Thursday, August 31

moist on't t'hill

Bet its really quite dry at Springhead.....must drain off really quickly....forecast is good....
(oh dear)

Wednesday, August 30

1st Team Selection

1st Team to play Springhead Away - meet 12 noon Robin:
M. Deegan
K. Coe
N. Butterworth
P. Meehan
P. Skundric
S. Smith
C. Brooks
P. Allen
C. Parkinson
D. Phillips
R. Peacock


Team 2

The team to take part in the must win game at Greenfield is as follows

A Smith
M Ainscoe
M Jones
C Payton
A Singh
N Hudson
G Fletcher
N Fletcher
M Hunt
D Moriarty
R Holt

12th Man P Mcmanus

Please meet at the Robin at 12.00pm.

Tuesday, August 29

Lest Ye Forget

Two things to prepare for: Monks: Last Match of season - we need a good turn out and just a wig and a cross will NOT do - must be a habit minimum! It is easy to get an outfit (even I can!) - this is without doubt the best night of the year - ask Bobby Loomba!
Secondly - Car Boot - 24th September - you will all know someone who wants to come and pay for their car boot contents to be sold on Crompton Meadows - please be ambassadors for the Club and ask your neighbours / friends / family - I have leaflets for info or just print off my information blog.
Come on lads - lets have a good finish to the season - on and off the field!!!

Friday, August 25

Superman to the rescue

Shame about the Gyno, but luckily Rob Holt has pounced on the oppurtunity to get a game. Which, thank the lord, means i won't have to open the bowling with Fletch. Phew!

Singhi no go

Dr Singhs on call this weekend so can't play.....

he's so upset!!!

Thursday, August 24

How it Should Be!?!

Why not try it this way...

10.Moz jr

we could have a quick flash and then let the propper batsmen then come in and take over!!!

My Batting

Come on Smifffffffffy.........

Why not use me as a pinch hitter! I can't do any worse at that as I have been trying to bat propperly!

Wednesday, August 23

Team 2

The team to face Chew Moor Brook is:

A Smith
M Ainscoe
M Jones
C Payton
S Hunter
A Singh
C Parkinson
M Hunt
P Mcmanus
N Fletcher
D Moriarty.

...and yes Nick, that is the batting order! Obviouly i will not be opening, i'll be slipping myself in somewhere nearer the bottom (just like i do every saturday night!).

Please meet at the Robin at 12.00pm. Early starts now 13.30

Surely some mistake?

CDO, I'd have thought after last year's incident you'd have been more likely to be Clegg - or Clegg-less!

RCC Blog - Last o/t Summer Wine

Brilliant - I want to go as Compo - "Oooo, Norah Batty's Tights!"


1st Team -v- Glodwick at Home Saturday 26/08 - meet 12.30pm for 1.30 start
M. Deegan
K. Coe
P. Meehan
R. Peacock
P. Allen
C. Brooks
P. Skundric
S. Smith
N. Hudson
D. Phillips
N. Butterworth

Tuesday, August 22

TSJ sets up fake sky-diving club ...

Cliff tries it out first ...

TSJ members £1
Public £2
Rochdale Catholic Club FREE*

* landing nets will not be provided

Fake Sky Diving

No you've got this high powered fan and it lifts you about 10 foot off the ground. Something like that! I'm not too sure myself but you've got to try these things!


bailing out....just when we needed you most....they are not violins playing - they are violin cases and there's a bullet with your name on it....
I have never, in 25 years of playing (competitive) sport heard such a feeble excuse as fake sky diving....what the...?
Anyway - good luck Cotters - can you make the car boot sale? - don't give me an excuse - I have no migraine tablets left


What in the name of Osama is "fake sky diving"?

Is that where you stand about saying things like:

"Boy, I wish you could experience THAT updraft"
"Tell you what, that time my fake parachute nearly failed, whew that was a close one"
"If I was 20,000 feet up, the view would be GREAT!"

