Friday, September 29

No Worries

No problem how much are the tickets?

Does anyone know who won the 20/20 final?

Tickety - boo

Tickets for me, please:

League do: 1
Race night: 2 tickets and 1 horse, please!

Helen's finished the horses and dice!

Footy was excellent last night, well done the RagTags for just having that little extra stamina at the end to see us off. Dickie P - much improved this year, well done! Can't get you with that inside turn any more!

Good Lad

Can everyone else follow such a fine example as the Cott-Man and get your orders in for Race night and League do. Second Team - can you sort numbers for both dos?


Cheers Scott my ankle is a tad sore this morning as well! Well done to the rag tags last night another good victory. If my calculations are correct its 2-2 in the series now.

Cdo you want me then do you, how pleasant! As you asked so nicely of course i'll be at the race night I'll have 2 tickets and a horse at the moment. Need to ask about for more tickets.

I'll come along to the league do as well.


Are you out there - I want you at the league dinner and the race night - are you available?

5-a-side quote of the season, so far...

After a 50:50 challenge between myself and Cotters, the bald one was heard to shout (whilst lying on the floor in some pain)

'I have weak ankles"

Cotters, if it makes you feel any better I can hardly walk this morning!!

Great game last night.

Thursday, September 28

Mower of the year

"One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow....." You will always be my player of the year Dicky P.

Wednesday, September 27

Well Done

While very disappointed not to be named Players Player myself, I must congratulate you Ash on winning the award

(another) Announcement

Race Night will be Saturday 18th November at Elton Cricket club - trophies, horse racing, supper (tickets £5 plus £5 for a horse as per usual) Clive or me for tickets.


League meeting last night:
1. Ashley Parkinson - Players player of the year
2. Jack Banford - Umpire of the year
3. Rochdalians 1st Team Resigned from the league (no subs payed by players to club - club have resigned their first team in light of no funds to run)
4. Presentation Evening - Elizabethan Suite - Friday 10th November - tickets from CDO / Clive - We have 3 trophies to collect.
5. Ashley 1st, CDO 8th in batting, Doc P 22nd, Nelly 25th.
6. Doc P 5th in Bowling, Ash 10th, Skunners 12th.

Monday, September 25

Hear, hear

Couldn't believe the swarms of people and for a small outlay in terms of time and effort we've raked in about 700 quid for the club. Run one of these events every 2-3 months we make *THOUSANDS* for the club in a year.

What we do need to make sure is that we share the workload round. For example, we'll not be selling next time (probably) so I can help out with BBQ or on the gate etc. We need to make sure every club member gets involved because at the end of the day it is everyone at the club who benefits from this increased revenue. It only needs a few hours of your time.

great effort

A big thanks to those who helped out at the Car Boot Sale - esp Dasher, Pete, Clive, Richard, Rachel, Kaye, Mrs CDO and the car-booters - Russ, Paul, Mike, Jonesy. Shame on the rest of you - raised big bucks for club - over 45 cars....

Thursday, September 21

Best wind up of the season goes to.....

Kieran - thanks for your kind words re team of the year - I agree. (see Catholic club site).
Next year we will be dressed as either Cowboys, Glam-Rock, American Football, City Gents, or any suggestion from the floor - we can't unfortunately go as Cricketers - that would be too far-fetched!

Wednesday, September 20


A few things...

Only change from last weeks teams is Dickie P in for Mike Ainscoe.

I understand that the M66 might be closed from 9pm this Thursday between J2 (Heap Bridge) to J1 (Ramsbottom).

Finally, as it appears no one is in the hall before us please feel free to turn up early for an extended warm up or just to get the chatting out of the way before 9.05pm!!

See you all tomorrow.

Friday, September 15

White Supremacy

No, not the Klan, but last night's football. One of the closest and best matched games in a long, long time. We, the Whites, shaded it by about 3 or 4 in the end, but a very good game indeed. Some brilliant goals from both sides, particularly two volleys from Ash and Pearcey, and a couple of astonishing finishes from Liam for the RagTags.

Bring on next week!

Tuesday, September 12

No sign of the Brother Hud

Alas, Brother Hud (TM Brother Scoop Doggy) never showed ...

On the pilgrimage were Brother Coe, Brother Doc, Brother Big Bird, Brother Teflon, Brother Allen, Brother Bluebell, Brother Scoop Doggy, Brother Neil and Sister Yvonne. Plus a few tortured souls in Scunners, Young Danny and Old Rowdy, the latter two of whom got a good hammering at pool for their trouble.

plea for monks

could anyone post me any photos from the monk's pilgrimage (for the newsletter obviously) to

Thanks very much. I'm trying to get a newsletter out pretty soon but that would be the icing on the cake if we can get some of you guys in costume - did Nick hud wear make up (again)?

2 more than Ash

40 not out actually, Paul

Monday, September 11


Think I ended with 2-26 ish off 5 but first 3 overs went for 22. Lloydy was hammering everything and the lad at the other end was smacking Ash all over the shop too. As soon as they went, Scunners got Jimmy and Ralphy for ducks and it was all over bar the shouting!

Was delighted to get the last wicket - the final batsman was only about 12 and I got some stick for "stepping it up" against him ;-)


Got a bit of tap them eh paul!!

Sounds like another good win.

Scores and monks


WLM 88 a/o (after being 47-0 off 6), Scunners bowled a treat, Nelly pegged them back and Ash and I finished them off. We got 91-1 off 11, with Ash throwing his wicket away for 38. CDO ended about 35 not out, Scunners about 15 not out. Won with 57 overs to spare.

Night out was great, the highlight for me was Pete Allen walking into one of the pubs (Lamb?) in full monk outfit, hood down, you could just about make out the glasses, and instantly one bloke shouted "All right, Pete?" as though he came in like that every week ;-)

oh my (bald) head hurts...

Runners Up!

Excellent work with the runners up spot, well deserved. What were the scores and Sat?

Gutted I missed the doo, was it a good night?

2nd place - great end!

A fantastic way to end the season. A thumping win, a loss for Dalians to give us our deserved 2nd place finish and a good night out with the Order of St John!

Congrats to Ashy for getting his innings in (and a thumping one at that). So that's at least two lots of silverware for the club!

Congrats to ALL on a very good season and our best finish since 1999. Loads of highlights, loads of great performances, both team and individual. No doubt there will be some season retrospectives on here soon!

Friday, September 8


Think there's a parrot on the Catholic site - might sue him for plagiarism...or just baptise him if he's out on Saturday night...


Obviously no blogs - so whites won easily??? Needs me shouting at Dicky P - "Where are you going?" and Nicky Hud in his rain jacket!!!

Anyway - REALLY need to finish the season on a win tomorrow - I think we owe it to Dash (and ourselves) - some highs, some lows but a bloody big step forward from last year (oh yes and we beat Rochdalians twice by 8 wickets).

Thats Better for Sat

Wednesday, September 6


Doesn't time fly when you're having fun....

The first of 29 battles between The Whites & The Rag Tags takes place tomorrow night at the usual venue and time. The teams are likely to be as follows:


Mike J
Mike A

The Rags

Dickie P
A N Other

Let battle commence

Tuesday, September 5


1st and only team for the weekend: versus West - Leigh Meths at home - meet ground at 12.30 - in habits!
M. Deegan
K. Coe
A. Parkinson
P. Meehan
P. Skundric
S. Smith
D. Phillips
N. Butterworth
C. Brooks
C. Parkinson
P. Allen
12th Man - R. Peacock.

Friday, September 1

Rain on't t'hill - Sat 1pm