Friday, February 27

Thought that was a great game last night, some awesome football at times. I still feel full of energy - I must be ill or something ;-)

Cliff - I've circulated that email you were on about ...
-could have done with 8-a-side last night - a lot of running involved with 5-a-side! Hopefully Clive can walk today!
Jolly good run out last night even if my performance was worthy of a fine!

Wednesday, February 25

Hello People

Thanks for the update Paul - didn't think leaving him out would provoke such a drastic reaction!!

Team will be as 2 weeks ago with 'hopefully' Skunners in for Nick H. If Skunners unavailable then will leave Steve (Nick's mate) out and will play with 10.

See you all Thursday.

what you and Clive do in your spare time doesn't concern the rest of us!
As CDO and Secretary - me and Clive have been promoting our public relations - we've got the 'after' pic of cup winners up next to last one in The Royal. Me and Clive think we should drink here - 2 old gits in't tap room, dark mild and scratchings - beer garden / pool table / etc (closer to my house/bury).
why strange?
Message for Scoop!

Andy is not available this week and in all likelihood not available again on Thursdays as he's got a new work contract London-way. I am available!
CDO, you are a very strange man!
Scott - is this cold spell down to the impending delivery of the black man's wheels?

Tuesday, February 24

Scoop - I'm still holding on to that slippery cliff-face aka Skipton 1st Team - I want to play 5-a-side, but if you have to 'work out the math' (US) - feel free to include/exclude me as befits. Just trying to help!

Monday, February 23

Oh come on, is anyone else looking forward to Kieran being appointed Car Park Officer, Insurance Liaison Officer, Drinks Manager and Scunner's PA?
Did Kay just go straight t'ut Shoulder? Because she was already lagging when we saw you....
Newsletter is in production and should be (silently) distributed this week. It has all info you require on AGM - It would be great if we could have a big turn out for the meeting as I think there is both a lot to look forward to and a lot to contribute from yus all. One plea, though, can someone buy me beer - cos I'm not leaving my chair this year!
Good Spot that CDO and indeed we did make it to the Shoulder. In fact before we enjoyed our first Farther and Son pint we managed to get all the way up to the Tower. A truly great off roader perambulator!
Good to see Dicky P pushing his perambulator uphill with Kay bringing up the rear - 12.00 Saturday - I hope you were 'shoulder' bound?

Friday, February 20

Playing squash is that what you call it now!!
Just for the record regarding the use of the word spanking...Please remember we were playing squash!
Well I'd just like to offer my immediate resignation from the cheeky whites after last night's spanking by Richard. I was in the midst of an almighty comeback from 2-0 down to make it 2-1 and 3-1 in the 4th but then it went wrong again ... too many cheeky drop shots, not enough long ball from the back court ...

Well done Dickie! ;-)

Wednesday, February 18

Don't let us down Doc.

Not sure about the blow by blow account - I'd just stick to the squash.
Oh yes - Paul, it was funny but the irish let him down somewhat.
Offer what, scoop? A kicking to the darkness (yes) or a 5-a-side anger-release substitute for you (no).
Cotters - I feel no shame - they are shite.
COME ON PAUL !! although knowing the "mavericks" tactics Dickie P will get Mozzer to block everything you do!
CDO & Dickie P Shame on you!! It was an inspirational performance on the brits!
Never mind the musical nonsense, did anyone see the real recent awards shindig, the BAFTAs? As always, worth watching purely for the genius among men that is Stephen Fry. The funniest man on the planet, surely. His opening monologue leading up to " ... but enough colonic irritation" must definitely go down as the best speech of the last 6 months since Cliff's impassioned, heartfelt and warmly witty effort at Race Night ;-)

On Thursday there will be a clash of the titans on the squash court as I shall represent the "Cheeky Whites" against Dickie P of the Mavericks. I trust the Parky clan will lend their full blogging support to yours truly. Results and a blow-by-blow account to be posted later.
Are you offering Kieran??
Richard - we concur - does the man not have any pubic hair? Why didn't one of those big coloured rappers just waste 'em?
Shame it could not be the Darkness off stage last night!!
I wonder what Scoop will be kicking Thursday evening to make up for lack of 5-a-side?

Tuesday, February 17

Blimey, it takes you a long time to get the message ;-). Just leave your bat with me on the way out ... *grin*

Seriously though, I note we have a provisional fixture with a Greenmount XI set up for August. Should be fun!

Monday, February 16

Why have I been sent an events list for Greenmount - is this your way of telling me to look for another club?

Sunday, February 15

Guys - latest newsletter imminent - fixtures, AGM...etc - didn't want to mention Ladysmith/boy/mambazo stuff in case of racism card being played; however, read the website and seems I needn't have worried.