Fake skydivers in action


I wish Paul!

No I've got a wedding this weekend, next weekend I'm going to Milton Keynes to do fake sky diving and the weekend after it's my brothers partner's leaving doo and were having an all dayer in Manchester.

Really gutted that I can't play at for the rest of the season but in a way i'm sort of glad to have got this one out of the way. Personally i've under achieved I know I can perform better but for some strange reason its not happened for me! Oh well (less of the violins cotters!!!!)

Good luck for the weekend keep the pressure on those catholic boys!


You going away, Cotters?!


Just to confirm I can't make it to the dogs on Friday.

Also for selection I am not available for the rest of the season. Sorry Boys!

And... I can't make it to the Monks doo as well! I'm gutted!


I'm 1 - Helen's folks won't be with us until at least 8pm. 6pm seems very early - what about all us unlucky folks who don't get home until later than that?


Paul - I'll ask Dasher tonight as it is he who has been dropped on for organising - are you 2 or 1? I think numbers are around the minibus mark (10ish) - so will probably be that we all meet at the Robert Peel on Friday around 6pm - but I am not 100% on any of the details - watch this space tomorrow......

Dogs part 2

So ... does anyone know what's happening re transport and times for Friday night? At the meeting last week we appeared to agree we'd be using the Metro, then on Saturday a few folks were talking about minibuses etc.

Anyone got any idea what's happening?

winter's coming....

A note to all players - games now start at 1.30pm - so obviously make arrangements to arrive 1/2 an hour earlier than you normally would for both home and away (12.30 home, 12.00 away). Spread the word.

Friday, August 18

Good Luck

Good Luck for Tomorrow Team 1.

Hopefully we'll get a game in. Off home to power drink!


Cracking Paul - bet it gets personal now........

Dan and Jamie, like, uh huhhh huhh hurrrr

Thursday, August 17

Scunners goes to the dogs...

Scunners is 30 soon and we are celebrating by going to the Dogs, followed by a Ruby in Rusholme and then....who knows. Date is Friday 25th August - no other arrangements have been made until we know numbers - probably metro to Piccadilly then taxi to Dogs, etc. All interested parties should notify me / Dasher on Saturday.

It's all a bit Marti Pellow ...

You better watch out ...

Cotters, you're (sorry, do I mean "your" ;-)) treading on thin ice. Young Dan "is 67 greater or less than 64" of Mensa fame is ready to "certificate" your "responce". Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Reading Group

I would have thought Where's Wally would be more on there level!!

Should be a cracking read

Now I imagine that cricketing autobiographies won't come much better (or indeed bigger) than this:

Weighing in at a whopping 832 pages, this is a monster! I've read several of Waugh's books before and unlike the majority who have ghostwriters to tell their tales, Waugh actually writes everything himself; he's honest, brutally so at times, and very opinionated. Can't wait to get this.

Have had a good few weeks on the reading front, recently read ex-Glamorgan man Steve James' "Third Man to Fatty's Leg" which is another non-ghosted book, Graham Thorpe's "Rising from the Ashes", which focused more on his (disturbing) marital issues than cricket at times, and the latest Andy McNab - "Aggressor", another cracking read. Have also uncovered a top new author in Stel Pavlou - just finished "Gene" and am currently about halfway through his debut offering "Decipher", which has pretty much everything you can ask for in an action book - the US military, Antarctica, impending destruction of Earth by solar-flare induced natural disasters, the pyramids, ancient warriors, the discovery of Atlantis, sex, drugs, (not much rock'n'roll) and, alas, no cricket whatsoever.

Tune over to the Catholics' blog where they'll be doing their own book reviews shortly; it's an Enid Blyton special!

Missing in action!

Where is everyone? We have about 20 registered posters here but about 10 haven't posted in a long time - if anyone's lost their passwords, drop us an email ...

Wednesday, August 16


Nowt wrong with my bat paul its just that I don't get chance to use it!

