes that's brilliant news - me and 10 p****d up people playing Brox and Radcliffe ;-). KEEP SCUNNERS AWAY FROM THE BAR!!!!


Clive has been to court and been successful in getting a license for 20/20 day - well done!

Monday, June 6

20/20 Launch

The launch dinner takes place this Friday (10th) at Woodbank CC. Tickets are £10 each with guest speaker either Warren Hegg or Ian Austin (depending on Warren's Lancs committments). Derek Kay is the MC for the evening (that should be fun in itself). Pie n Pea supper will be served.
At present Me, Kieran, Russ, Cotters and Scott are going. If anyone else is thinking about it, don't just think and do it and therefore let me know by Wednesday evening.
PS I will wanting a model to dress up in the coloured clothing for the launch photograph for the Bury Times.

Another Site!?

Dan, why not just put the scorecard on the site with the pictures so it's all in one place? Just a thought ...

For any readers who don't know our score from the weekend, we were shafted by the rain after we looked to be cruising to victory. Fothergills all out for 177 after being 170-5 with 18 left! I ended with 6-42 and Big Bird 4-38. Some tremendous catches, particularly Smithy who had his best game in a TSJ shirt for my money.

Batting wise we started great, Dash and I put on 50, Bird and I were then carrying on the work until we came off for rain. That put a bit of a dampener (ho ho) on things, and when we were both dismissed in quick succession the wheels came off. Skunners and Smithy put on 50ish to get us within sight of victory but the rain meant we lost 12 overs and the end of innings slog saw us fall 10 short when under normal circumstances we could have strolled home. Perhaps a lesson here is that our tail have been very undercooked batting wise, and it was possibly unfair to expect Cliff, Craig, Dickie and the Hud to get us home when they've had little cricket.

A very disappointing 5 points dropped in a game we dominated for some periods. Credit to Fothergills, particularly their number 5 who hit a very good 80odd. The bowler (Shakir?) was quick and on the money too.

Glodwick next week and with a week of sun forecast a nice hard pitch will be a treat!

Day 5 " The Life of Cotters"

6.15am - Young Cotters wakes up feeling a bit sore from the 2 games over the weekend.

6.16 to 7.00am - Snooze!

7.15am - Its breakfast time in the cotters household the lovely "Sazzle" (mrs cotters) prepares wheatabix.

7.35am - Still a bit sleepy cotters drives to work and has his first cigarette of the day at the roundabout in Rawtenstall.

What other exciting things can cotters get up to next! Keep watching.

2nd xi cup winning score cards

TSJCC TeamTalk

online now

please could you put another link on




Mistake on the league website

this is off the exceptional performances list

R HOLT (F&H) : 5 - 40


Rochdale Catholics all out for what....chasing what.....or East Lancs knocked em off for 9 ???? What.....

Friday, June 3


Tomorrow gives us the chance for revenge - we did half a job against them in the cup - now's the time to step up to the mark and....or is it just going to p**s down again?
There's no end to my talents.


He's certainly awesome in Scrabble!

On a more serious note, this is BOB:

if you want to know why this is relevant, check out its creator ...

On a more important point

Ricky Hattons opponent Kostya Tszyu didn't make the 10 stone weight limit for the IBF light welterweight title fight in Manchester on Saturday night.

This should hopefully play into hattons hands although tszyu is awesome...

Red Rose Wilting

ha ha

Lancs collapse

Bangladesh are doing better than lancs at the moment. Lancs are 50 for 6 at lunch.

2nd Test

Looks as if the 2nd test will be over in 2 days again! 66 for 5 at lunch, its embarrassing. They should definetly have to look at the test status for Bangladesh.

I'll try to get down to the club as early as I can.


If anyone is available to attend next sunday 12/06 at Bury CC we can probably see what works & what doesn't - the first 20/20 begins at 10.30am - take their best ideas and ditch their worst.

Lucky Six - Cliff

Clive picks up this weeks Bonus Ball.

wrt Ground work I'll try!

Thursday, June 2


Square fine but outfield taken a battering this week with rain. Also likely to take another hammering again tomorrow looking at forecast.
This means will need alot of work on Saturday morning and it will be more than one man can do. This is a plea for some help from 9.30am onwards.
I thinks its Light blue and royal blue if I remember rightly. or not?

what colour are Hot Totty going to be doing their thing in. How about the brooks bros doing the trumpet and sax bit when Brooksbottom take on Radcliffe? I hope we have plenty of these orange balls and ball boys.