Friday, February 13

Nobody's calling us Betty not even Frank Spencer (mmm)!
Yes indeedy, they sang on "Graceland".

I can see it now, we stroll out to toss up before the game.

Us: "Hi, I'm Paul"
Them: "I can call you Betty ... and Betty, you can call me Al".
Ladysmith Black Mambazo = a cappella singing group Q. - was it them that sang with Paul Simon?
"Just wanna dance the night away...."
Bloody hell ! have they been sponsored by a well known south african ghetto band ?? or should it be Ladyboy ?
How come we've got Failsworth in lancs Shield ? I didn't know they qualified.
A good effort all round last night I thought, well done to the "mavericks" ;-)

Getting onto a real sport, the 2004 fixtures are now online and available via the links in the left menu. I feel there is much mickey-taking to be done with the 1st XI opposition for week 2 who have changed their name ...
Super effort by the Rag Tags last night.
The performance was even highly acclaimed by Scott and Flash....Mind you they were still Concussed!

Thursday, February 12

the size and splendidness of yorkshire
Infinity plus 1
76.4 sec.

Wednesday, February 11

Not being smug or anything but 32 seconds!!!!
25.32 seconds
20.313! ;-)

Tuesday, February 10

17.964 seconds, probably the most productive thing I've done at work today!!
Here's another of those tremendous games you can play at work. Basically you have to avoid some moving blocks. Doesn't sound that exciting ... but it's very addictive!

Avoid the block thingies

Tip: you're also not allowed to touch the sides, so it'll be right up some of your streets!!! Ha ha!
... CDO to score a 50 before September? ;-)

On an unrelated note, Andy and I are both ok for footy this week ... bring on those lovely small nets!
Goughie at Essex, Leeds at bottom....they come in 3s.....?

Monday, February 9

Scoop - I am available this week, if selected and subject to any drunken rant which I won't remember....

Friday, February 6

Last nights football was best yet, definitely think new nets are better, harder to score but means something when you do. Also its easier to keep track of the score.
I like the new nets - you really deserve a goal when you get one! I'm also undecided as to whether 6 or 5 -a-side is best?
It was a stunning game last night - the mighty whites of myself, Craig, Scoop, Garvey Hudson, Garv's mate Steve and Micky J versus the power-packed sixpack of Mozzer, Oggy, Dickie P, young Jedi, Scunners and CDO.

With the behemoth Mozzer in the new-style narrow goals, scoring was very tough for the whites, but we turned it round from 0-2 to keep a tight rein on things. The coloureds were unlucky with Scunners having two goals ruled out for fractionally being outside the shooting line. A screaming equaliser from yours truly made it 4-4 with 5 minutes to go before the multicoloureds took victory with a last-gasp winner in the dying seconds!

A tremendous game all round, and some silky football on display - not to mention some more brilliance in goal from the big fella!
Can't be as good as the marvelous come back from the mighty blues on wednesday! What a game!
Good Game, Good Game! Last night folks.

Wednesday, February 4

Hi all,

I note that no-one's yet posted anything re the committee meeting last night. In short, there are quite a few things coming up that we need everyone's attention and consideration on. Chiefly these are:

1. AGM - Tuesday March 23rd, 8pm at Greenmount
Voting on captains - and vice-captains - to be done on the night, so maximum attendance please!

2. Fundraising
Our fundraising efforts over the past couple of years have been exceptional, but with the new 500 quid per annum rent on the ground coming into effect, we need to keep focusing and also think of any new ways to raise money - without fleecing the same people time and again! Sponsorships, both match and ball, are welcome. if you have contacts, tap them up!

3. Cricket shirts
Big Bird is looking at getting us some TSJ shirts for the coming season. If anyone has any ideas re sponsors then we need them asap please. When we got the caps and tracksuit tops a few years back it was a big step forward and we looked thepart - and it spurred us onto several trophies. Why not complement that with TSJ shirts - and stop Kieran from wearing that Red Lion Skipton shirt ever again!!!

4. Ground work
We'll be posting a proper article about pre-season ground work in the next newsletter, which is imminent. We will post dates on here too.

Basically there's loads to do and the more people that can help, the better. Don't just leave it to the usual same few! There's painting, cleaning and tidying to be done in the pavilion, the garage roof needs to be replaced, and plenty of other stuff. Cliff's your man for that side of things, and I'm sure the CDO will be happy to point people in the direction of a paintbrush!

5. Cyril is not well and has been in hospital. Please include him in your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 3

UPDATE - Tonight's committee meeting has been confirmed for 8pm at the Dungeon!
is there a meeting tonight?

Monday, February 2

Spot on - although not too keen on Brookes bros bailing out before Chicago's - Scoop was my run from the taxi gay enough?
Top night out Sat! Really enjoyed it!