Anyway looks as if I've got a saturday off this weekend! Pity I'm not available next weekend, got a wedding to go to.

remember, remember ...

If I were you, Cotters, I'd be saving that bat for the bonfire ;-)

It'll be interesting to see what we're all flogging. Plenty of kids stuff, judging by last night's meeting; CDO also expressed an interest in selling his enormous collection of dubious videos (and Status Quo albums) while Dickie P* will be putting some of his legendary hand creams up for grabs! Cliff, meanwhile, will be flogging a dead horse.

Car Boot

I think Sarah's interested in a Pitch. I'll ask her tonight and let you know.

Team 2

The team to face fothergills is:

A Smith
M Ainscoe
M Jones
A Singh
S Hunter
M Hunt
C Payton
D Moriarty
R Holt
S Pilkington
M Cotton

12th man - P (Helmets are for life, not just the first ten minutes) Yates

Please be at the ground for 1.oopm


1st Team for Saturday 19th August - away -v- Fothergill & Harveys - Meet Robin Hood at 12.30pm.
M. Deegan
K. Coe
P. Meehan
A. Parkinson
C. Parkinson
C. Brooks
N. Butterworth
P. Skundric
S. Smith
D. Phillips
P. Allen


We are holding a car boot sale on the football pitch on Sunday 24th September. This will be advertised in the Bury Times and posters and leaflets will be distributed.
Could all members please inform a member of the committee of their availability to help on the day and/or their purchasing of a car spot. Please ask all friends/relations for possible involvement. Details are:
Sunday 24th September - 8.00am onwards
Stall Holders - £10 per car £15 per Van
(Please pre book - 07939 223943 - or come on the day!)
Public - £1 entry to cover car parking and 1 free cuppa!
Bacon Butties - Light refreshments - Bouncy Castle.
Cars are parked at owners risk - TSJCC accept no liability for loss or damage.
No Traders welcome.

Tuesday, August 15

Merchandise - 2nd consignment

I am collecting the latest order of clothing tomorrow, and will be in possession of them at the weekend to distribute.

If you ordered anything please bring your cash (Jackets £22, cricket shirts £16, training tops and shorts £11).

Good 5 points

Well earned 5 points on Saturday, just what this Dr ordered! Thought Scunners and Flash bowled particularly well, we probably should have kept failsworth under 100 but not a problem.

Thought the support I got from Smithy was invaluable at the end, and well batted again Nick!

Top fielding from Osama too, brilliant!

The other two contenders also picked up 5 points, there are some big weekends coming up now. If there is rain about this week, as is forecast, I fancy Catholics' chances of playing at ELPM better than ours at Fothergills!

Thursday, August 10

You try to help and.....

I was just trying to save you a phone call........

Dr Singh DOES know that he is playing and will make his own way there!

I showed him the ground on google earth!

What are you trying to say about my batting Smiffffffffy?


As you can see Nick, i am not captain therefore the order will be what ever M Ainscoe says it is. I very much doubt you will be batting ahead of messers Peacock and Parkinson, but its a nice thought!!!

Did you mean DOES Dr Singh know he is playing? Or are you just using this site for some tourrettes style outbursts of random statements?

Does anybody want to buy some ski's?

Wednesday, August 9


No not drink related.... is this the batting order then Smifffffffffffy?

By the way Dr Singh knows he is playing!

Thieving Bar Stewards

Unfortunately boys, we are playing away this weekend and will have to meet somewhere. Incase you don't know what Nick is on about (we all rarely do!), you now have to pay to park behind the Robin. A full parking refund is given if you spend over a fiver at the bar. Good job Rowdy doesn't drive anymore! Not a good idea for those drink drivers amongst us - we will now have to buy at least 2 pints.

Anyway meet at the Robin at 12.30pm unless we come up with somewhere better. We can always leave our cars at Crompton Meadows.

