Friday, December 31

a great effort by mr vaughan's men but not quite enough. fantastic cricket never the less, lets hope we see more of the england batting of the second innings in the rest of the series and against the aussies next year!
just one suggestion for next years events calendar: friday 1st july 17.30 old trafford, Lancashire v Yorkshire in a 20/twenty clash, anyone fancy it......Dickie and the CDO, i can almost hear the banter!!!!!! who's up for it? i ve booked my day off work and will be chasing some tickets as soon as i can get my hands on them. i think they are between £10-15 last year. think about it folks.

Wednesday, December 22

Well I'm off on my Christmas do now and will be fit for nothing tomorrow.
So Merry Christmas Folks and Happy New Year! - The year of the Rag Tags.

Monday, December 20

Come on England - just 142 to win the 8th match in a row. Very well bowled Simon Jones today, 4-39 on a pitch not favouring the quickies!

Friday, December 17

good to get back to losing again (although not by so much!). A much better atmosphere when we lose and football blogs aswell!
I thought the whites did really well in terms of not getting dragged down by our crapness.
Q: did that guy play as well when he played for the rag tags?
Q: did Clive play as badly when he played for whites?
Q: did Richard play for the whites?
Does anyone know what the final score was? I lost count when we'd got 31! Scintillating stuff at times, though I did feel a bit sorry for poor CDO who was left bemused and more irate with every passing minute and goal! We hardly missed a thing, which did make quite a difference.

Anyway on with the real stuff and a great start to the series for England, with Smith out 2nd ball! Follow the progress here! Fantastic yorker from Harmo to wipe out Kallis!
Well done the Whites you totally ripped us apart - Great football. Sorry fellow Rag Tags for a unacceptably poor and uncoordinated performance from me.

Wednesday, December 15

I wholeheartedly agree with Nick on this one, even though I have Sky Sports and therefore can see the games. Channel 4 revolutionised cricket coverage in this country, and on a budget far less than that of the Murdoch empire. In Mark Nicholas they had a very slick presenter, and with Benaud's wisdom complementing an array of young commentators, the coverage was light years better than the staid old BBC broadcasts - when you factor in innovations such as the snickometer, the LBW tramlines, the fantastic "vanishing" front pad and so on, it made for excellent coverage.

Having said all that, SKY do provide brilliant coverage - if you don't mind ad breaks every 5 minutes! Looking forward to the South Africa series kicking off this Friday - if you don't have Sky, you can listen on Talksport!

Getting back to the Sky coverage, I'm sure there are loads of TSJers who fondly remember the spoof Richie Benaud tapes of Channel 9, with the Bill Lawrie-Tony Greig niggling aggro act, the funny names (SomeJerk RammedMaCar, Wasi Acrim, etc). The Sky coverage of the Aussie test matches feeds from Channel 9 - and they're all there! Bill and Tony, Ian Chappell, Richie ... Merv, Merv, Merv!

All together now ... shewroteuponitreturntosender ... BA DA BA DA ADDRESS UNKNOWN!

For those who haven't a clue what I'm on about ...
It's Just Not Cricket
i see the ECB have taken the money instead of allowing cricket to be available to a greater number. i thought channel 4 had done a good job of promoting the sport in the last few years and providing good coverage. but surly the best advertisement for the sport is a susscefull team and when you have one make sure youngsters see the likes of freddie in full flow, not put it on sky where there is limited access in homes where sky is paid for. lets face it cricket is not everyones cup of tea, and how many homes have more than one tv? plenty. and how many homes have the ability to watch more than one sky channel at once? not many!
time will tell but i dont like! why? i dont have sky!!

Tuesday, December 14

dickie p,what ever happened to the idea of arranging a friendly with your former team from across the boarder? nice trip over there or them coming to visit? could be a fun day mid way through the season.
just an idea for another social occasion and to see the cdo bbq the life out of the food!
M Jones back for the Whites this Thurs

Thursday, December 9

Cliff, have you been touching personnel again? Hopefully not that "enhanced" barmaid at the Robin Hood!

Good website for you folks - create your alternative TV listings; one for the creative minds!

Creative TV
just recieved my copy of mr ainscoe take on season 2004.
have to say very disappointed to find it with a stamp......what happen to the shadow delivery service? and clives personnel touch???
excellent stuff mike, clive i'm disappointed.
Ok, I must apologise for the ridiculous delay in getting these pics out, but they're here at last - some memories of that glorious Viking night! Create your own captions!

Young Rob is led astray by Janet Street Porter; Garvey can't bear to watch!

"I'm off to the bar - who wants pork scratchings?"

The skipper and two transvestites!

Steve Smith does a double take as Nelly has got his mate all excited ...

Nelly ... or a Swiss mountain girl?

Young Jedi feels the force ... and dresses as Jon Bon Jovi, circa 1986

If you bring that used loo roll near me again, Kieran, I'll whack you!

Words can't do this one justice!

Everyone sees the funny side as Cotters tells us about his final wickets tally
Looking forward to footy as ever, even though have slightly messy cold - be good for putting off attackers and keepers ... things have been strangely quiet on here this week, where is everyone? We haven't heard from lots of you for weeks!

Wednesday, December 8

sorry Clive - bl##dy mary's on't donkey and t' star's above thut......again

Tuesday, December 7

I know its short notice - But is there anyone out there who can attend a meeting tomorrow nite at Radcliffe CC ? Its on the really important subject of obtaining funding.

Monday, December 6

Dickie P - strictly come dancing!

CDO: "Richard, are you really gay?"
Dickie P: "I'm not really sure ..."

BTW Cliff, Val Doonican called and he wants his cardigan back!
Top night.
Just for the record, in case you did not know, CDO scored TWO Tries at the weekend - Repeat 2 Tries.
good laugh on Saturday night - culminating in Kebabs with Nelly B. Great turn out. Funniest moment? Dash dressed as Rupert Bear.....Paul headbanging to StatusQuo.....Dicky P's Bus snobbery.....Matt Cotton having shoe reserves.....Nick H's flsher-mac.....Matt A's "I've Trapped"....

Friday, December 3

sorry about the trip Clive - and sorry for enjoying your fall so much! Good game played in a great, but competitive, spirit.
Tremendous game last night, really enjoyed it, and would like to thank Garvey Hudson and Jedi for the two enormous bruises!

Only 1 word for tomorrow night ... CHICAGOS!
Really enjoyed the football last night - Scoop I have your BWFC drinks bottle.
Great News letter! - looking forward to tomorrow night and the beautiful Robin Hood experience.

Thursday, December 2

Mt good lady wife and I shall be attending on saturday. 7.30 at the Robin then?

Wednesday, December 1

Yes I'll be out Saturday - Helen also fancies it, but not if there are no other wives/partners/females ... anyone bringing their other halves?

No Flash and the Hud back for the RagTags - whites will have to be at their best this week ...
Who is out on Sat then? and where are we meeting / going.

Dickie P
The Hud?
Nelly B?
A N Others?
7.30 Robin Hood - where ever we want
pietersen has hit the ground running with 77 no in a total for england of 263 for 6.
jones helped with 66 to spare some blushes as the top order did not capitalize on some good batting by solanki and strauss. who cares about political wrangles as long as we win???!!!???
scoop doggy's blog rap - fantastic!
I hope Ashley squealed like a CDO.
My ankle is purple and swollen.
Replacement for Lord Flash-heart?