Super Hot Totty

Just back online after a few days without Net access (except very brief) and just want to say I can't wait for the 20/20 - 100% available for playing and all other tasks. BRING IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Osama's Diary sounds wicked. Nice.


I'm enjoying the name especially when you've got me in the squad!! Any kind of help before/during the event i'll be available to do my part.

I've been speaking to my friends and they're always asking when we're going to be in a final again as they enjoyed the Cup final in 03 alot. So the crew and family will be attending the event. Any excuse to get beered up!


TSJCC TeamTalk

I will be down, let me know if you need any stuff,

Plenty of work

Well the name is better than east lancs paper MILLERS. not much thought there! It seems that there is going to be plenty of work needed to get things up to scratch and ready. Sight screen and the parking facilities for a start! we need to start now! I'll should be available to do my bit...just lets not leave it to last minitue. Is the committee on top or things or has some one been hand the task of sorting out the troops.


Nic - it is even better when you consider some of the other names - Prestwich Metro....
We will be underdogs and from the meeting realise that some teams are taking it seriously, whereas we want to make some money for TSJCC and have a laugh. We need everyones input on the day - 10/07/05 and ANY positive suggestions will be enthusiastically received and delegated back to fulfil. Music in-between overs/for 4s & 6s/wickets; prize for catching the ball as a spectator; face painting; bouncy castle; BBQ; Licensed Bar; Programme (newsletter for the day); marquee; coloured clothing; orange balls; blue stumps; etc. What we REALLY need is members to give their availability for playing and organisational duties (Car Parking/Stewards/ticket sellers/spectators/etc) AND BRING FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
Other venues are bigger and more equipped than us - lets show 'em that Totty is the BEST club socially - COME ON!!!!!

Third ump!

Sorry Clive, just not to keen on it but if the committee.....
This third umpire, hows it gonna work? are there goinig to be camras and scafflolding down at the meadows. The other thing is that it's usually a struggle to get two umpire, so how are they going to get three?

Club Model

Who will be at Woodbank to model the Hot Totty Kit! It could be someone's big break.
Any volunteers?

I will be in Yorkshire on the 10th of June.

Wednesday, June 1

20/20 Comp

The name was a joint committee decision and we are quite proud of it. In fact been told by organisers it is the BEST. Yes there will be music, clothered clothing and wickets, orange balls, music, licensed bar, face painters, BBQ and 3rd umpires. Should be a good day if weather is kind.


TSJCC TeamTalk

So will the players be in their whites or is there special kits gonna be made? will there be music between wickets?

Hot totty?

Clive just got your email.....Hot Totty, is that what we're gonna be called for the twenty/20 comp? who's idea was that? i'm sure there has to be a better name! And are hot totty going to be dressing up? maybe something bright and flared or with flames going up the leg.
Perhaps a 70's disco on the square after the match.....all aboard the LOVE TRAIN!

Day 1 " The life of Cotters"

12.30 - Ate Lunch - Ploughmans Baguette with Cheese & Onion Crisps (Walkers Naturally) and a Can of Fanta. I forgot the Kit Kat, the Four Fingered variety.

12.45 - Finished Lunch walked downstairs and had a fag.

1.06 - Text Smifffy to let him know I was available for Sunday.

Join us the same time tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of "The Life of Cotters"

bucket of poo

Cotters - a 24/7 documentary of your life WOULD be good viewing (in a voyeristic/sick stalker kind of way) - reminds me of the ABBA biography - the blond one had a stalker who she slept with and lived with (not knowing that he was collecting her poo in a bucket.....). Beats Big Brother.....
Language Timothy!!

No dead serious, I think people would be interested in my life, Its going to be a Big Brother type experiment! Toilet stops included....... Of course I'm taking the p@*s!

Taking the.......

Cotters are you taking the piss....or are you putting yourself forward for the job to do the 1st team match reports etc...

My Blog Site

I'm thinking of putting a site together called "Life with Cotters" Its a daily record of my comings and goings of my interesting and exciting life in the booth. What do you reckon?