M Ainscoe (C)
M Jones
A Singh
P Yates
M Hunt
N Fletcher
R Peacock
C Parkinson
D Morriarty
S Pilkington
R Holt
12th Man - Possibly Scorer A (can't get back in the side) Smith

Robin Hood, just steeling from beer drinkers these days!

What is the club/peoples position on the Robin Hood parking situation? Are we drinking else where or staying put and where to meet for away games?

If we all know whats going on then we can still all meet up after games.
I'd rather stay at the Robin and work round the parking fee.
What does everyone else think?

selection - 1st Team

1st Team for Saturday 12th August (1st day of Grouse shooting season = the glorious 12th!). Home -v- Failsworth Macedonia - meet at ground 1pm(or use new park and ride scheme run by the Robin Hood - free ride;£12 for parking)
1. M. Deegan
2. K. Coe
3. P. Meehan
4. A. Parkinson
5. P. Skundric
6. S. Smith
7. D. Phillips
8. N. Hudson
9. M. Cotton
10.C. Brooks
11.P. Allen
RES R. Peacock; C. Parkinson.

Tuesday, August 8

Like a young salmon ...

Is this one of the most ridiculous celebrations you've ever seen?

It's all over, Pakistan have been bowled out for 155, with Monty taking 3-39 and Mahmood 4-20odd. Top effort and another series win!

Ah yes ....

Welcome home, CDO!

I heartily agree about Jones, and with Payton and Ainscoe stepping up their run gathering, will it be curtains for the 2nds legendary opener? ;-)

Might be curtains for me too, with Nick's 50 and you and Digger back on Sat. Think I'll plonk down nicely at number 4 or 5 thanks very much!

welsh bloke

times like this you've got to feel for Jones - will he be cheering every catch / stumping / 50 runs by Read?

3 Lions

I see Sajid and Monty are turning the heat up for England. Pakistan 84-5 at lunch with the last recognised pair at the crease - Inzy and Younis Khan.

Come ON!

Monday, August 7

Back To Winning Ways

At last a good team performance, well bowled
Paul & Neil. Well batted Garvey, great to see
Nick batting so well. Some more great catches,
good fielding and well skippered Paul.

Luck - Seems like Elton Vale could'nt fulfill the fixture
at weekend but managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat
and beat us last week.

Looking back on Sat has anyone seen any stranger
appealing and behaviour from a team. It seems to me
that both teams had decisions that maybe did'nt go
there way but to take it to the extremes that they did was
amazing. Funniest thing was when there team finished
appealing and the umpire gave a not out decision 1 of there
players started appealing again.

Sunday, August 6

Top effort!

Another mauling for Dalians, that's twice now we've beaten them by 8 wickets! Thought we bowled really well as a unit, was chuffed with my own performance with the ball, and was very well backed up by the others.

Batting, what a great effort. Pete and Nick nullified the new ball in a steady start and Nick and Ash really got us going, then Nelly and Ash took us to the brink of victory with some spectacular strokeplay. Another 80 odd not out for Flash, and a consumate win.

Big plaudits to Matt Hunt who fielded fantastically well and also some wonderful catches from Clive, Dickie P and Ashley.

Thursday, August 3

Going straight there


I'll be going straight there on Sat. That way I can arrive bright and early so I can toss up with a team not even playing - like the last time! In fact I'm hoping we can sneak a few overs in before Dalians arrive to give us the early advantage.

One change for Sat. Young Jedi is unavailable so we have sought mere mortal replacements! Cliff will probably blog the change if he can be bothered in his post-holiday stupor ;-)

Wednesday, August 2


Meet at the robin at 12:30

  1. Paul Meehan (Captain)
  2. Ashley Parkinson
  3. Neil Butterworth
  4. Paul Skundric
  5. Ste Smith
  6. P-Allan
  7. Clive Brooks
  8. Craig Parkinson
  9. Richard Peacock
  10. Matt Cotton
  11. Matt Ablett

Tuesday, August 1

What the....

What happen Doc......against EVCC?